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Recent Forum Posts

PCT Snow As Of Feb 8, 2016
postholer - Mon, Feb 8, 2016
For those keeping tabs on such things, here's a side by side comparison of how the snow year is shaping up between Kennedy Meado...

Re: 2016 South Bound Pct Thru Hike
heartattackhiker - Sun, Feb 7, 2016
hi mgarrett100 if you interested in going with us on the 14th just email me back sometime. Myself and another gentleman from the...

Re: 2016 South Bound Pct Thru Hike
heartattackhiker - Sun, Feb 7, 2016
Hi Margerette, I will be leaving on a lower elevation route into Canada starting. June 14th. I'll be bringing nano spikes and ...

Re: 2016 South Bound Pct Thru Hike
mgarrett100 - Sat, Feb 6, 2016
My wife and are also planning on going southbound this year with a mid June start date. We wouldn't mind having some extra comp...

Re: Bears, Canister Vs. Food Pillow
Kaptain Kangaroo - Sat, Feb 6, 2016
Perhaps think of it this way... If every hiker kept their food in their tent, bears would soon learn that if they harassed a hik...

Bears, Canister Vs. Food Pillow
stillroaming - Fri, Feb 5, 2016
I've been thinking about this and maybe someone can shed some light on this in a , non-emotional way. Your typical PCT black be...

Re: Where To Buy A Bear Canister > Kennedy Meadow
enyapjr - Thu, Feb 4, 2016
FWIW: BearVault keeps the Kennedy Meadows Store stocked with BV500 canisters - 2016 price is 68 USD including tax. 68 USD is a ...

Re: Class Of 2016
jon pearson - Thu, Feb 4, 2016
Hi Can I ask folk who have been through the permit process. Do they ask for just your prefered start date, or can you give a ...

Re: 2016 South Bound Pct Thru Hike
longshot - Wed, Feb 3, 2016
I am also going SOBO with a mid June start. I would love to partner up for the first part of Washington due to possible exposed ...

Re: Class Of 2016
longshot - Wed, Feb 3, 2016
After years of doing sections I am planning to start SOBO starting in Mid-June....

Re: Planning A PCT Section Hike
Gary Schenk - Wed, Feb 3, 2016
June 1 is a tough time to start if you want to avoid snow. At the same time the lower southern sections can be very hot. Startin...

Planning A PCT Section Hike
3k5k - Tue, Feb 2, 2016
Hello everyone! Im hoping to hike the PCT for about two months starting June 1st. This is my first time backpacking alone, my...

Recent Blog & Journal Entrys

The Cathedral
Entry Image
PCT - camperdan - Today
Out of the blue, towering 40 feet above us, majestic in size and beauty were dozens of magnificent palm trees. We were not at the city park on main street but deep in the Florida woods on th...
Entry Image
CT - SlowBro - Yesterday
I just got off the phone with my friend Bob, who along with his wife, Kathy, hiked a little of the PCT with me. He is "threatening" to join me on my CT trip which would be awesome. We have sim...
Stony Point Center
Entry Image
AT - Gorp-Gobbler - Yesterday
In planning a place to stay at Bear Mountain, N.Y., I checked with "Quahog", a Thru-Hiker I met last year in my attempted hike. He told me of a place that just opened, which is the Subject lin...
Shakedown 4: Bluestem With Troop 990
Entry Image
AT - BevoHi - Sat, Feb 6, 2016
No mileage hiked with the backpack on this trip. Chance and I drove out to Frank's place for their annual Bluestem camp out with Troop 990. Incidentally, as a college student back in 1990, in ...
FT - brianle - Sat, Feb 6, 2016
After backpacking for a while, it seems truly incredible how quickly one can get around with planes and trains and automobiles (all of which I used these last couple of days). I flew home ye...
Canine Good Citizen Class
Entry Image
PCT - sb - Fri, Feb 5, 2016
Our dog class is going great! We just finished week 5 of 8 sessions. The last session will be a test for the AKC Good Citizen...I guess we get a certificate if we pass. We work on being good a...
Border Test
CDT - lorenmauch - Fri, Feb 5, 2016
Wow! What a great first day on the trail. It was really nice of Fred and Wilma to drop us off at the border. It's great to be at Lake Morena. (used when attaching photos to your entrys) (...
First Entry
Entry Image
PCT - longshot - Wed, Feb 3, 2016
The planning has begun in ernest for a June start SOBO. My gear is out and inventoried and the list of additional gear has been started....
Journal Entry
Entry Image
PCT - lwirtz - Wed, Feb 3, 2016
Hello friends. This is a test entry sent from my phone. Navigating a smartphone is new to me. With a lot of help from my family and practice I think everything should fall into place. I go...
Pre Trip Gear List
PCT - daniel jacobs - Tue, Feb 2, 2016
After reading the 3 book set on PCT Soutern Cal. Section A-H and Northern Section I-R and Oregon/Washington Section A-L. Their suggested list of items: Waist/Fannypack good for small ...
PCT Permit
PCT - bafrazier - Mon, Feb 1, 2016
Today the PCT Permit process opened through the PCTA website. It was quite funny to read Facebook comments as people waited for the process to open. Some people assumed it would open at 12:01a...
The Calm Before The Storm
AT - jips4fun - Sun, Jan 31, 2016
It is now the day before my boots start traveling upon the hardened soil of the Appalachian Mountains, and it is all too real. During yesterday's travels the reality of what I was doing had ...

Blog & Journal Entrys Past/Present

PCT photo

Dinner at Casa de Luna, Hawaiian shirts (provided) are required

Pensioner - PCT - Apr 30, 2015 - Day 28: Casa De Luna
There was a 4-mile uphill stretch to start the hike, so I was on trail by 5:45. I had brought about 4 liters of water from Agua Dulce the previous day, but my camp last night had no water source; thus, I was counting on Bear Springs (463.3) about 5 miles into today's hike, as my only additional water source during the day. The spring was not pretty but I filtered 2 liters and was set. Shortly after the spring I started leapfrogging with new thru-hikers Nix and Sam (a couple from Vancouver WA) and Data. The Oasis (mile 471.3) is not listed in the Water Report, but it is a highly reliable water cache stocked by the Andersons (more on them in a bit). There we found comfortable chairs, a cooler stocked with sodas and very interesting decor, which will be illustrated with additional photos when I get to a computer. Hiking stopped for the day at San Francisquito Road (mile 478.2; daily total 19.6). The 4 of us quickly caught a ride to Casa de Luna (home of wonderful trail Angels Joe and Terrie Anderson), which was about 2 miles away. Personal campsites (I am cowboy camped as usual) were picked in the huge manzanita forest behind their house, showers were taken and beers or sodas were opened. Thru-hikers already present included Loran, Mista Blista, Box and Ninja Tortise. Sage and Czech Mix arrived just in time to join in assembling burritos. We sat around in the Anderson's front yard in comfortable chairs and couches talking till well past PCT hiker midnight, which I learned is officially defined as 8:30! Terrie explained that the name Casa de Luna derived from the observation that thru-hikers often got to their house one full lunar cycle after leaving the border, and in my case the timing was perfect!

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