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Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail, John Muir Trail and many other print and PDF topographic maps for you favorite trail.

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Hundreds of complete gear lists by those that walked the walk. See what other hikers are doing.

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Snow conditions for the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Northwest Trail. Snow pack is not trail snow. Get trail conditions every half mile from November 1st through June 28th. This is the most complete trail snow evaluation to be found anywhere.

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Elevation profiles that cover the whole trail. These compliment the section elevation profiles found in the data books.

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Create your own gear list! Easy to use for designing your personalized gear list. Descriptions, weight, cost, standard and metric. Integrated in your journal or stand-alone. Have a different gear list for each hike.

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  Topographic Maps: Pacific Crest Trail :: John Muir Trail :: Continental Divide Trail :: Colorado Trail :: Appalachian Trail :: Long Trail  

Postholer Forums - Recent Posts

Re: Section Hike
postholer - Wed, Apr 18, 2018
If you are forthcoming about your hiking style and are accurate with your zero days it will be very close. The cool thing is, y...

Re: Section Hike
EvanGarber22 - Wed, Apr 18, 2018
Is that planner fairly accurate? That's what I used to plan it thus far but I just wanted to check and make sure....

Re: Section Hike
postholer - Tue, Apr 17, 2018
Check out the AT planner. It will show you average hike times by default. Choose your own start/ending locations and adjust to y...

Section Hike
EvanGarber22 - Tue, Apr 17, 2018
Hi guys! I am planning a section hike from the Delaware water gap (PA-NJ border) up to Massachusetts. The current estimate that ...

Re: Starting Daily Mileage For New PCT Hiker
postholer - Sat, Apr 7, 2018
The average hiker averages 20 miles a day over the course of a 152 day thru-hike, including zero days. Fewer miles in the begin...

Starting Daily Mileage For New PCT Hiker
a_rhodes2002 - Sat, Apr 7, 2018
Hello. I am in reasonably good condition and have some experience backpacking. What would be a good starting daily mileage for m...

1 Month On The PCT
cornestache - Fri, Apr 6, 2018
Hi everyone, i am new to this forum. I have been thinking of doing a 1 month stretch on the PCT. i was wondering if you had an...

Re: PCT Permits: The Dirty Little Secret
postholer - Thu, Apr 5, 2018
When you come down off the hill, cross the road into the park, follow a low fence that's on your right, you'll come to a water f...

Re: PCT Permits: The Dirty Little Secret
gsamelon - Thu, Apr 5, 2018
Where is the appropriate place to camp at Lake Morena area that is not considered dispersed camping and not in the pay-for-use R...

Re: Semptember Sierras- November?
postholer - Tue, Apr 3, 2018
That sounds like quite the hike, but probably not safely doable. The sierra will be absolutely awesome in September. But given ...

Semptember Sierras- November?
SamPeck1 - Tue, Apr 3, 2018
Hey everyone- One of my friends and I are currently planning a 1000+ mile hike on the PCT for this coming season. Because of sc...

Re: PCT Class Of 2018
RoadrunnerDan - Sun, Apr 1, 2018
I didn't know about the loophole with the Campo start. My original Campo start was 5/25, but I figured it was way to late to hi...

Postholer Journals - Recent Entrys

In The Beginning
Entry Image
OTHER - CiscoCombs - Today
So we really started today. Took a bus into Dublin City Center so we could transfer to a bus to take us out of the City Center and back out to Marlay Park 7 miles from city center. We made it ...
Moving Journal
PCT - Philippe - Today
Dear all, I am closing this journal as it is too unwieldy. For those who wish, you may continue to follow my journey on Chers tous, je vais fermer c...
Day 20 Little Bear Spring Camp
PCT - mgundry - Yesterday
My natural alarm woke me before the one set on my cell phone. I was able to get eggs, bacon and toast at the hotel before I left to meet my ride. I met my ride and proceed to the trail. There ...
Criminal Minds
AT - impactmrj - Yesterday
Last night I slept pretty well, I just had to pee three times!! Woke up it was pretty darn cold. I think being in the bowl valley next to the big stream made it colder. I hit the trail by 7:45...
Entry Image
PCT - no-nail - Yesterday
snow Our snow is melting and in the Cascades the snow depth is still piling up, great!!!Just coming back from a stroll with my dog on a beautiful warm Sunday morning in Switzerland.It's about...
TAT - aandg - Fri, Apr 20, 2018
I sleep in until 10:00 - clearly still on NZ time! I try boosting the van with our other portable battery but still not even a light when the ignition key is turned. I pump up the tyres on the...
T-Minus One....
Entry Image
PCT - Mquillin2018 - Fri, Apr 20, 2018
Time grows short. Everything that can be done has been done. Resupply Central has taken over our living room (see photo), and the angel that is my bride Jill is fully invested in this and comm...
Chores In Moab
Entry Image
OTHER - Blankhiker - Fri, Apr 20, 2018
Today is just for chores but I thought I'd list some info for Moab in case anyone wants to visit too. We've never benefited from posting info other than "paying it forward" for the others who'...
Two 20's Back To Back
Entry Image
CDT - SlowBro - Fri, Apr 20, 2018
Well, today I finally reached my training goal of doing 20 miles one day then getting up and doing 20 more the next day. And, I lived to tell about it. I am definitely tired, but I’m pre...
PCT - windbreaker - Fri, Apr 20, 2018
Melinda and I fly to San Diego tomorrow and then Sunday she will drive me to the monument to start the adventure. I'm feeling really excited but also very anxious. My pack is ready for the f...
Lighter Is Wiser!
Entry Image
STT - Gorp-Gobbler - Fri, Apr 20, 2018
Everyone that backpacks knows that "Lighter is Wiser". I'm always trying to find ways to lighten my load in order to have a more enjoyable journey. I just recently purchased a Thermarest "Neo...
Entry Image
AZT - Squarepants - Fri, Apr 20, 2018
I made it to Pine on time! Rabies shot number 3 awaits in Flagstaff (~120 miles away) in 3.5 days, so i am rushing out of town shortly. This will be a brief update. This last stretch was amaz...

Blog & Journal Entrys Past/Present

PCT photo

Trail junction 2 miles in... what a beautiful day!

I Spy / Booty - PCT - Feb 7, 2009 - There And Back Again, A Hikers Tale
Well we have decided that is was high time that we got out in the field to test out some gear and get into a little bit better shape. After downloading maps, going to the store and loading up on snacks we packed for an overnighter up in the mountains. We took our zero degree down bags, Cabellas tent, thermarests, Vargo Decagon stove (Ezbit stove as a back up) and our Microspikes. Spirits are high and we are off. We started hiking late in the day around 2:00 pm, the weather was sunny and promising. We talked about conservation and ways we can help reduce waist in the world one little step and a time, we decided that we are going to write a book about all the small changes that each individual can do to reduce their footprint on this earth. We were feeling great, the trail was getting snowy and icy so we decided to utilize our Microspikes. Before we arrived at an rock outcropping, we realized how out of shape we are in. The trail steep and we had to slow our pace considerably just so we wouldn't keel over. Once we reached the outcropping, the trail dissappeared altogether. No one had yet ventured past this point. The clouds above were growing dark and the sun was decending in the sky. We bushwacked up the hill following dry patches and postholing through snowy patches, thank goodness for gaiters!! We came upon the perfect little camp sight next to a few trees with little rocks to sit on for dinner; it does not get any better than this. Mike was to set up the tent and I was getting dinner ready. Snow was flurrying and my hands were icicles. Attempt after attempt to light the the stove and finally the fuel lit, BUT would not pressurize. I had to hold a flame to the little burner holes. Yes we were finaly in business!! The fuel ran out and I refilled it, still not boiling the water. This attempt proved to be just as challenging to light the fuel again. I finally had to break out the Ezbit stove which finished dinner prep. I was shivering badly by this time and the temp had dropped and the winds began to gust. (I have decided that the Decagon stove is not performing very well and that I will contact Vargo to discuse options). We got into bed to eat dinner, but the valve on my camelback disconnected and spewed water all over the floor of the tent on me and my sleeping system. I did not care if it froze, the camelback was going outside!!This reminds me of an incident on the Colorado Trail when I slept out under the stars and had my camleback laying next to me for a late night drink. A passing snowshoe hare wanted a drink to, so it nibbled holes in three different places in the hose leaving me in a puddle of water and with no way to easily carry water. This is not the only time a bladder pouch has failed me or caused a problem. I have decided that I am not going to carry a camelback on the trail. A plain water bottle will do the job just fine. I hope that all who use the camelback bladder have good luck and they work well for you.Dinner was good, mashed potatoes and mac-n-cheese. We snuggled into our sleeping bags around 6:00-6:30. It took a few hours to warm up but our bags proved to be very warm and comfortable.... at 9:00 we checked to time on the cell phone which was also in the sleeping bag. We had reception which was amazing to us, so we called some people from 10500 feet in a snow storm.The morning was gusty until the sun came up. After packing up we decided to try for the summit of Signal Mountain. The travel was slow as we bushwacked through the trees and the deep snow, breaking trail since the rock outcropping. It was a beautiful day but chilly. After lots of thigh deep postholing in shin cracking crusty snow, we decided that the dark clouds above were telling us it was time to go home. We descended following our tracks back to the rock outcropping with minimal arguing about location and which way to go. We met some nice folks on the way down the mountain, and enjoyed a delicious lunch. On the way down we decided that in when hiking and backpacking above 8000 feet in colorado you always need to be equipped with snowshoes. All in all, we had a great time and learned alot about what works for us and what does not. I am sure that we will continue to learn more as we keep venturing out in the backcountry and we are looking forward to it.

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