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Resources for the Pacific Crest Trail

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for first timers and old timers.
Planning Synopsis - A short and simple hike planning guide.
Resupply - All the major resupply locations along the PCT.
Gear Lists - Complete gear lists of those that walked the walk.
Plans - Actual, complete plans/schedules used by thru-hikers.
Register - Sign the register! The virtual trailhead register for section or thru-hikers.
Stockmen - For those who travel the trail with their 4 hooved friends.
Join a Trail Crew - For a day or week, learn more about the joy of giving back.
Trail App Reports - View all reports submitted from the Postholer Trail App.

Pacific Crest Trail Google Map - trail trace, mileages, elevations, resupply, etc.
Mt San Jacinto - 1:30K maps from Hwy 74 to I-10.
JMT Map & Data Book - Free online map set and data book (available in PDF).
Overview Maps - 71, 1:100K maps and 29, 1:250K maps in PDF format.
Fire Perimeters - Interactive map of active fire perimeters.
Earthquake Map - 30 day interactive earthquake map along the PCT.

Data Book - Old online version, before 5th edition maps/data book.
Elevation Profiles - from the 5th edition maps. The most current available.
Photo Atlas - 7,000+ flora and landscape photos geo-referenced.

Links - A plethora of PCT links for all of your needs.
News - Trail news specific to the PCT.
Report Bikes on the PCT - Document bike encounters along the PCT.

Trail Conditions
Snow Depth - daily update of NOAA snow depth map.
Snow Conditions - Current and historical conditions. Weather, too!

Recent Forum Posts

Re: SOBO Info
crazy cloud - Tue, Apr 15, 2014
My opinion is yes you'll need one. Better to have it than not you can always ship it home. I would also consider micro spikes. H...

Re: Current Backpack
stillroaming - Tue, Apr 15, 2014
The whole idea behind lightweight gear is less stress on your body, increased mobility, which all add up to more enjoyment. Can...

Current Backpack
SoCal75 - Tue, Apr 15, 2014
I found out about the PCT a few years ago and It sounded like a pretty exciting adventure. I have decided to do a thru hike in 2...

Powerhouse Fire Closure
roleigh - Mon, Apr 14, 2014
I'm here at the Green Valley Fire Station and the USFS here confirmed that there is a PCT trail closure in effect from this loca...

Re: Thru-hiker Permit Without Paying Pcta?
Flatlatch - Mon, Apr 14, 2014
I am new to this site but have found that there are yippie1984's on every forum...uninformed and easily lost in the vast wildern...

Chem - Sat, Apr 12, 2014
Leaving early July and hope to miss most the snow in WA by then. Curious for those who know that section around this date what t...

Re: Kennedy Meadows/Tom's Place
Big Jerr - Fri, Apr 11, 2014
you well want good working brakes, for the ride down from K.M. jerrmatt...

2014 Sierra Entry Date
postholer - Tue, Apr 8, 2014
The guesstimated Sierra Entry Date is June 9th. On April 1st the snow sensor at Upper Tyndall Creek near Forester Pass showed 5...

2014 Sierra Entry Date
dofdear - Sun, Apr 6, 2014
Wondering if anyone has heard what the calculated date is for this year?...

Kennedy Meadows/Tom's Place
chendu - Sun, Apr 6, 2014
I'm planning to join friends thru hiking NB at either Walker Pass on highway 178 or Kennedy Meadows. Is the road to Kennedy Mea...

Re: Class Of 2014
SunnyWalker - Fri, Apr 4, 2014
OH, OH, I AM crazy! Had to change to a June start so that puts me going SOBO on CDT. See you coming or going!...

Re: Thru-hiker Permit Without Paying Pcta?
Big Jerr - Fri, Apr 4, 2014
HUH ? are you serious, this is a joke ,yes ? ...joke or not, I'M shocked ....Jerrmatt...

Recent Journal Entrys

CDT - Hamburger - Today
Just arrived at Lordsburg's non existing train station. Spend the last day and a half in El Paso getting ready. Send off my boun...
Journal Entry
CDT - pounce - Today
(1) Relocate cats...DONE(2) Move personal items into storage...DONE(3) Pack resupply boxes...DONE(4) Visit doctors to make sure ...
Day 9: An Easy Day Out Of Franklin
Entry Image
AT - mattlessner - Yesterday
After enjoying my first zero yesterday it was back on the trail today. I got up this morning and went to breakfast with Moxie, Z...
Entry Image
AT - Dicey - Yesterday
It rained all night, and was windy too. I had been dreading today but was warm and I only had a few miles to the road. And surpr...
Day 2
Entry Image
PCT - catyo - Yesterday
I was up and out of Lake Marena just after sun up. I love hiking in the early mornings. The lighting is beautiful, the air is co...
Day 17
Entry Image
GET - buck30 - Yesterday
I did my usual town thing where I stayed in my motel until the last minute, 11 am, drank 50 cokes and lingered around town. I no...
Scouting Mission
PCT - ItsMyTime - Yesterday
We had a lot of scouting and final preparation to do today. First, we reviewed maps. I will have a 30 mile stretch without water...
Time To Go
Entry Image
PCT - bobs - Yesterday
Tough last day at work,I sure will miss everybody there. Still hasn't sunk in yet that i won't be going back there even though I...
In To Big Bear Lake
Entry Image
PCT - dwelch - Yesterday
I made it to Big Bear yesterday afternoon (the 15th) about 4 PM. That was my second 20 mile day in a row and I still felt pretty...
Entry Image
PCT - fredrikr - Yesterday
Finished vacuum-packing all dehydrated food this weekend. Co-workers sent me off with a going-away lunch today. Everyone has bee...
Section D Begins...
PCT - alphabetsoup - Yesterday
After a full zero at Cajon pass and a visit from Bigfoots family (a trip to the roadhouse grill included) we are back to the hik...
Cactus To Clouds To Cactus Hike
Entry Image
PCT - Rhino - Yesterday
Yesterday I completed the Cacuts to Clouds to Cactus hike. For those who don't know this is one of the toughest hikes in all of ...

Journal Entrys Past & Present

PCT photo

Honeybee - PCT - May 8, 2011 - Trail Magic
We finished that ling descent this morning. There was a random drinking fountain at the bottom (mile 206), where we stopped for a break. The trail seemed to just keep going down and down, forever... but it finally end! After the water fountain there was a four mile stretch to I-10, which was by far my least favorite part of the trail so far. It was so windy it was hard to walk straight, sand stinging our faces. Not to mention that walking in sand is not an easy thing to do for miles! We made it to I-10 exhausted, and found our resupply box under the overpass that Special K had dropped off for us the day before. She had also left us an ice chest filled with bananas, strawberries, juice, an avocado, muffins, and chocolate! Wow that was an amazing treat. I had literally just been day dreaming about eating a banana an hour or two before. Special K is truly a trail angel! Thank you for looking out for us! There was also some other trail magic under I-10- An ice chest with water and beer, which we left for others to enjoy. We spent awhile relaxing under the overpass, eating our delicious feast. It wouldn't have normally been the most enjoyable environment, with the loud traffic going by above us, concrete, etc, but we were out of the wind so I was happy. And we saw our first tumble weed under there, too! We went another couple miles after I-10, so we're at about mile 212, very close to the Mesa Wind Farm. I can see some of the wind turbines out of my tent door. Tomorrow we climb up right past them... There are some questionable lookin clouds up there- I'm wondering if it's going to rain. I really enjoyed cowboy camping last night, but didn't want to chance it tonight.

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