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 Google Trail Maps Interactive maps with trail trace, waypoints, shelters, mileage, etc. Overlays for weather, active fire perimeters, solar eclipses and more. 


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Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail, John Muir Trail and many other print and PDF topographic maps for you favorite trail.

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This is not vanilla, one size fits all blogging. Keep all the daily details of a hike that you'll really appreciate long after you're off the trail. Integrated maps, guest book, gear list, itinerary, training, geo-location aware, remote update, SPOT integration for your blogs & journals. Create your Journal Now!

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Hundreds of complete gear lists by those that walked the walk. See what other hikers are doing.

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Snow conditions for the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Northwest Trail. Snow pack is not trail snow. Get trail conditions every half mile from November 1st through June 28th. This is the most complete trail snow evaluation to be found anywhere.

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Create your own gear list! Easy to use for designing your personalized gear list. Descriptions, weight, cost, standard and metric. Integrated in your journal or stand-alone. Have a different gear list for each hike.

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  Topographic Maps: Pacific Crest Trail :: John Muir Trail :: Continental Divide Trail :: Colorado Trail :: Appalachian Trail :: Long Trail  

Postholer Forums - Recent Posts

Re: PCT Class Of 2018
manymilesago2018 - Sat, Mar 17, 2018
I'm starting the PCT March 25th at Campo. Looking forward to meeting other thru-hikes along the trail. Should be a great adventu...

Re: PCT Permits: The Dirty Little Secret
violetc - Sat, Mar 10, 2018
But do you mean 'absolutely not' as in you DON'T have to start on your specified date, or 'absolutely not' as in it's NOT OK to ...

Re: PCT Permits: The Dirty Little Secret
postholer - Fri, Mar 9, 2018
But do you mean 'absolutely not' as in you DON'T have to start on your specified date, or 'absolutely not' as in it's NOT OK to ...

Re: PCT Permits: The Dirty Little Secret
violetc - Fri, Mar 9, 2018
I have a long-distance permit beginning on the 16th of May at Tehachapi Pass. I'm aiming to be there on that day, but I may be a...

Re: PCT Permits: The Dirty Little Secret
postholer - Wed, Mar 7, 2018
I have a long-distance permit beginning on the 16th of May at Tehachapi Pass. I'm aiming to be there on that day, but I may be a...

Re: PCT Permits: The Dirty Little Secret
violetc - Wed, Mar 7, 2018
Hi everyone, I have a long-distance permit beginning on the 16th of May at Tehachapi Pass. I'm aiming to be there on that day, ...

PCT Hiker Impact: The First 500 Miles
postholer - Tue, Mar 6, 2018
Over the years an increased number of hikers have graced the PCT. We've all heard about the impact, some of it expressed hysteri...

Re: Bear Can 'Dirty Little Secrets'?
Gary Schenk - Mon, Feb 12, 2018
Protecting human food from bears would still be needed in these areas and could be done with on trail bear boxes or food hanging...

New! John Muir Trail Pocket Maps
postholer - Mon, Feb 12, 2018
Introducing the John Muir Trail Pocket Maps! This is the most extensive map resource you will find for the JMT. 1 overview map,...

Re: Bear Can 'Dirty Little Secrets'?
postholer - Sat, Feb 10, 2018
Am willing to carry a bear can if absolutely required but it would be nice to know about other legitimate options! The interes...

Bear Can 'Dirty Little Secrets'?
Chance - Fri, Feb 9, 2018
Nice post on actual permit requirements. Is there an equivalent situation for bear cans? Seems like this is a camping problem,...

Re: PCT Permits: The Dirty Little Secret
postholer - Mon, Feb 5, 2018
The San Bernardino NF does not require a permit for that 10 mile stretch of trail, State Parks does. Again, don't bother, it won...

Postholer Journals - Recent Entrys

Pea Soup
AT - impactmrj - Yesterday
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Rained last night, not to hard, thunderstorms. Fell asleep quickly but woke up an hour later and thought I was done!! Rest of the night was fitful. Woke up to rai...
Gear List Entries And Prep
Entry Image
CDT - SuperDave - Yesterday
Dear Friends: I am prepping to start out on CDT this 26 March 2018 at the Crazy Cook monument. I am 65, retired and ready to walk. I hope to be fortunate enough to make it all the way to t...
Resupply And Visiting The Anderson's In Wanaka
TAT - aandg - Yesterday
I hear distant music when i am awake in the night but it does not bot,her me. I am up at around 4:00 but then sleep until 6:45. I go for a shower and then put my spare clothes on before going ...
Resupply Packing Day
PCT - windbreaker - Yesterday
It's a rainy Saturday so I decided to work on packing resupply boxes. My mission today is to get the 30 boxes packaged up with a list of parishables that will be added by Melinda just before...
Becoming Less Unprepared For The AZT
Entry Image
AZT - Squarepants - Yesterday
Greetings and welcome to my story of How I Hiked the AZT in 2018. I'm Squarepants, this is the preface, and all I can tell you is that I really hope I don't get mauled by a Cow in chapter 5 or...
Climb Every Mountain
CDT - SlowBro - Fri, Mar 16, 2018
“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.” -Nelson Mandela Before starting the PCT I was not a fan of climbing long hills with a ful...
Catskills Peak Bagging
AT - WFO50+ - Mon, Mar 12, 2018
I don't use the word epic lightly, but this trip was close! It started out in the dark with snow on Friday night. We were route finding and breaking trail in about 2ft. of snow! We had to b...
Preparation Continues...
PCT - kscaffidi - Mon, Mar 12, 2018
We have been in the planning and prepping stages for over a year now. Gear has been selected, vetted, reselected, weighed, packed and repacked. Permits secured. Training in progress. Transport...
"High Blood Pressure"
Entry Image
STT - Gorp-Gobbler - Sun, Mar 11, 2018
To update you on what’s been going on with me, as you know from previous posts on this site, I was having sensations of what felt like spider webs on the right side of my face and head. ...
Getting Psyched
Entry Image
PCT - nairobimike - Fri, Mar 9, 2018
As a boy, a picture of a friendly woods hung above my bed, a path winding into it from a sunny meadow. I dreamed of stepping through the frame, as if into an alternate universe. Forever after ...
Wearing Rain Coats Again Today
AT - chaseat99 - Tue, Mar 6, 2018
Quite camp last night. Rained some before morning and occasionally till about 10:00 today. Mostly stayed in rain gear all day. I wore a 4 oz Rab shirt under Frogg Toggs. Lots of trees down, ma...
CDT Swag!
Entry Image
CDT - StarMan - Mon, Mar 5, 2018
Got my shuttle scheduled for April 19 Check Got my flight and ride arranged to Lordsburg. Check Got my Official CDT Swag Check...

Blog & Journal Entrys Past/Present

PCT photo

JellyBean's Granny

MeToo - PCT - Mar 5, 2014 - Day 1
The weather was perfect today as JellyBean’s Granny dropped me off at the Southerner Terminus. As we were saying our good-byes when up walked Mark Fishbaugher talked for a while. At 7:21 Mark and I left a slow walk, talking about everything that has to do with hiking the PCT on our way to Campo. Once we got to Campo Mark’s wife meet there.9:30: After picking up some suplies at the little store in Campo I walked along a small road back to the PCT. along the road was a small stream with frogs and birds and the sound of the running water. It was a plesant day and all was good. Returning to the PCT at mile 2 where the road crossed the PCT,  started walking North. next stop mile 10 for the night. Along the way, I rested under a tree at the creek. At this point there was no water in the creek as happens in the deseret, the creek was now under ground. Get water whal you can. While resting in the shade of the tree I could hear the sound of of the wind and thought for a whall what my cowokers were doing at this time, and I sleeped for a whal. At mile 10 I made camp for the night along the trail with a big flat rock as my frend.

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