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Recent Forum Posts

Transportation From Seattle To Rainy Pass On Septemb
tanasi - Mon, Jul 11, 2016
Hi All, we are planning to hike from Rainy Pass to Manning Park the first week of September. We are trying to figure out trans...

Interested In NoBo Cascade Locks To Manning?
ridehard - Wed, Jun 29, 2016
Looking for someone who might be interested in hiking this section. I had a PCT permit from Campo but had to cancel out of that...

Re: Southbound - Canadian Border Questions
AxiomUnbroken - Mon, Jun 27, 2016
Thanks, I am going off the NOAA snow maps superimposed over a topo map// ... uidebooks/ I did c...

Re: Southbound - Canadian Border Questions
postholer - Mon, Jun 27, 2016
The bugs will be horrendous southbound. Most of the trail doesn't have snow on it, but significant portions still do. "......

Re: Southbound - Canadian Border Questions
AxiomUnbroken - Sun, Jun 26, 2016
I read the bugs were not as bad southbound, compared to northbound... with snow on the ground, I would assume the same. The lowe...

Re: Southbound - Canadian Border Questions
postholer - Sun, Jun 26, 2016
The snow maps tend to under do the snow amounts. So if they're showing snow you should find plenty. Frankly, I wouldn't do Oreg...

Southbound - Canadian Border Questions
AxiomUnbroken - Sun, Jun 26, 2016
I booked my trip to Washington for the 3rd, I am wondering about conditions to the border on the PCT, the snow maps still look r...

Re: Snow Conditions SB PCT (inquiry)
AxiomUnbroken - Sun, Jun 26, 2016
Does anyone know what the conditions look like to the Canadian border around harts pass? Now maps still look like hell....

Arizona Trail Google Map Update
postholer - Sat, Jun 25, 2016
The AZT google map has been completely updated with the latest track and way points from the Arizona Trail Assoc. You can find t...

Re: 2016 - The Year Of The Fallen Tree
TheProfessor - Sat, Jun 25, 2016
Let's be a little bit less dramatic, and give some information from the ground. I just sectioned Breitenbush Lake to Wapinitia ...

2016 - The Year Of The Fallen Tree
North 350 Blades - Wed, Jun 15, 2016
Hikers Let it be known that Washington experienced epic levels of winter blow down due to multiple wind storms this winter. Th...

Snow Season End: Snow Pack Vs Trail Snow
postholer - Sat, Jun 11, 2016
Now at the end of the snow season we are able to show the graphic difference between monitoring snow pack vs trail snow. As you...

Recent Blog & Journal Entrys

Entry Image
PCT - bobk - Today
Three tries to finish the JMT. Three tries to summit Mt. Shasta. Now three tries to finish the PCT. Of course it would be nice to get it done in one thru hike. But three is actually a great nu...
Zero In Silverthorne From Rabbit Ears
CDT - Voyageur - Today
Abby made wonderfull blueberry waffels for breakfast and then drove Alex to the denver Airport. I wrote journal, repaired gear, went to see the nes Star Trek movie, and grocerie shopping. Mi...
Days 16 & 17
Entry Image
GDR - buck30 - Today
It was a surprisingly quiet night in the 5 site compact camp area which was nice and I was excitedly hiking by 6:30. It was a quick excellent walk through Alpine meadows as I climbed a small...
Day 126: Gorham, NH
Entry Image
AT - BevoHi - Today
I hiked 0 miles today with a 0 ft elevation change in 0 hours from Gorham, NH to Gorham, NH. At this point, I have hiked 1890.8 total miles averaging 15.01 miles per day (including 0 days). A...
Entry Image
PCT - Huff and Puff - Today
Well how do I start? I'm have been wanting to do this how for over 5 yrs. It has become a bucket list item since the first timeI heard of it. I guess I should say that I am 60y/o so I need to ...
PCT Hike In 2017
PCT - CarlZ993 - Today
I hiked the AT in 2013. 152 days, 14.4 mpd avg, & 12 zeros. I've had the itch to hike the PCT even longer than I had the itch to hike the AT. The Boss (aka wife) gave me permission to hi...
Flies, Nothing But Flies
Entry Image
CDT - Hamburger - Today
We got an 11am ride back to the pass. In total we were 6 hikers in the truck. Starting uphill in the sun with strong winds was a challenge. The first few days were very nice. Still trees but g...
A Zero Day In Chester
PCT - LinO - Today
It only took two hours to figure out my phone's system update had messed with the way my photos were being transferred from my camera. That's the reason I haven't been able to enter any photos...
PCT - cosmohiker - Yesterday
Hello everyone! Big lake youth camp was great. They are a 7th day Adventist youth camp right next to the trail that offers vegetarian food, showers, laundry and package pick up all for don...
Go Fund Me Page
Entry Image
PCT - widowmaker - Yesterday
At the urging of my olderest daughter, we decided to do a Go Fund Me page Money has been running out faster than expected and we worried about being a...
Long Day And Water Issues
Entry Image
CT - SlowBro - Yesterday
Barb and I left at 6:15 head up the trail from our camp near the CT-Silver Creek trail and junction. Motor cycles are permitted along this section and they sure have chewed up the trail. We di...
Short Day To Chester
PCT - bafrazier - Yesterday
Since we had a short, easy eight mile downhill trek to Hwy 39, we leisurely enjoyed our breakfasts and packed up for the hike down. We met two youngish hikers who had attempted to hike from Be...

Blog & Journal Entrys Past/Present

PCT photo

Great old PCT sign

TJ and Boo Boo - PCT - Aug 30, 2011 - Even Blueberries Can't Slow Her Down!
Oh it was cold this morning. Ka-Ka-Cold! Somewhere in the 40's I guess 44 degrees. Awake at 6 am, on the trail by 7:15.Then Barb discovered the berries. Blueberries and Huckleberries. She just couldn't pass them up. I kept up a consistent pace. Boo Boo would drop back, harvest berries, then race back up. She has a longer stride than I and can burst faster on the straights. This went on for a good part of the day until she started getting sick by eating too many berries.Later on, we met a newlywed couple, Brent and Julie. They were hiking and camping on their honeymoon - how cool is that! They gave us an excellent tip. (hikers, write this down) At mile 2074 is Warm Springs River. It is listed on Halfmile's maps as water and campsite. Brent and Julie said "Go on, another four tenths of a mile North to what Halfmile lists as WA2074, Small spring. Do not tell Halfmile, but there is a most wonderful campsite in here, totally obscured from the trail. Water from the spring is good too. Fire ring if you care for one and no mossies. This place could hold two or three tents.It seemed like too far for us to go today so we would shoot for our planned stop at 2072.At mile 2053 we reached Olallie Lake Resort. They have a store and are right off the PCT. But the store doesn't have much. They have no electricity there and therefore are unable to have one of those hot dog rotisseries. For some odd reason, I was hankering for a hot dog. They have refrigerators that run on propane but they have no ice cream. It is just a tiny store but the people there are very friendly. If you need some bars, candy, chips, sodas or deet stop in otherwise we recommend you move on.Oh, big day today. I almost forgot. At mile marker 2058, Barb joined the 1,000 mile club. And of course, we made a video ("She has walked 500 miles and She has walked 500 more, just to be the gal who walked 1,000 miles to fall down at your door"). Sorry, Kimo Jim is backed up and the movie will have to wait until I return. I have some good movies waiting in the wings. I'm even thinking of having a page here that just list the revisions so you interested people can find the new stuff as I add it.Barb was pretty whipped as we approached 2072. That would be it for today. We dropped down on to the side trail. Rats, there were campers there and it is a one tent site. We would have to go on.Two miles later, we reached the first 2074. It was right off the trail and provided lots of camping opportunities. We decided to take Brent and Julies advice and push on just another few tenths and see what the spring provided. There was a small sign that said "Spring". That was it. We took the trail down and it opened up to this beautiful campsite. Mark it down campersIt was fun camping there. So private, so perfect, shrouded in the forest.

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