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Recommendation For PCT Hiking Mt Hood OR
Button - Sun, Jun 25, 2017
Hello I was hoping to get some recommendations for the Mt Hood PCT area to do a little bit of hiking just before 4th July weeke...

Re: SOBO 2017
Svenderoch - Mon, Jun 19, 2017
I'm heading south bound with my girlfriend. We will be in Snohomish pass friday...

CDT Historical Snow Conditions 2004-2017
postholer - Sun, Jun 18, 2017
Here are the snow conditions for the last 13 years on the CDT. The graphs show SWE (quantity) and coverage. All data represents ...

PCT 2017 Snow Notes
postholer - Fri, Jun 16, 2017
We've put together a look of the 2017 sierra snow for this "Ray Day". It kinda put things in context, in case you didn...

PCT Factoids - All Passes And Gaps
postholer - Sun, Jun 11, 2017
Here are all the passes and gaps you'll find along the PCT. It is in south to north order with the 'Highest' column denoting how...

Re: Snow Conditions SB PCT (inquiry)
Hotdog - Sat, Jun 10, 2017
Thanks for the update. Hopen you are floating over the top of that stuff. Snow shoes that early needed?...

Re: SOBO 2017
ManOWar - Wed, May 31, 2017
Leaving on the 12th of June. Look for my snowshoe tracks... LOL....

Re: Snow Conditions SB PCT (inquiry)
ManOWar - Tue, May 30, 2017
I start heading for the Northern Term 6/12. NFS 5500 out of Mazama is plowed to Cache Creek. Snow beyond that. I'd like to tu...

Woods Creek Bridge Is OK @ Mile 800 PCT !!!
Steve_O_49 - Fri, May 26, 2017
SEKI had an incorrect report that the neat bouncy Woods Creek suspension bridge we all love was damaged at mile 800 of the Paci...

SOBO 2017
Mmmhmmmheinz - Fri, May 26, 2017
This forum doesnt seem to be to active but in any case here is a thread for 2017 SOBO's. Im starting out hopefully by mid June....

Re: Snow Conditions SB PCT (inquiry)
Mmmhmmmheinz - Fri, May 26, 2017
@hotdog Im watching levels myself also for sobo this year. I dont have a magic number but am just feeling out the warming trend...

Camping Near Souther Terminus
jduplass - Thu, May 4, 2017
Hi Friends - first post. Planning on arriving at the southern terminus at night (midnight-ish) in early June for a section hike....

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PCT - -Ghost- - Yesterday
Just posted 4 days of entries. Check back for the others. I feel like the number of days doesn't add up to how many I've actually hiked but it's close enough. Maybe I made a mistake. Either wa...
Alcohol Stove Finalists...
Entry Image
CT - Berk - Yesterday
The contenders! Very proud of my four little homemade alcohol fuel camp stoves. A simple project morphed into a months long part search, construction and testing phase, is finally complete! Th...
PCT Stats
PCT - CarlZ993 - Yesterday
Like the AT, I kept pretty good records of my hike. The times I started and ended each day. Miles. Number of steps (recorded on the Garmin Vivofit), etc. So, here is a Reader's Digest vers...
Hot Springs Trail Day 43
Entry Image
HST - buck30 - Sat, Jun 24, 2017
Yesterday when I arrived at Corta spring at Noon I was very excited to see Heather after 2 days. Per a text she had sent me the previous day (Thursday) she would be arriving at Corta spring ar...
More Healing In Pagosa Springs - 3rd Zero
Entry Image
CDT - rlhdancer - Fri, Jun 23, 2017
More healing in Pagosa Springs - 3rd Zero Today was mostly a reprise of the last two days. Breakfast in our hotel, dinner at the brewery. Visiting the post office to forward our bounce box, w...
Back Together Again- Me And My Backpack
Entry Image
AZT - SlowBro - Fri, Jun 23, 2017
It has been a couple of months since I shouldered my backpack. I have been dreading this moment for a week or so, but I knew I had to give it a try again. Hiking with weight on my back. I was ...
073 - Jun 22 - Paul C. Wolfe Shelter To Rockfish
Entry Image
AT - ChrisCotts - Thu, Jun 22, 2017
Today sure wasn't a long hike, on account of the surprisining distances I covered the last 2 days, but it was ggreat to get to Waynesboro. Waynesboro is a terrific trail town, in and of itself...
Towards Creede, No Snow
Entry Image
CDT - Day-late - Thu, Jun 22, 2017
Woke up to a plesant surprise, the trail from Goose creek on had been cleared of blowdowns and was in good repair. This made the rest of this section a pleasure to walk. The trail followed the...
Journal Entry
Entry Image
PCT - Flame - Wed, Jun 21, 2017
Spent a beautiful adventurous week in the Sierras! Climbed up past the tree line, across high elevation snow fields, and saw deer, marmots, the moonrise, and glittering stars in the dark sky!...
Mile 1023- Harpers Ferry, WV
Entry Image
AT - KenandNancy - Wed, Jun 21, 2017
Before leaving Front Royal we spent some time thinking about our hiking the green tunnel of the trail. It had become a drudgery that wasn't enjoyable for us. The anticipation of what each day ...
Harper's Ferry - ATC HQ - Maryland
AT - Voyageur - Tue, Jun 20, 2017
Voice Journal Photos 6/20-24 Washed my gaiters. Treated then with the tail end of a bottle of permethrin from the hikerbo in the lobby of the Econolodge. Walked the mile up to the bus stop ...
Zero Time
Entry Image
AT - Quakerland - Tue, Jun 20, 2017
Since this was the first time hiking the trail since last year, I decide to go into Gorham, NH for a couple days. I will be meeting up with my friend and hiking companion Hobo next week and we...

Blog & Journal Entrys Past/Present

CDS photo

Preserved Ruins of a Roman Home

Peanut Eater - CDS - Apr 19, 2016 - Day 23
Waiting for my clothes to dry meant I was the last one to go to bed. The bunk room was pitch black so it was lucky I had my phone with me to provide a little light and help me find my bunk. The room was really hot, I'm guessing somewhere in the 90's Fahrenheit. It was much too hot to sleep and eventually I tossed any modesty aside and stripped down to my underpants and just laid on top of my sleeping bag and liner. I still had a really bad night as it just never cooled down. I think somebody had turned on the radiator to dry their clothes and with the thick walls of the building and all the windows shut, it just heated up. In the morning I asked the girl from Croatia about it and she said she was going to open a window but didn't want to disturb anyone. I'm glad it wasn't just me.
Not only was I the last to bed, I was also the first one up. I had a coffee at the cafe and then set off. Last night getting into the village I had hiked along a road that was being constructed and although it was a little muddy it wasn't difficult to hop around the muddy spots. With the overnight rain, however, that wasn't so easy and the trail for the first 6 km or so was all this partially constructed road. It was missing the topcoat, gravel I presume, and the surface was heavy mud almost everywhere. My shoes and rain pants got caked in this heavy reddish-brown dirt. I guess it was fortunate that the rain was not very heavy otherwise I dread to think what sort of quagmire this would have been.
Eventually the road construction finished and the trail was a more established gravel road followed by an asphalt one. The rain was very sporadic as well and I was forever pulling back my hood when it stopped and pulling it back on when it started up again. But I was dry and so were my feet so I'm not complaining.
Then I reached the town of Astorga after crossing a railway bridge that had five long ramps on each side to get the actual bridge high enough to get over the electric cables. I'm guessing I probably walked a quarter of a kilometer to make a crossing of only ten meters.
Astorga had quite a lot of medieval architecture within its walls as well as some artifacts of the Roman era. First I came upon the ruins of a large Roman house that had an underground heating system and in another section from the picture a wonderfully preserved tiled floor mural. The next picture is the Museo de Los Caminos which was a spectacular building next to the cathedral. The cathedral itself is viewed as one of Gaudi's masterpieces and this one is known as the Bishop's Palace. It was very hard to take pictures as there wasn't anywhere far enough away to get the whole thing in the camera's field of view. The turrets were all interesting - I included a picture of the one that caught my eye because it was typical Gaudi extremism. Overall it was quite an impressive structure.
Leaving Astorga was rather flat and uninteresting. The rain had stopped but was still rather threatening. And then the terrain changed to rolling hills and the trail started a very gradual 250 m climb to the village of Rabanal del Camino. The trail was wonderful as well being a narrow gravel strip beside an almost deserted road and going through some lovely countryside. I stopped in Rabanal at a hostel's bar for a rest and met a couple who live in Malaga now and previously the UK. We had a nice chat about the Camino, the Spanish economy and lots of other subjects. When I left, the rain had started again and now it was very heavy. The trail was one of the first long, single tracks so far and climbed another 200m to the small village of Foncebadon. With the rain being so heavy, the track had a river flowing down it as I went up. My feet got soaked; the good news was all the mud from this morning got washed away.
I stopped at the first albergue to find out it was full. I asked for a recommendation and to my relief the place they suggested had room. I did have to dry my hiking pants, not because the rain pants didn't work but all of the wading through that river got the bottoms of my trousers very wet. Over the evening I got everything dry, had a pilgrim meal and wrote this journal entry. I'm hoping that as everyone goes to bed that I can bring my boots in by the fire and dry them out overnight.

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