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Re: Does The Planner Work For SOBO?
postholer - Sun, Dec 9, 2018
It's only northbound at this time. We may change that in the future....

Does The Planner Work For SOBO?
kayakpro - Sun, Dec 9, 2018
Just curious if the Planner works SOBO. It seems to assume a US/Mexico start. User error by me?...

Re: PCT CA Section C -- Good Idea In March? Recommen
snoopy_33 - Thu, Nov 29, 2018
Hey, thank you for the quick reply. The reason why I am planning this section southbound is that we stay in lower elevation as ...

Bear Canister. Where Do I Need It/send It To?
treeWoof - Wed, Nov 28, 2018
Where do I need a bear canister and where should I send it to? Where should I mail it home at? I understand a canister is requi...

Re: PCT CA Section C -- Good Idea In March? Recommen
stillroaming - Wed, Nov 28, 2018
March is cold, wet, snowy and possibly windy all along the PCT. Section C: + March is the 3rd wettest and 3rd coldest month of ...

PCT CA Section C -- Good Idea In March? Recommendati
snoopy_33 - Wed, Nov 28, 2018
Hi, being a new member here shortly introducing myself: I am living in Germany and want to try out hiking and trecking on sever...

Re: Kennedy Meadows
postholer - Mon, Nov 26, 2018
Yes, you can do a resupply from Kennedy Meadow Store. It is pricey and the selection limited, but mostly hiker centric food. -p...

Kennedy Meadows
benbrookes118 - Mon, Nov 26, 2018
Hi, I'm hoping to do a section hike this year from around Ridgecrest to Tuolumne Meadows. I was just wondering what sort of faci...

62% Of The PCT Has Burned Before Agua Dulce
postholer - Sun, Nov 25, 2018
From 2000-2018 62% of the PCT has burned between Mexico and Agua Dulce. That's 278 trail miles out of 448 trail miles! For the ...

Re: Bear Canisters/Food Handling In The Sierra
OldHiker - Wed, Nov 21, 2018
This is all about two things. The first is "the bear" and the second is "the human" and, it is in that ord...

Best Way To Get Your Permit Date???
OldHiker - Wed, Nov 21, 2018
So, in looking at the way the 2019 permits were handed out it appears that the best method of getting the date you want is to lo...

Re: PCT Thru Hiker Permit: A Convenience, Not A Requ
OldHiker - Wed, Nov 21, 2018
So, if I just get a permit starting on say January 1st (OK, I know that is silly so let's say the end of February), I can still ...

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"Old Man Winter"
Entry Image
AT - Gorp-Gobbler - Mon, Dec 10, 2018
Well, here it is December and “Old Man Winter” is upon us. It won’t be long before it is OUR YEAR to hit the trail. Since I’ve been section hiking trails for the p...
Anish Calendar Triple
CDT - peru - Sun, Dec 9, 2018
Just reading comments on the Backpacker story of Anish's epic calendar year triple ( A fantastic feat. I have also met her in pers...
I Just Flew To New Zealand, And Are My Arms Tire
TAT - StarMan - Sat, Dec 8, 2018
This is turning into a Long Long couple of days. I think? I left on Friding morning and now I find myself sitting at the Auckland Airport on a Sunday. I think I lost a full calendar day. Showe...
Creating A New Jacket
CDT - SlowBro - Fri, Dec 7, 2018
As I mentioned last time, my old puffy jacket is long in the tooth and I am on a mission to replace it. I shopped around for one and found three likely candidates, but they all ran close to $ ...
Entry Image
KKR - fireweed - Tue, Nov 27, 2018
I went on to Kyoto to do a two day walking tour there. I heartily recommend WalkJapan. I would never have gotten as much out of a trip if I had winged it on my own. My favorite walking was not...
Harpers Ferry , WV
AT - chaseat99 - Sat, Nov 17, 2018
Hard rain last night made up fur the good hiking weather yesterday. Took the long 0.4 miles walk way down to the Ed Garvey spring then went back in the woods ot of sight from the shelter. Deer...
Permit Day!
PCT - pwalsh53 - Wed, Nov 14, 2018
Well...seems this trail is sort of a popular thing. At least 3,700 people were ready and waiting before the precise instant that the permit application was made available! The wait begins......
PCT - hutnyak - Tue, Nov 6, 2018
I'm 4.5 months from my desired departure date and I have less equipment than I did at 6 months out. My REI Half dome failed and needed to be returned. What would be another suitable shelter t...
Big Miles
OTHER - tclough - Wed, Oct 17, 2018
Woke up to cool temps and a light drizzle all morning. For the past few days, the temps at night/early morning have been around 50-55 degrees, which has been really nice. Again, I slept well w...
Pennsylvania Resupply Notes
Entry Image
NCT - buck30 - Tue, Oct 2, 2018
I liked PA a lot too. The Allegheny NF is 100 miles of well maintained trail. Lots of oil and gas wells though. The random parcels of Game lands throughout the state were surprisingly well mai...
10/01/2018 Antelope
CDT - pprovost - Mon, Oct 1, 2018
To: From: Pierre and Betsy Subject: Epilogue October 1, 2018 Monday I have been thinking of how my “Elevator Talk” might sound when I’m asked what our CDT hike ...
Day 139
Entry Image
PCT - Rickreimer - Tue, Sep 25, 2018
The morning was again beautifully sunny and I had 4 miles left on the detour and then I would be back on the PCT again. The views were spectacular. I was finally able to see how beautiful the ...

Blog & Journal Entrys Past/Present

CDT photo


Iceaxe - CDT - Jun 22, 2010 - Silverthorne
The trail traverses along the densly forested slopes of Mt Massive and through the Holy Cross wilderness before reaching Tennesee Pass. The weather has been quite dry and the trail snow free up until Holy Cross. This area reminds me of Washington's PCT with it's thick forest and green ground cover though it is much drier here right now. After I left Elbert's summit I was quite surprised by the easy going and good tread. I really enjoyed the hiking and perfect weather conditions. In five days since Salida the sky had been a azure blue barely interupted by cloud. I am getting spoiled!
At Tennesee pass I hitched down to Leadville and was amazed by both the friendly folks there and the amazing Leadville Hostel. The short 15 mile day and consumption of a Pizza, Egg-fu-young, and Eggs Benedict combined with a good nights rest at the hostel meant that when morning came I was again on fire to be on trail again.
The 18 miles between Tennesee Pass and Copper Mountain are a fabulous array of forest walking and mountain pass traverses above the trees. The mountains here are green and red rocks combined with gray granite. There is still some snow but mostly just a few pitiful patches clinging to the shade of the trees or steeper slopes.
I came down into Copper Mountain and rode the free bus to Silverthorne to get my shoes and anti-mosquito gear from the PO. I also got a fresh pack of maps to take me all the way to Rawlins Wyoming. This is nice because I started to feel a little hampered by not having the ability to "look ahead" on the trail as my last map pack began to run out. I find it relaxing to peruse the maps at night just as the skies are turning dark. Although I really never make solid plans about where I will be exactly the next day I do make long range plans(like 5 days out) as a rough guide, it gives me a reachable goal to strive for but allows more flexibility than a fixed daily goal.
My plan is still to return to Copper Mountain tomorrow and continue along the trail using the alternate Gray's Torrey's Peaks route. This route will be along the knife edge crest of a long range of peaks. From a distance they look like grey granite spires, a serrated edge, extending northwards and east of Silverthorne.
It is so awesome to have my new pair of shoes and socks without holes in them! I do feel a little self-indulgent having two town stops so close together like this but I will no doubt be bashing myself around the mountains in pennance tomorrow so I might as well enjoy it today. My original plan was just to walk the standard CDT into Silverthorne but after seeing these mountains up close I just know I must go there. The weather is apparently going to cooperate with only a lsight disturbance tomorrow pasing through the area.
It was so great to visit with Gingersnap from last years PCT today! Thanks so much for lunch! It is funny how every time I get to talk to another hiker I learn more of the story from the trail, more of the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Gingersnap and Highlander are two of the fastest hikers I have ever seen. Last year I thought I had "beat" Highlander to Scissors Crossing.. well only because he fell on a cactus and then hurt his hip. Not very long after then they both took off up the trail at warp speed and I would read of their progress in the trail registers as they advanced days and then weeks ahead of me.
It was so awesome talking trail! Thanks Gingersnap!
Anyhow things are going good on the CDT for me lately. I have met so many great trail volunteers, Colorado Trail Hikers, Day Hikers, Peak Baggers, and even Mountain Bikers. I am not sure how long this "burst" of trail activity and folks is going to last.. something tells me I wont see too many folks out in the Great Basin Divide of Wyoming so I am gonna enjoy the company now.
Well I am running short of time on the library computer here so I will use the rest to post some photos of the last incredible section.
I will also try to post a bit more often it is just that lately so much is happening I find myself still "processing" all the information.
Tomorrow I am all about the Gray's Torrey's Peaks Route!

Cheers-Iceaxe Benefits Cancer Research

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