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Pacific Crest Trail

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for first timers and old timers.
Planning Synopsis - A short and simple hike planning guide.
Resupply - All the major resupply locations along the PCT.
Gear Lists - Complete gear lists of those that walked the walk.
Plans - Actual, complete plans/schedules used by thru-hikers.
Register - Sign the register! The virtual trailhead register for section or thru-hikers.
Stockmen - For those who travel the trail with their 4 hooved friends.
Join a Trail Crew - For a day or week, learn more about the joy of giving back.

PCT Pocket Maps - the most current PCT maps available!
Pacific Crest Trail Google Map - trail trace, mileages, elevations, resupply, etc.
JMT Map & Data Book - Free online map set and data book (available in PDF).
Fire Perimeters - Interactive map of active fire perimeters.
Earthquake Map - 30 day interactive earthquake map along the PCT.

Data Book - Old online version, before 5th edition maps/data book.
Elevation Profiles - from the 5th edition maps. The most current available.
Photo Atlas - 7,000+ flora and landscape photos geo-referenced.

Links - A plethora of PCT links for all of your needs.
News - Trail news specific to the PCT.
Report Bikes on the PCT - Document bike encounters along the PCT.

Trail Conditions
Snow Depth - daily update of NOAA snow depth map.
Snow Conditions - Current and historical conditions. Weather, too!

Recent Forum Posts

2015 CDT Map Set & Data Book Available Now!
postholer - Mon, Dec 8, 2014
The first, complete, free CDT map set and data book are finished and available. This is the only free map set available that fol...

Re: CDT Data Book & Elev Charts (free)
postholer - Wed, Dec 3, 2014
The CDT data book is now available as a free 143 page PDF file. Go to the page to download it. -postholer...

Arizona Trail To Great Divide Trail
Richard K Jones - Wed, Dec 3, 2014
I'm very interested in hiking the Utah section of the AZT to GDT; however in searching for journals or written reports about thi...

CDT Data Book & Elev Charts (free)
postholer - Tue, Dec 2, 2014
Over the last week I've been putting together the data book and elevation charts so I can finalize the CDT maps. Finally, it's...

Re: Don't Go WILD!!!
HikeOfALifetime - Mon, Dec 1, 2014
Nice to see the movie getting a bunch of good reviews already... hope it at least inspires more people to get out of the office ...

Re: When To Hike?
stillroaming - Tue, Nov 18, 2014
You want to leave June 1st and you have 71 days. Say you want to average 15 miles a day, that excludes averaging in zero days, i...

When To Hike?
kelsoaasness22 - Tue, Nov 18, 2014
Hello! I am looking for some advice from those who are experienced in PCT hiking conditions. My friend and I are planning to hi...

CDT Map Project (free)
postholer - Fri, Nov 7, 2014
Now that accurate data of the CDT has become more available, it's time we took a serious pass at creating a set of free maps for...

Re: CDT Google Map Updated!
postholer - Wed, Nov 5, 2014
The CDT trace is now current. Over the last week I've been correcting the 2012 trace with the data and tools I have access to. ...

Free 2014 JMT Maps Available!
postholer - Tue, Nov 4, 2014
The JMT maps have been completely brought into the 21st century. They are free, but they require a log in. The last update was ...

Recent Journal Entrys

Walking The Path
GHT - maddog murph - Today
Today I'm nearly completely prepared for my trip to Mt. Rainier in January, one of my training trips for Nepal. Hyperlite's (hyp...
Winter Reading
PCT - KimH - Mon, Dec 15, 2014
If anyone is looking for a book to get their hiking literature fix during the winter, I recommend "Hold For Hiker Trash," by K.M...
PCT - somendn - Fri, Dec 12, 2014
Osiyo The number one question and the most difficult to explain about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is WHY? For me its be...
Promises Promises
Entry Image
PCT - KatScratch - Thu, Dec 11, 2014
I spent two hours in REI on Tuesday just chatting with the workers about gear. My uncle Tony is amazing and got SWEET knives for...
Research And Planning
Entry Image
PCT - perrybros - Wed, Dec 10, 2014
I've been busy researching the trail and preparing my gear. Those little sew/repair jobs really do provide a sense of accomplish...
Pre-trip Planning
GET - ryandax - Thu, Dec 4, 2014
Just decided a few weeks ago that I want to hike the Grand Enchantment trail (G.E.T.) The idea came while brainstorming what to ...
Major Gear Items
Entry Image
PCT - larrenmerriman - Wed, Dec 3, 2014
OK - let's talk about gear. I've made a few entries on the gear list page, all of them things I already own & use, and am consid...
Final Decision
PCT - hikerlulu - Mon, Dec 1, 2014
I have been dreaming of doing this trail for almost 5 years and 2015 is finally the year I am going to accept the challenge. I c...
PCT - MotherGoose - Thu, Nov 27, 2014
Well I have done a lot of soul searching and realizing I have no partner for the grizzly part of the CDT trail, which a lot of h...
Kicking It Around
Entry Image
PCT - LaGrangePoints5 - Sat, Nov 22, 2014
One day in August, it just occurred to me - the Pacific Crest Trail. I've hiked a lot over the years, the Cascades in Washington...
Lessons Learned
Entry Image
AT - jimmyjam - Sat, Nov 15, 2014
On my last trip to the SNP in the freakish storm I learned a few things and have accordingly made some adjustments in my gear ch...
It's Real! I Told My Mom
Entry Image
PCT - niapatt333 - Mon, Nov 10, 2014
Well now I have to do this. This morning I told my mother I'm doing it and she said she thought it was awesome! Guess i have...

Journal Entrys Past & Present

PCT photo

Almost There!

TK and Boo Boo - PCT - Sep 27, 2011 - TOUCHDOWN!
At 2:20 pm today, in an off and on drizzle, I reached monument 78, The Canadian border. There were pictures and movies to be taken - I thought I was in some illusionary world - Yes, I walked from Mexico to Canada - Yes, I was tired and weary and, if it wasn't an illusion, I was so glad and grateful to be here. Although the PCT ends here, one must continue on an additional 8 miles of trail to get to civilization at Manning Park, BC. It seemed like th longest 8 miles I walked on the entire trip.And then it was completed. No more trail North of me. I walked a road for about a half mile, scrambled up a steep, rocky hill and I was at the Manning Park Resort. It was about 6:30 pm. There was a register at the main desk. This is what I wrote: "Tequila Kid - Boo Boo, wish you were here with me (sad face). Sir Edmund Hllary said 'It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.' For me, on the PCT - so true. This 65 year old was determined and persistent and despite the creaky old body, made it to Canada. Yahoo! JnB - Love ya!"I thought of Barb, of how much I missed her and how I wished we could have both been standing here at Monument 78, with our hands raised. But, she did what she could and I am so proud of her effort. Then I thought about gratitude to all those who helped make this journey a success. Imagine how different and how difficult this trip would have been if:1) No one ever picked you up hitchhiking - You would have to walk to and from every resupply2) There were no trail angels - no coolers with beer and apples, no hot dogs and chili for breakfast, no private homes to stay at and regroup along the way. And, none of the small stores holding your packages - you would have to find your way to the post office instead.3) There were no "hiker specials" or "hiker discounts" - pay full price, just like everyone else.4) Every blowdown, every dead fall (trees across the trail) that was removed by a volunteer "trail beaver" would still be there. It would be too big of a job for the forest service to handle. You would be climbing over trees for miles and miles of trail. This is a really big one, folks. Sure, the PCT could be done, but the experience would not be the same. This was a truly rich and rewarding experience for me - not so much of arriving at the destination but the experience of the journey - the sights and sounds and smells of nature, the dry desert, the rich forests, the huge monolithic mountains, the trail - both good and bad.It was an incredible social experience too - meeting so many fellow hikers and others along the way - and making a few lifelong friends.Lerning and listing to the stories about the time of others - the bow hunters, the gold prospectors, the hard times that some people were going through - yet they found time to help us.This five month journey has been the most physically and mentally demanding experience of my life - no question. But not once did I think "I'm over this, I want to go home". I can't say I loved every step of the way but I can say, in retrospect, that every time I was frustrated, lost, cold, tired, hungry, or in pain, it just seemed to make the experience that much more rewarding.Barb is meeting me in Portland in 3 days. I still have to cross a "t" and dot an "i" on this "trip". For me, it's not quite over - two slackpacks more. One, the Dollar Lake fire detour or back on the trail where I got kicked off. If I didn't complete this section, I know it would bug me forever. And, since we are here, I may go back to Windego Pass and check off the 20 miles of PCT that I detoured when I took the Oregon Skyline Trail to Shelter Cove. This last one would never bug me but I think I am doing it to appease anyone out there that might think my hike is incomplete. Yeah HYOH - sounds like I am hiking someone else's hike huh - pretty funny. We will be in Oregon, we will have a car and I can whip it out in a day.Then, with time, we will be visiting my brother Joe and his wife Kathy - they were instrumental in helping us when we were near Mt. Hood. Then, it is back to the real world - all my stuff at home - Television, freeways, grocery stores, newspapers, mail, and things to fix.A number of people have asked me "Jack, what's next after the PCT?" REST, That's what's next REST. I see myself sitting with Barb on the sofa, my feet propped up on the coffee table, a big bowl of popcorn in my lap, and an ice cold Corona beer (with a lime) not far away - watching Chargers football on TV. Yeah, that sounds like fun! We will be going to Australia and New Zealand in 2013 - Duncan and K-Barb are getting married and we wouldn't miss it for the world. And, maybe a three month bike ride through France or Portugal would be great to do one summer. Oh, so many fun things to do and so little time!There's still a lot of work to be done with this journal. I have movies to make and embed on previous pages - I want to do a movie on "What's in our packs", plus a lot more tips for those planning a PCT hike.  See the last page of this journal for all updates.I look at the statistics in the box above - to me it seems huge, I wonder how the number equates to viewer-ship. (Edited 12/10/11) For you that might also be wondering, our mostly unscientific analysis suggests that about 500 people followed our adventure and some 1,400 people visited the site at least once. We expect more to find some tidbits of valuable info in these pages when they plan for their thru-hike. (remember Jack's campsite of the week!)Thank you all so much for your support.Now, I think there's something about a horse and some pyramids (ref page 1). More to come! 

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