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Recent Forum Posts

Camping Near Souther Terminus
jduplass - Thu, May 4, 2017
Hi Friends - first post. Planning on arriving at the southern terminus at night (midnight-ish) in early June for a section hike....

Re: Snow On The Pct Prior To Kennedy Meadows
ManOWar - Sat, Apr 29, 2017
I headed up to Kennedy Peak yesterday to bag both Kennedy and Levitt Peaks.... If you are doing the PCT (NOBO or SOBO) you bett...

Re: Snow Outlook From Tahoe To Whitney
Steve_O_49 - Sat, Apr 15, 2017
You should have a blast! 1st thing you should do is google pictures of "postholing deep snow hiking". Now imagine you...

Re: PCT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
postholer - Tue, Apr 11, 2017
Walker Pass to Kennedy Meadow should be OK, aside from any late season storms. The high point is 8,000 feet in that section, but...

Re: PCT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
RobertoFresco - Tue, Apr 11, 2017
Hello Friends I obviously didn't know what I was doing when I scheduled my trip. I plan on hiking the section from Walker pass ...

Re: Snow Conditions SB PCT (inquiry)
Hotdog - Sun, Apr 9, 2017
So exactly what am I waiting for here? Looking at hearts pass snow report. There is lots of snow. Am I watching for a certain le...

Snow Outlook From Tahoe To Whitney
Kmarin - Thu, Apr 6, 2017
Hey guys, really happy I found this website it's been super helpful so far. I'm plan on hiking the PCT sobo this year, my orig...

Re: Help With The Trail Planner
postholer - Thu, Apr 6, 2017
At this time the planner only allows for a south to north journey, due to the overwhelming trend of going in that direction. -p...

Help With The Trail Planner
M McMich - Thu, Apr 6, 2017
It seems the trail planner will only let you hike from south to north. I want to hike a section starting in Damacus VA and going...

Re: Snow On The Pct Prior To Kennedy Meadows
dofdear - Thu, Mar 30, 2017
Postholer Maps are a great resource for snow information. What I like about the maps over the other graphing tools is that the ...

Re: Snow On The Pct Prior To Kennedy Meadows
Miner - Wed, Mar 29, 2017
Though conditions will be improving since the snow will be melting off each day ( and a week of warm weather can make a big diff...

Re: Snow On The Pct Prior To Kennedy Meadows
jimbo - Wed, Mar 29, 2017
Thanks, post holder! I called the ranger station on Mt. Jacinto to talk about the Trail closure on the mountain. I also talked ...

Recent Blog & Journal Entrys

Journal Entry
Entry Image
AT - Carbdoctor - Today
Ok so gear is packed, weight in 27 lbs. with food and 2 liters of water.. 2 lbs more than I wanted. Hopefully my knees will hold up and not turn to rubber on the roller coaster. Looks like the...
Between Two Fires
Entry Image
CDT - rlhdancer - Yesterday
Between Two Fires We had one last meal in Reserve, this time breakfast at Ella's Cafe. After eating a hiker-sized meal, we caught the earliest shuttle back to the trail that we could arrange....
Hot Springs Trail Day 16
Entry Image
HST - buck30 - Yesterday
I've been slowly working Heather into small increments of later start times. I'm not sure I'm fooling her but we were hiking by 7:30 today. It was all dirt roads today but much more remote and...
Day 1
PCT - Rickreimer - Yesterday
Fantastic start. Trail angel host Bob Riess, retired military navy, picked me up last night in SD, took me to his beautiful home overlooking the Pacific, woke all 6 of us at 4 a. m. so he coul...
Day 1
PCT - -Ghost- - Yesterday
Solid first day today! Bob Weiss dropped myself and 5 other hikers at the terminus just before 6am. Took some pics and got it hiking. Hiked with 2 guys for a large part of the day and am campi...
Getting Ready For The Next Section
CDT - Ellen S - Yesterday
Today was a rest day. We ate a lot of food, shuttled vehicles for the next bit of hiking, and cleaned up. We slept well along the highway. The sky is remarkably clear (we keep expecting anot...
Day 21 : CS-305.9
PCT - CarlZ993 - Sat, May 20, 2017
Day 21: CS-305.9 I hiked 20 miles today with a 0 ft elevation change in 10.27 hours from Big Bear to CS-305.9. At this point, I have hiked 305.9 total miles averaging 14.57 miles per ...
Notes, Scissors To Idyllwild- Incomplete
Entry Image
PCT - edgewise - Sat, May 20, 2017
so, I ended up hanging around theJulian/scissors/stagecoach area for a couple more days to wait for the predicted 20 degree temp drop. hiking in 60 degree weather is way beter than hiking in ...
PCT - Trheidger - Sat, May 20, 2017
A couple of rest days in Idyllwild. Got into a cottage yesterday and will be leaving at 6:00 tomorrow morning. Took the two days to get my clothes washed, get something other than trail food, ...
Four For Four
Entry Image
CDT - Day-late - Fri, May 19, 2017
Woke up to snow - that makes snow for each of the 4 days since I left Grants. Thjere was about aninch of snow that fell sometime from 3 AM to 6 AM. I waited in bed a little while then decided ...
This And That
Entry Image
AZT - SlowBro - Fri, May 19, 2017
Well, another week has passed and my foot continues to improve. That said, I am contemplating adding a stiffer insole to my shoe on the advice of my fellow slow brother, Frank, who also happen...
Doc Campbell's Trading Post
Entry Image
CDT - lorenmauch - Fri, May 19, 2017
I have reached Doc Campbell's Trading Post and picked up my third resupply box. Enjoying some homemade ice cream before returning to the Gila River again! Check out my blog at: http://cdt201...

Blog & Journal Entrys Past/Present

AT photo

A picnic table with apples for hikers, oh boy!

Reboot or 5 Star - AT - Apr 18, 2014 - Day 11: Up The Hill Out Of Nantahala Outdoor Center
Ahhhh, another big breakfast to start a day of hiking off right. After complaining to myself yesterday about spending too much money so early on, I still couldn't resist planting myself in front of a table this morning and ordering a huge plate full of French Toast and all the sides. Another $ 20 later (these resort restaurants aren't cheap!) and a belly full of good food and I was back on the trail and saying goodbye to the Nantahala Outdoor Center.
The hiking today was by far the toughest I have encountered on this trail so far. About 80% of the hiking today was uphill. That is hard enough without throwing a couple of really nasty steep uphills into the mix. I mean no switchbacks, straight up the ridge of a mountain steep hill climbs today! My legs were toast by the end of the day. The one saving grace was that there was a nice treat for us at mile 151 Stecoah Gap. Someone brought up an entire bag of apples and left them on the picnic table near the road for us hikers to enjoy. Fresh fruit is always hard to come by on the trail. It is too heavy to pack in the food bag and hard to find in most of the snack shops in towns. So it is always nice when a trail angel leaves some for the hikers. It was the perfect treat after the huge hills we climbed today.
After eating an apple I made the last push up the last big hill of the day and landed myself at the Brown Fork Gap shelter with about 8 other hikers. It was a long day but I still managed to put in about 16 miles and get myself close to Fontana Dam for an early afternoon arrival tomorrow.

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