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Recent Forum Posts

Re: SOBO Leaving In June 2017 (gear Question)
watkinshikers - Sun, Feb 19, 2017
SOBO's 2014, left June 14th...late snows that year & late melt gave us just over average snowpack. We had almost no posthol...

Re: SOBO Leaving In June 2017 (gear Question)
jack5455 - Sat, Feb 18, 2017
I live in the Seattle area. As mentioned, the snow will be consolidated in June and could be "bulletproof" on north f...

SOBO Leaving In June 2017 (gear Question)
ManOWar - Wed, Feb 15, 2017
Hey everyone my name is Tim and I had a question for anyone who can answer. I'm going to do the walk through SOBO and my hope i...

Re: The Why
Day-late - Fri, Feb 10, 2017
A link to a video I did a few years ago asking lots of PCT hikers why they were hiking the long trails....

Re: CDT Class Of 2017
Day-late - Fri, Feb 10, 2017
Heading out April 22. Really looking forward to this hike, it has been a few years since I've had the good fortune to do a Lo...

Re: CDT Class Of 2017
Dassie - Fri, Feb 3, 2017
Hey brightflower, I will also be hiking the CDT this spring. Starting late April! I'm waiting for the updated version of the ...

Re: SoCal Flip-flop/section Desert Hike Advice
Gary Schenk - Tue, Jan 31, 2017
Section E in March is nice. The aqueduct faucet will probably be turned off. Tyler Horse Creek will have good flow though and yo...

Re: SoCal Flip-flop/section Desert Hike Advice
adventuresofjesse - Mon, Jan 30, 2017
According to the , only around 75% complete their thru-hike, and I've seen other statistics much lower for other years. It is ob...

Re: SoCal Flip-flop/section Desert Hike Advice
Gary Schenk - Mon, Jan 30, 2017
According to the , only around 75% complete their thru-hike, and I've seen other statistics much lower for other years. It is ob...

Re: SoCal Flip-flop/section Desert Hike Advice
adventuresofjesse - Sun, Jan 29, 2017
According to the , only around 75% complete their thru-hike, and I've seen other statistics much lower for other years. It is ob...

Re: Northern Half Of Oregon Pct Advice?
jack5455 - Sun, Jan 29, 2017
By all means go north to see fewer people. When I hike south, I see as many as 60 people per day. Going north, people have to ...

Re: SoCal Flip-flop/section Desert Hike Advice
jack5455 - Sun, Jan 29, 2017
I would recommend checking the snow coverage chart under the Google Maps link on this site. Right now, the only areas that are ...

Recent Blog & Journal Entrys

Crazy Dreams
AT - tom cos - Yesterday
Lot of crazy dreams in this room. Gotta get outta here!!! Cloudy and rainy today 50. Started advil again. Doing alot more stretching now. Pain is fading and range is improving. Researched ultr...
Entry Image
AZT - WFO50+ - Fri, Feb 17, 2017
I'm bringing an alcohol stove and I was sweating getting alcohol in resupply towns until yesterday. I called hardward stores in my resupply towns to check that they carry denatured alcohol. De...
Practice Hike
AT - DuffysTavern - Fri, Feb 17, 2017
Quakerland Forge Homebase to Decker's Point Rd to Marion Center loop. Weather: Beautiful, temps in low 30's Quaker, Duffy Apollo couldn't hike with us today, because he was neutered yest...
Decisions Forming, Not Made Yet
Entry Image
CDT - peru - Thu, Feb 16, 2017
So looking at current snow pack, longterm weather outlooks, and some logistics... I think I'm going to go SoBo. I want to get back home to South Fork, and to my triple crown, before real snow ...
Resupply, 20's, & Crunch Time
Entry Image
AZT - SlowBro - Thu, Feb 16, 2017
Well I did it! I made myself finish up and pack my resupply boxes, seven in all. I will resupply from stores in 2 more locations. I don't quite know the reason I hesitated on the resupply, but...
Getting Your Permit
JMT - journeeman - Thu, Feb 16, 2017
Okay, got the permit yesterday but not without some angst. I did have to call Inyo NF for clarification because I kept getting "timed out" due to it taking too long to fill in all the itinera...
Greater Patagonian Trail Days 36-39
Entry Image
GPT - buck30 - Wed, Feb 15, 2017
I've gotten a bit lazy with the journal mainly cause we're all over the place with what we are doing. Let's see, on Sunday we took the day off and were planning on heading out for a few days o...
Permit Approved
PCT - Zigerstein - Wed, Feb 15, 2017
Permit is now official, so getting ready for the southern terminus. Looked at an early start date as (1) started prepping with the La Nia news - still in the cards - and (2) I'm not doing anyt...
Starting Date
PCT - Trheidger - Mon, Feb 13, 2017
Well I finally got my starting date, May 11. Originally wanted May 3 but with the snow out there starting a little late will be just fine. I'd rather try to make up miles than fight more snow ...
Journal Entry
AT - oldscout - Sun, Feb 12, 2017
On February 8, 2018 I will be 75 years old. To celebrate three quarters of a century I have decided to give myself the trip of a lifetime, a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail....
Surgery: L3/4
PCT - CarlZ993 - Sat, Feb 11, 2017
Well, I had my surgery on 2/7/17 (Tue) @ Seton Hospital (Austin). I had to show up @ 5 am for the surgery @ 6:30 am. Yikes! That was really early. As my wife was driving me to the hospital...
The Motive
PCT - AOC - Fri, Feb 10, 2017
Yesterday I finished, the sixth week of the winter semester. three exams down, ten more to go. Now I sit back nursing my Old Rasputin stout mulling through my gear list and reading through med...

Blog & Journal Entrys Past/Present

PCT photo

Oregon Summer Dawn

Caveman - PCT - Jul 30, 2012 - About Day 92 - Still In Oregon
  The first few miles this morning were treacherous. All the snow that was soft yesterday evening had turned into a bumpy slick ice field. As the morning grew so did the mosquitos and it made it a little bit harder to concentrate. Breakfast was a challenge; one scoop of granola with the left while swatting with the right and every other swipe would land a mosquito in my cereal, yuck. The cousins didn't even stop and eat, they made their cereal and ate on the go. Shortly after breakfast and a couple miles before the road that leads you to Shelter Cove resort I met a young section hiker named All or Nothing, she was hiking with a older gal named Marmot. We said hello and talked about going in to Shelter Cove. We ended up getting there around the same time.   Shelter Cove seems to be a happening camping/fishing location though from what I gather it is expensive as well as up for sale. The store had our boxes and were real friendly. TW and I bought poppy seed muffins. The store had more than I thought it would have but nothing in the way of fresh fruits and veggies.   We sat out front at the picnic table going through our boxes. The hiker box had choke food and we made quite a meal and also had the elephant-ear-mushroom Joe and Naoko gave. It was quite tasty and wish I had more.     All or Nothing and Marmot were pleasant to chat with. Marmot gave me a foot rub with olive oil! Amazing.   Cheesewhiz went for a dip in the lake and shortly after so did TW. A short while after I went for an hour run that was supposed to be twenty minutes, some times you just feel good. I ran on a trail that climbed up to Whitefish lake it was further than I wanted my body to go today but was real sweet, it ran along this pretty rapid river after getting on the other side of the train tracks. When I got back I jumped in the lake and did some stretching and yoga.   Walking back to the general store I saw Focus! Coo surprise we chatted a bit and she invited us to stay with Wrong Way who rented a large cabin which was the only one available, it houses ten! Samwise and Sweet As (found out his name is Sweet As, as in sweet as honey, funny lanky-tall Aussie dude) came in shortly after. Chatted quite a bit and shortly before five pizza was on the menu, they were ordering from a place a few miles down the way, so the cousins and I ordered a large supreme and asked them to hold the cheese. When the pizza came we all headed to the large cabin, it truly was large. We had a good time chilling with the pizza and some of the guys had beer too. We rotated in the showers. When 8:30 came around I was pooped and lasted maybe fifteen more minutes before I hit the hay.     Wrong Way had hit his head quite badly, he is a slightly older fella that has an energy level that is quite high no matter which age group one is talking about. He has done the the CDT twice, the PCT a couple time and the AT too I believe. After he gets to Canada he is gonna bike down to Ashland and run the Palms to Pines 100, at least this is his plan. Wow. So cool. Anyway so hope he is feeling better tomorrow.   Sent from my iPhone

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