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Re: Snow On The Pct Prior To Kennedy Meadows
postholer - Sat, Mar 25, 2017
I feel your pain. It would be nice to know what conditions are like every step of the way, around every corner and every rise. T...

Re: Snow On The Pct Prior To Kennedy Meadows
jimbo - Fri, Mar 24, 2017
But it is alittle crazy to brag about being a great source for "trail snow" not (snow pack), and then to...

Re: Spot Interface Question For Site Moderators
kiwi stu - Tue, Mar 21, 2017
Thanks for reply. I will hit my Spot OK button once I arrive in LAX from Australia. If it doesnt work I will contact you before ...

Re: Snow Depths At The Start Of April,2017
jimbo - Tue, Mar 21, 2017
Sorry, that this post is a duplicate to my first (which I did not see get posted in time to eliminate this one! It is okay to ...

Re: Snow On The Pct Prior To Kennedy Meadows
jimbo - Tue, Mar 21, 2017
Thank you all! I was going to send my snowshoes to Paradise Cafe, prior to the flank of Mt. Jacinto. I will definitely be carry...

Re: Snow On The Pct Prior To Kennedy Meadows
Miner - Tue, Mar 21, 2017
Having just driven back from Joshua Tree NP, I can attest the San Bernardino Mtns are still covered in a lot of snow. From what...

Re: Snow On The Pct Prior To Kennedy Meadows
Gary Schenk - Tue, Mar 21, 2017
Presently, there's lots of snow in the San Jacintos, San Bernardinos and San Gabriels. It's been warm so there's been a lot of m...

Re: Snow On The Pct Prior To Kennedy Meadows
postholer - Tue, Mar 21, 2017
Each of the 5,200 points in the snow represents an aggregate of SWE over a coverage area of a square kilometer. This sample area...

Re: Spot Interface Question For Site Moderators
postholer - Tue, Mar 21, 2017
Put your ESN in and everything should just work. If not, let me know! Have a great trip on the PCT this year! -postholer...

Snow On The Pct Prior To Kennedy Meadows
jimbo - Tue, Mar 21, 2017
I have viewed the snow graph that provides. The "current" trail snow green line shows no snow in the fi...

Spot Interface Question For Site Moderators
kiwi stu - Mon, Mar 20, 2017
I am in Brisbane, Australia and am hiking the PCT this season, kicking off 6 June. Last year I bought a SPOT GEN3 and trialled i...

Snow Depths At The Start Of April,2017
jimbo - Mon, Mar 20, 2017
So, I have been looking at the graph of trail snow for the PCT and I am a bit confused. there doesn't seem to be ...

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AT - KenandNancy - Today
Time is drawing near. Training and planning are about done and soon we'll be headed to Georgia to start our 5 - 6 month journey. We feel very blessed by all the people offering their support t...
Getting Into The Practice Of Keeping A Journal.
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PCT - Threebuttons - Today
I have decided to use as my journal site. Thanks Postholer for having this set up. I appreciate it. Until i leave, i will just post some randomness to get into the habit. I have ...
Long Day & Gila Monster
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AZT - SlowBro - Yesterday
Well, I was trying to get to a stock tank 23 miles from where I woke up, so I got up early and was hiking by 5:30AM. A fingernail moon hung perfectly in the mountain notch where the Gila Riv...
Base Weight
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PCT - Ed+CLee - Yesterday
Just finished the 2017 Gear List for the Oregon Sections. Base weight is 14 lbs. Funny how it creeps up and you pare it down, only to have it creep up again....
AT Update From Top Of Georgia Hostel
AT - Teratarzan - Yesterday
Started from Neel Gap on 3/23 at 8:30 heading toward Wildcat Mtn. At the gap prior to the climb, Tesnatnee Gap, was a welcome trail magic of all the goodies needed before the mountain! After s...
Journal Entry
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PCT - batesvillebreeze - Fri, Mar 24, 2017
Day 4 Gil, a cool dude from Fallon, NV camped near me last night. And there was some other dude that kept to himself. Gil is a good guy but Gil has the Thermarest Neo-air sleeping pad. Than...
First Town Stop
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AZT - drewsmith - Fri, Mar 24, 2017
Arizona Trail @ 31.5400, -110.7528 574 feet from mile 51.1,-110.75279 The stormy weather passed last night, leaving cold still air in it...
Zero Day With My Brother's Family
Entry Image
AZT - WFO50+ - Fri, Mar 24, 2017
After some great burritos for breakfast, Ed and I drove out to Catalina State Park to scout some pictures (my brother is a amateur photographer). After a nice walk without my pack, we headed b...
Patagonia Days 69-77
Entry Image
GPT - buck30 - Fri, Mar 24, 2017
Sorry, but I've just about given up on this journal! We made it across the Beagle Channel to Puerto Williams. The zodiac boat ride was nice but the 50k winding dirt road shuttle bus ride made ...
Julian California
PCT - camperdan - Thu, Mar 23, 2017
I spent most of the rainy day in three different restaurants charging batteries and pigging out. Got my free thru hiker pie and ice cream and coffee at mom's pies. Dinner at the Italian restau...
Entry Image
AT - chaseat99 - Thu, Mar 23, 2017
Temperature dropped to 27* this morning. I slipped in to my down pants and jacket before dawn. I was pretty sore from walking 19 miles yesterday. Funny how quick my body goes soft without cons...
Make Up Day 3
Entry Image
AT - trpost - Thu, Mar 23, 2017
Good day of hiking and a great camping spot. It got really cold last night...cold enough that the socks I had left to dry on top of my tent were frozen solid. I stayed warm, though I had t...

Blog & Journal Entrys Past/Present

AT photo

at sign

Skyscraper - AT - May 16, 2011 - 300 Miles At Big Butt
I think it rained all of last night. At least we were already asleep when it started. It was in the fourties last night and was around 40 when we woke up. The top temperature I saw all day was 50 and we wore hat and gloves most of the day. It was not a bright morning or day; all day long was nothing but fog or mist (what is the difference?). But at least it did not rain even though we wore our rain pants all day! At least not yet...

But it did rain last night as I said and with the cold temps putting away the tent made our fingers freezing cold. And our shoes and boots were still wet. Joy had dry socks but mine were still damp. I am putting them in my sleeping bag tonight to see if they will dry out over night. It worked for Joy last night. We got going close to 9 and didn't eat breakfast because we wanted to warm up first. So we hiked a mile and a half on an empty stomach. Too much fasting lately! We hiked for 45 minutes uphill through some nice meadows, so pretty when you walk out of the woods into a meadow, before we took a breakfast break.

After that was some more uphill until we reached Big Butt Mountain and our 300th mile! It's really called that and the views were awesome if you like 360 degrees of fog. We didn't get many good views today sadly. I was looking back and it took us 16 days to do the first 100 miles (one day of side trips), 9 days to do the next 100 (no side trips), and 14 days to do the next 100 miles (many days of side trips). Hopefully the next 100 miles will be even quicker.

For a while after Big Butt the AT followed a gravel road for a few miles and we made good time. It's always interesting to envision what the old roads were used for and what kind of people and places used to be around there. We saw some gravestones and some nice grassy areas, which always add nice variety to our hikes. Soon the trail broke off from the gravel road though and was back to its old self. Lunch was had after a short uphill climb to Flint Mountain Shelter. At the start of that climb I actually put on one of my shirts that was still wet and it dried off because of body heat. I dried off my other wet shirt in the same fashion on our other big uphill climb. It works good but you have to be careful because if I had put that on in the morning I would have froze because I was not warmed up yet. The only thing wet left is one pair of boxers and some socks which don't seem to want to dry.

More miles were quickly covered after lunch due to even terrain until we came to a paved road. Here we crossed over and climbed up wooden steps over barbed wire onto another grassy hill. Up the hill we went and into the woods. We came down a little bit and then began a big climb up, needing to gain 1600 feet in a few miles. There were a lot of streams and cascades and also property/boundary markers, gravestones, and barbed wire. Lots of barbed wire. This part of the trail probably runs through private property. The funny thing is that when we started going up there was a seperate trail/road that the AT sometimes crossed and sometimes went on. It was this way all the way up the mountain for 4 or 5 miles. There was also other trails that were overgrown but you could tell people used to use them. I always wonder what trails came first, and why the AT only uses the other trails and old roads some of the time. The history behind such thing amuses me and at least gives me something to think about as the miles go by.

Anways we reached our shelter at 6, after another one of those climbs that was only 500 feet up but went up and down hill after hill. Then the water was a good ten minute walk away, always fun. We ended up doing 14.7 miles and my feet are hurting. The sock liners seem to help but I need to start the day with dry shoes AND dry socks. One of my toes was bloody too, I think I broke a nail. Ha! Such are the problems of long distance hikers.


Hey, it's Joy now! Just wanted to put my two cents in tonight! Wow...what a week of rain, and I just heard from another hiker that we're only supposed to get more of it the next couple of days...yuck. praise the Lord that it didn't rain on us today. I heard it might rain tonight and have heard a few drops since we laid down in our tent!
I'm writing to clarify something as well. Michael sometimes only writes the post because that is his priority when we get done for the night. I usually write in my journal and that takes forever so by the time i'm done with that i'm tired and don't want to do the post.
So blister is getting better and my bug bites as well. If any of you saw the pictures on facebook, they were pretty gross, especially the blister. That had actually started out as a bug bite and it rubbed into a blister.
I think the sock liners are helpful, we'll see if we continue to like them.
I remembered I had quite a dream last night that I wanted to share with you all! It was quite amusing and I think you'll see why! So, in my dream, i'm holding a little girl. She was very young about a year old or so. Turns out she's a Lyttle girl, she's my sister, and not only that, but my mom is younger than I thought she was, and was pregnant with another Lyttle brother! Ha! All of a sudden I remember i'm pregnant, about 5 months pregnant. Then another lady in my dream turns out to be pregnant. She was telling me that you know if your having a boy or a girl a couple different ways. The first way was by the color of your breasts, if they are lighter than the rest of your skin, you are having a boy, if they are darker, a girl. So. I looked at mine and found out I was to have a boy. I was sooooo excited! Then the dream changes a little and in comes Michael. He takes my hand and we are dancing down the streets of California because he is soooooo happy that we are having a baby! What a crazy dream!
Well...i'm tired. Hope y'all have a wonderful week!

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