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Snow conditions for the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail and the Appalachian Trail. Snow pack is not trail snow. Get trail conditions every half mile from November 1st through June 28th. This is the most complete trail snow evaluation to be found anywhere.

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Elevation profiles that cover the whole trail. These compliment the section elevation profiles found in the data books.

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Recent Forum Posts

Transportation From Seattle To Rainy Pass On Septemb
tanasi - Mon, Jul 11, 2016
Hi All, we are planning to hike from Rainy Pass to Manning Park the first week of September. We are trying to figure out trans...

Interested In NoBo Cascade Locks To Manning?
ridehard - Wed, Jun 29, 2016
Looking for someone who might be interested in hiking this section. I had a PCT permit from Campo but had to cancel out of that...

Re: Southbound - Canadian Border Questions
AxiomUnbroken - Mon, Jun 27, 2016
Thanks, I am going off the NOAA snow maps superimposed over a topo map// ... uidebooks/ I did c...

Re: Southbound - Canadian Border Questions
postholer - Mon, Jun 27, 2016
The bugs will be horrendous southbound. Most of the trail doesn't have snow on it, but significant portions still do. "......

Re: Southbound - Canadian Border Questions
AxiomUnbroken - Sun, Jun 26, 2016
I read the bugs were not as bad southbound, compared to northbound... with snow on the ground, I would assume the same. The lowe...

Re: Southbound - Canadian Border Questions
postholer - Sun, Jun 26, 2016
The snow maps tend to under do the snow amounts. So if they're showing snow you should find plenty. Frankly, I wouldn't do Oreg...

Southbound - Canadian Border Questions
AxiomUnbroken - Sun, Jun 26, 2016
I booked my trip to Washington for the 3rd, I am wondering about conditions to the border on the PCT, the snow maps still look r...

Re: Snow Conditions SB PCT (inquiry)
AxiomUnbroken - Sun, Jun 26, 2016
Does anyone know what the conditions look like to the Canadian border around harts pass? Now maps still look like hell....

Arizona Trail Google Map Update
postholer - Sat, Jun 25, 2016
The AZT google map has been completely updated with the latest track and way points from the Arizona Trail Assoc. You can find t...

Re: 2016 - The Year Of The Fallen Tree
TheProfessor - Sat, Jun 25, 2016
Let's be a little bit less dramatic, and give some information from the ground. I just sectioned Breitenbush Lake to Wapinitia ...

2016 - The Year Of The Fallen Tree
North 350 Blades - Wed, Jun 15, 2016
Hikers Let it be known that Washington experienced epic levels of winter blow down due to multiple wind storms this winter. Th...

Snow Season End: Snow Pack Vs Trail Snow
postholer - Sat, Jun 11, 2016
Now at the end of the snow season we are able to show the graphic difference between monitoring snow pack vs trail snow. As you...

Recent Blog & Journal Entrys

Mile 1323 - Crater Lake National Park!
Entry Image
PCT - ajmancuso - Today
After a long 112 mile stretch from Ashland, I arrived at Crater Lake! The trail was difficult in Southern Oregon, with hundreds of fallen trees blocking the trail. Lots of walk-arounds, climb-...
Hot Day Over Two Mountains
AT - chaseat99 - Yesterday
I have camped here before at an established site That's grown a bit since 1999. We are on the opposite side of the creek. Last nights camp beside the trail was good. Something was prancing ...
Short Hot Day
PCT - bafrazier - Yesterday
Woke up this morning knowing very well that if we diverted to Burney for another two day layover in a hotel that I would want to catch a bus (or whatever transportation was available) and leav...
Day 131: Sabbath Day Pond Lean-to
Entry Image
AT - BevoHi - Yesterday
I hiked 17 miles today with a 2180 ft elevation change in 9.17 hours from Andover, ME to Sabbath Day Pond Lean-to. At this point, I have hiked 1959.3 total miles averaging 14.96 miles per day ...
Leaving Burney Falls SP
PCT - LinO - Yesterday
Thursday, 7/28/16 Yesterday we'd made a motel reservation in Burney for tonight. Well, scratch that idea, we're going to amble up the trail instead. After the change of plans...
Out In The Sun
Entry Image
CDT - Hamburger - Yesterday
Following a full. Breakfast in Lima we got a ride to the trail by the hotel owner. Was a great place to stay. A long treeless climb was ahead of us. The four young hikers soon left us behind i...
Food & Rest: Zero In Lake City
Entry Image
CT - SlowBro - Yesterday
The earliest full on breakfast in Lake City is at the Sportsman BBQ Station which is both a gas station and a cafe. I was there at 7:02. Bacon, eggs, hash browns, pancakes, a fresh baked cinna...
Zero - Grand Lake - ShadowCliff Hostel
CDT - Voyageur - Yesterday
Can't say I slept well in the top bunk that needed cross bracing. Still, ShadowCliff is a great place. I did some research on smartphone GPS and such. It boots faster, loads Guthook faster and...
Old Station
Entry Image
PCT - Chukar Bird - Wed, Jul 27, 2016
I was up early and walked the .6 miles to the resort. I took a shower and waited for the resort to start serving breakfast to hikers. Breakfast is served in three tiers. First, the resort payi...
Journal Entry
Entry Image
CDT - simplesole - Wed, Jul 27, 2016
Blah! Mostly jeep road walk and pasture fence walking today. Meet my first NOBOs. I wasn't planning on making it to Leadore until tomorrow morning but I made good time. I was soooo lucky! I go...
Burn And Soggy Camp
Entry Image
CDT - Jellybean - Wed, Jul 27, 2016
Another icy tent morning. Tall wet grassy tunnel. Walked thru last year's burn area. Sobo Shawn. Took the 101 trail. Hail. Wet soggy camp....
Final Planning
Entry Image
PCT - ddmsigns22 - Wed, Jul 27, 2016
Getting down to final planning and packing stage. Have put together meals and snacks and will start putting together resupply boxes tomorrow....

Blog & Journal Entrys Past/Present

GET photo

MotherGoose - GET - Nov 2, 2009 - Another Hard Day
I have been feeling slightly ill the past couple of days, so much so that I don't want to eat at night so the domino effect is if you don't eat supper you have no energy for the next day. So tonight I am forcing myself to eat something, I only made 9 miles today :( most was uphill again and its really steep so with no energy what can you say.
Also the day light hours are now very short from about 630am to 530pm. Leaves a lot of time in the bed.

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