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Made it to High Point State park and picked up or resupply box. Decided to leave trail and go to the Gathering. Went to Mosey's hostel due the night. She will shuttle us to cart rental and we ...

Blog & Journal Entrys Past/Present

CDT photo

Found Outlet on Pole

Day-Late - CDT - May 9, 2017 - Hail To Pie Town
Had several bursts of rain last night as I slept. About every 2 hours
until about 3 or 4 in the morning there would be a short downpour. My tent
is very comfortable sizewise compared to the last one I had so the rain
isn't really a problem as long as I can get it set up fast enough not to
get the insides too wet.

Got up at my usual 6 AM. Packed up and headed out. As far as the days go
today was one of the least spectacular days, it was still nice transitioning
from high pine forest into lower sparsely populated juniper trees for the
majority of the hike. The thing that made today a bit special was the
weather. It is still very unpredictable and today was no exception, maybe
the best example of varied weather. It would go from warm to cold to back
to warm making the layering of clothing very difficult to get right.
After about 7 miles in I hit a great water source - an electric water pump
that the rancher has allowed us lowly CDT hikers to use. It had great
water and there was even an electrical outlet at the pump so I could charge
my cell phone while I was getting water. Every little bit of juice helps.
I drank down as much as I could - we call this "camelling up" at the water
source so I wouldn't have to carry too much. Filled some water bottles and
headed out.

The weather started changing as waves of clouds came through. Every hour
or so there would be a warm spell, a cold spell, a rainy spell, or a hail
spell. I had 4 times when I was hit by pea sized hail. It came down so
hard that the road turned white with hail covering. Once the cloud bank
moved on it would melt out and then a new sequence would start again. I
was really interested in just getting through and out of it so I just kept
pushing on and at around 4 PM I reached Pie Town.

The is a sort of Hostel here in Pie Town called the Toaster House where I
am staying. It is a house that this woman "Nina" lets hikers stay. It has
all the basics - beds, a shower, laundry. I don't have phone service here
but there is wifi down the road a bit. I just set up my phone so I can
make calls via wifi and will give that a chance tomorrow,
I was supposed to have a resupply package here but it wasn't here. I was
able to talk to my wife and she said it was delivered as she had a receipt
from UPS. Later after talking with her I realized I had it sent to a
different place so I is probably there and I will pick it up in the
morning. There is no store here in town and at least 4 days to Grant, NM
the next resupply option.
Cooked my last meal for dinner tonight as the restaurants all close by 4 PM
so I was too later for dinner. Looking forward to breakfast in the AM then
I need to find fuel for my stove.

Out for the night.....

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