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Recent Forum Posts

Hi From BC, Canada!
dougz - Mon, Apr 25, 2016
Hi! I'm a 41y m hiker who's literally begun thinking about section hiking the PCT, north to south, as of today.. It will be a ...

Mt Beden Powell Snow Conditions
LaGrangePoints5 - Fri, Apr 22, 2016
Anyone hear or see anything about trail/snow conditions on Mt. Baden-Powell?...

Re: 2016 South Bound Pct Thru Hike
mgarrett100 - Sun, Apr 10, 2016
Longshot, We are wanting to start in that mid June range and yoyo to the border as well. We are open to company. I know heart...

Re: Northern Oregon Section Hike Questions
postholer - Thu, Apr 7, 2016
If I was going to hike only Oregon I would wait till the first week in August. This would be based solely on mosquitos. If you d...

Re: Northern Oregon Section Hike Questions
Terminator - Thu, Apr 7, 2016
Looking at Postholer's snow chart shows an interesting year. Almost all of the peaks have above average SWE. A few peaks seem to...

Re: Class Of 2016
JamesA - Fri, Apr 1, 2016
Don't let the lack of funds make u not start, get creative, if u hike when the bulk of hikers go thru, search the hiker boxes fo...

Re: John Muir Trail In April
Swilder - Tue, Mar 29, 2016
Hi Willyswalking, I was wondering if you were open to having companion join you for part of the hike?...

PCT Snow: What Hikers Can Expect
postholer - Fri, Mar 25, 2016
In anticipation of April 1st, the peak of snow season, I've started looking at snow conditions in depth. Note I'm speaking stric...

Where To Get Jetboil Fuel Along The PCT
cfor - Tue, Mar 22, 2016
Over the last years I have section hiked the PCT. Meanwhile I got to southern Oregon (Fish Lake) and will continue comming July ...

Re: Colorado Trail Map Set
Vinland92 - Tue, Mar 15, 2016
Thank you for the quick reply. I made some mistakes on my original post such as publication date 2011 instead of print date and ...

Re: Colorado Trail Map Set
postholer - Mon, Mar 14, 2016
Thanks for your interest in the maps! The last update was January 2015. It does not have the Collegiate West route. However, yo...

Colorado Trail Map Set
Vinland92 - Mon, Mar 14, 2016
What edition is the current set of Postholer Colorado Trail printed maps? The order information says print date of Dec 2011 and ...

Recent Blog & Journal Entrys

Wonderful Trail Magic
Entry Image
AT - Pour Bastard - Today
A wonderful night's sleep at Laurel Creek as I went to bed around 6:30pm to do the journal and listen to some music. By 8:00pm I was falling asleep so the music was stopped, the ear plugs we...
Resting In Flagstaff
Entry Image
AZT - Blankhiker - Today
We are taking an extra rest day in Flagstaff to miss most of a bad, multi day storm moving through. Snow is falling in the higher elevations where we're headed with mixed rain and snow here in...
On To Rabe
CDS - calberry - Today
Friday April 30, 2016 Even though the sun was shining, tiny raindrops splashed my coat sporadically, enough that I walked out of Burgos under the pines along the river to keep dry. I thought ...
PCT - bobs - Today
Preparations are underway for a 2016 thruhike of the pct.Leaving Ohio on May 2th and should be standing at southern terminus one week later....
Day 41: Woods Hole Hostel
Entry Image
AT - BevoHi - Yesterday
I hiked 20.8 miles today with a 0 ft elevation change in 8.75 hours from 1mi past Jenny Knob Shelter to Woods Hole Hostel. At this point, I have hiked 623.6 total miles averaging 15.21 miles p...
Made It To Warner Springs :)
Entry Image
PCT - Chukar Bird - Yesterday
Woke up this morning (relative term) and got packed up and hit the trail at 0730. Morning Glory and Edward started hiking about 15 minutes before I did. Nature called... :) Anyway, the wind wa...
Day 6
Entry Image
AT - trpost - Yesterday
Slept well in the hostel last night. Scott the owner came and we talked for a while, and a new guest, Philip from Germany arrived. After talking for a while he mentioned he was going into town...
Camping Trip
Entry Image
CT - SlowBro - Yesterday
I am finally back after a month in San Antonio visiting my daughter and her husband and their new baby, my new grandson. It was a great trip and it was good to see how effortlessly they took t...
Back On The Trail
PCT - bafrazier - Yesterday
We got a late start this morning and we started the long uphill about 10am. At about 2.5 miles, we came to the Poodle Dog Bush alternate trail, which actually was a 10 mile road walk. After do...
Entry Subject
ODT - fireweed - Yesterday
Got a late start at 12: 30 but made it past hwy 20 to camp.My friend Gail gave me a ride to the TH and hiked for a few miles. I love the gnarled old junipers. First cross country uneventful. H...
PCT - StarMan - Yesterday
Let the Planning begin...... Gear - Check Permits - Check Approval from Wife - Check Food - My least favorite ordeal - Pre, Pre, Pre-planning...
First Entry....
Entry Image
PCT - knubbel - Yesterday
I hope that the preparations continue as well and I can start on 1 June. The important thing is that I would soon get the visa!!!...

Blog & Journal Entrys Past/Present

CDT photo

Ojitos Canyon

Peanut Eater - CDT - May 30, 2011 - Day 28
I was up and out early and the first order of business was to climb the face of another mesa. According to my map notes it was a new trail that replaced the old jeep road and it was a fun trail to be on. Despite the cardiovascular challenge of climbing from 8000 to 9000 ft in just over a mile, the views of the mesa wall were stunning. Multicolored rock formations stretched for several miles and there were quite a few locations on the trail where I had some great views. As I walked across the mesa I disturbed a large animal. I never got a good look at it but it wasn't a cow and it was way too big for a deer. I'm guessing a large elk since I can't think what else it could have been. Then I got to the steep switchbacks that took me down into the Ojitos Canyon. In about a mile I lost the thousand feet of altitude that I gained during the morning. At the bottom was Ojitos creek which the trail crossed more times than I cared to count. But it was only a few inches deep and usually no more than a few feet wide so it wasn't a wet feet experience. As the Ojitos Canyon opened up the canyon walls on both sides were absolutely spectacular. There were red, cream, white and many more colors usually in layers of the presumably sandstone walls that have eroded over time. I took many pictures - hopefully the few I post will give you an idea. Then I came upon the Chama River and this was no creek. It was about 80ft wide and was flowing at about 10mph with quite a lot of rapids. Although there were a few calmer points both upstream and downstream where fording might have been possible, I was grateful for Skull Bridge so I didn't have to test that theory. I had lunch beside the river and even soaked my feet in it. It wasn't as cold as I was expecting but good to see the snow higher up is melting. There was a lot of river activity with mostly rafting but some kayaking as well. Just as my feet were feeling better, I now faced a seven mile gravel road walk through the Chama River Canyon. It was not a happy walk as the gravel was very pebbly and aggravated what were the recovering sore spots on the balls of my feet. It was also just like a freeway with vehicles coming in both directions every few minutes - mostly carrying rafts or kayaks. The saving grace was the scenery. Just like the Ojitos canyon, this one also had wonderful rock formations of many colors. At one point there was a section that looked like a medieval castle atop a circular hill. After the road walk and a little cross country I was in Ghost Ranch, a Presbyterian retreat and conference center. I was too late for dinner but I met Tessa again and we went up to the campsite and found a nice site that would fit Paranoid and Hurricane as well. Paranoid showed up soon after but so far no sign of Hurricane. We met the campsite host and she was extremely helpful and told us just go get breakfast in the morning and we can pay when the office opens at 9:00. I just love these places that can operate on an honor system.

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