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Snow conditions for the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail and the Appalachian Trail. Snow pack is not trail snow. Get trail conditions every half mile from November 1st through June 28th. This is the most complete trail snow evaluation to be found anywhere.

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A popular collection of books for your favorite trail! Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail or Continental Divide Trail

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Recent Forum Posts

Re: Boot Size / Swollen Feet?
AllDownhillFromHere - Mon, Oct 24, 2016
The breaks seem like a good idea, thanks. I'm also thinking of something to keep the feet dry (desert sand, or powder). I rea...

Re: Boot Size / Swollen Feet?
Leo - Sun, Oct 23, 2016
Sorry if I've mixed anything up, thought May would be late and hot. I'm doing lots of desert hikes and so far used trailrunners ...

Re: Boot Size / Swollen Feet?
AllDownhillFromHere - Sun, Oct 23, 2016
Because I need the ankle and arch support of a proper boot. As an aside, how is May 1 late? 5 months to Canada @ 18 miles per ...

Re: Boot Size / Swollen Feet?
Leo - Sun, Oct 23, 2016
Honestly, I would discourage using Gore Tex leather boots for this late start. Why not start the desert part with trailrunners o...

Re: Boot Size / Swollen Feet?
AllDownhillFromHere - Fri, Oct 21, 2016
Thanks - I'm not sure how to do both 'roomy' and 'tight enough so no blisters'....

Re: Boot Size / Swollen Feet?
Gary Schenk - Fri, Oct 21, 2016
I'd start with roomy shoes and by the time you get to Idyllwild you'll know what's going on. Double socks? Starting in May it's...

Boot Size / Swollen Feet?
AllDownhillFromHere - Thu, Oct 20, 2016
Hello all, I'm looking to start in Campo next May, and I'm looking at new boots. I've heard that due to the desert heat your f...

Re: Few Misc. PCT Questions
Gary Schenk - Wed, Oct 19, 2016
My 2 cents. 1) First is getting to the trail head. I will definitely fly from Seattle into San Diego. Is a bus/taxi from the El...

Few Misc. PCT Questions
-Ghost- - Thu, Oct 13, 2016
Completed my 2011 AT Thru-Hike and have the opportunity to do a PCT thru hike in my transition when moving from the East coast t...

Re: Class Of 2016
tcrutchfield64 - Tue, Oct 4, 2016
I'm considering this hike but I don't like the cold. Section hiking may be for me. I can't quit my job. Any suggestions...

Massive Wall Maps (free)
postholer - Mon, Oct 3, 2016
We have just completed (or started) the wall map project. Currently we have maps for the PCT, CDT and AT. These maps are create...

Bigfoot Trail PDF Map Set (free)
postholer - Thu, Sep 22, 2016
Adding to our collection of PDF topo maps, we introduce the Bigfoot Trail pdf map set. These topographic maps are 1...

Recent Blog & Journal Entrys

Journal Entry
Entry Image
CDT - simplesole - Yesterday
Crazy Cook!! Arrived at 12:00 pm. Took some pictures and Colin and I waited for our shuttle to arrive and take us back to Lordsburg. The shuttle was an awesome roller coaster ride in an open t...
Day 151
Entry Image
AT - trpost - Yesterday
1900 miles done! Good day today, way too crowded at the shelter. Cold again last night, had trouble convincing myself to get up this morning, then when I did, it was warmer than I thought. ...
My Shoes All Locked In
Entry Image
PCT - kiwi stu - Yesterday
So, after 18 months of planning and hiking, the shoes I will be wearing on my hike are finalized. I have wide feet, so the Altra's have been and still are my shoe of choice. I started wi...
INT Day 4 - Sea Of Galilee
OTHER - buck30 - Mon, Oct 24, 2016
I thought a lot about perspective / perception today (I'm not really sure which word is a better description). As in, how my perspective / perception impacted my first few days. I was pretty t...
Some Stats
PNT - brianle - Mon, Oct 24, 2016
I had my fitbit (fitness tracker) with me throughout this PNT hike, and managed to recharge it in trail towns and to periodically sync it up so stats were saved online. This weekend I spent so...
Esbit Stove
JMT - Recon - Mon, Oct 24, 2016
A couple years ago, Vapor and I were doing a section hike on the PCT when we met a thru hiker called Ingenuity. He was retired from the sheet metal and HVAC industry, and with his skills, he h...
Returning To Condor Trail In November
Entry Image
OTHER - Miner - Sat, Oct 22, 2016
My vacation request at work was just approved. I will be resuming the Condor Trail just before Thanksgiving and finishing in early December. I still have about 180 miles to complete the trail....
Porky's Revenge
AT - RevLee - Fri, Oct 21, 2016
When we arrived at the shelter last night, we noticed a lot of gouge marks from some animal on the wood of the shelter. Even up on the rails of the top bunks and the loft. We assumed it was fr...
Journal Entry
Entry Image
AT - OnthegO - Fri, Oct 21, 2016
On March 6th, 2017, I will climb to the top of Springer Mountain in Georgia and then I will walk northbound until I reach the summit of Mount Katahdin in Maine, approximately 2,189 miles away....
Adventures In The Gila
Entry Image
CDT - Adam and Denali - Thu, Oct 20, 2016
We had quite the journey through the Gila Wilderness over the past 5 days. In 4+ months of hiking we have seen a lot of different kinds of terrain, but this was something entirely new - walkin...
Test Hikes
Entry Image
PCT - SwampFox6a - Sat, Oct 15, 2016
I've taken a couple 2 day test hikes into the Smoky Mountains. First trip was late August with my son. Was rather warm, but absolutely a beautiful relatively flat trip up the Deep Creek drain...
Oregon/California Border
Entry Image
PCT - camperdan - Thu, Oct 13, 2016
Trail angel Art of Seiad Valley delivered Wuz and I to the Cook and Green pass PCT trail head at the top of the 5000 ft mountain range where we resumed our hike north. He gave us dire warning ...

Blog & Journal Entrys Past/Present

AT photo

On top of South Twin Peak

Split & Two step - AT - Jul 20, 2012 - Day 32 - Eggs And More Eggs, Trail Mile 362.8
We woke this morning with the anticipation of a good breakfast- eggs! Not the powdered barely edible brand, but dehydrated scrambled eggs. We seldom have eggs since although they are light, they are bulky. Preparing the eggs was somewhat time consuming, since Ethan Pond campsite had an area in which all cooking was required to be completed and the meals eaten (due to bear activity in the area), and it was some distance from our tent. After boiling water, rehydrating the eggs, thoroughly enjoying the eggs with bacon bits, and hiking back to the tent, we were about 30 minutes behind our normal morning pace, but in a contented mood. Our mood continued to improve as we found the first 5 miles of our morning hike was on a nearly flat trail with few boulders or roots. Hiking at a breathtaking speed that exceeded 2 miles an hour ;-) we made it to Zealand Falls Hut at about 9am, and went in to fill our water bottles from their well water that was on tap. We were welcomed by the staff who wanted to know if we would like to eat some of their leftover breakfast, since they have to pack out leftovers. "Sure" we responded, "what do you have?" Scrambled eggs. We ate another heaping bowl apiece, this time with peppers and broccoli, laughing at our latest taste of trail magic. After that the day got more challenging. Our two biggest peaks were Mt. Guyot (4597 ft), where we enjoyed lunch under a sky full of cumulus and cirrus clouds all moving in different directions, and then down and back up to South Twin Peak (4902 ft). The day was stunningly clear with over 100 miles of visibility, and the 360 degree view of the mountainous wilderness from the top of this second peak was the most memorable of the trip to date. The remaining 5.5 miles of our 14.5 mile day started with a steep 1100 ft descent in 0.8 miles, but again while difficult, it was not as treacherous as we have become accustomed to being subjected. The rest of the hike was full of PUDs (pointless ups and downs) with the exception of a 500ft vertical rock scramble into camp - the most difficult of the day just as we thought we were home free. We are in the lap of luxury staying on a tent platform surrounded by other SOBOs - Driver and his wife Pitstop from Mississippi, and Johannes from Germany. Emmett is also here, section hiking by driving a car to one end of a days-length hike, dropping off a motorcycle, driving back to the other end of the trail, and then slack packing from one vehicle to the next. He has done the entire trail between Georgia and NH this way in the last 4 years. From the White Mountains on the AT,
Split and Two Step

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