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Appalachian Trail Data Book - Section 1 - Springer Mtn to Hiawassee GA

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This is a collection of data points for various trail sections along the Appalachian Trail. With the exception of the trailing AT data book info, this is the same data that is a preface to each chapter in our map books.

Other useful resources: AT Maps, print and/or PDF. Large format and pack size format. AT Complete Elevation, elevation chart of the whole trail. AT Google Map, completely interactive with mileages, distances, way points resupply locations, mailing info and tons of overlays, weather, snow, historical fire, solar eclipse. AT Planner, for a complete, concise trip plan. Numerous resupply locations, times and distances between locations. Completely adjustable to your hiking style. AT Snow Conditions showing current snow, maximum, minimum, average, historical April 1st charts, all at half mile resolution. AT Wall Map, download mega, high resolution wall map.

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Appalachian Trail
topographic maps

1 - Springer Mtn to Hiawassee GA

Elevation Image

Distance: 53.2 miles, Trail Mile 0.0 - 53.2, Elevation Range (feet): 2516 - 4454

Wilderness Area(s)
Blood Mountain/FS - 9.1, Mark Trail/FS - 13.9, Raven Cliffs/FS - 6.2
Chattahoochee-Oconees - 51.8
National Park(s)
Fannin, Gilmer, Lumpkin, Towns, Union, White

Popular Resupply
Suches GA 30572 - 21.1, Helen GA 30545 - 53.3, Hiawassee GA 30546 - 53.3

High/Low °F46/2250/2458/3167/3874/4780/5482/5882/5776/5167/4058/3249/25
Mean °F343744526066706964534537
Precip (in)

Low temp is the minimum average low and High temp is the maximum average high in this section. Temps do not account for 'heat waves' or 'cold spells' which may alter temp by 10-15 degrees or more. Precip is not snow.

Significant Roads Crossed
Forest, Hightower Gap Rd, Appalacian Blue Ridge Rd, Appalachian Blue Ridge Rd, Forest Svc 15, Forest Svc 42, Gaddistown Rd, Cooper Gap Rd, SR 60, Appalachian Trl, SR 11, US 129, US 19, SR 348, Richard B Russell Scenic Hwy

Named Drainages Crossed
Blackwell Creek, Chattahoochee River, Chester Creek, Justus Creek, Mount Airy Creek, Stover Creek

Named Lakes/Ponds (within ¼ mile of trail)

Landcover (percent of trail section)
Deciduous 95.2%, Evergreen 2.2%, Developed 1.5%, Mixed Forest 0.7%, Shrub/Scrub 0.3%

Geology Traversed
Mica schist-Gneiss/Precambrian-Paleozoic - 8.8

Fire Perimeters Traversed

DescriptionMileDist to NextBearing to NextElevLPLHPLCommentDFT
Springer Mtn0.000.125375900Fannin County, Gilmer County
Springer Mtn0.050.216375637553768
Springer Mtn Shelter0.220.8347372036933755
Usfs 42 TH0.980.914337533683725
Rich Mtn1.910.7278328732143407
Stover Creek Shelter2.570.341295629573293
Stover Creek2.861.542284428442958
Three Forks TH4.320.447251625172858Forest Svc Rd, Chester Creek
Union County7.290.889321825583373
Hightower Gap Rd8.080.126322131803240
Hawk Mtn Shelter8.130.2139318831953221
Union County8.370.1100302130433192
Hightower Gap Rd8.480.180295929773021
Usfs 42 (hightower Gap) TH8.610.051286028602958Hightower Gap
Lumpkin County8.641.9112284128402850Appalacian Blue Ridge Rd
Horse Gap TH10.500.190267026843142
Horse Gap10.551.6100270026692700
Cooper Gap (pull-off 1) TH12.190.160281127003343Cooper Gap (pull-off 2) TH, Gaddistown Rd, Forest Svc 15, Forest Svc 42, Appalachian Blue Ridge Rd
Cooper Gap12.250.649283128122831
Justus Mtn12.810.474322128513223
Brookshire Gap13.180.638290029013222
Deep Gap13.740.6115270927042899
Justus Creek14.301.2125251625272711
Blackwell Creek15.490.251265725162755
Gooch Mtn Shelter15.690.496273226462738
Union County16.130.887295627342955
Mount Airy Creek16.910.2154282828453036
Gooch Gap Shelter17.140.1117282128042839
Cooper Gap Rd17.190.0146282128052822
Usfs 42 (gooch Gap) TH17.240.248281128192821Gooch Gap
Lumpkin County17.430.717288027982885
Grassy Gap18.100.74299228803056
Liss Gap18.810.666302429093088
Jacks Gap19.410.133304130373232
Ramrock Mtn19.560.385317930423180
Tritt Gap19.841.265302430103179
Suches GA 3057221.060.040315630363203Woody Gap TH, State Hwy 601.9 mile(s) from trail
Appalachian Trl21.100.829317931573163Blood Mtn Wilderness
Lunsford Gap21.850.428332031793328
Big Cedar Mtn22.280.4355369433053697
Augerhole Gap22.720.844359235873697
Dan Gap23.470.252326432583591
Granny Top23.640.88331032633322
Lumpkin County24.390.826286728663322Blood Mtn Wilderness
Henry Gap25.200.457306728583106
Union County25.640.843321530653239
Appalachian Trl26.480.186341532163415
Burnett Field Mtn26.620.220335933793432
Jarrard Gap26.860.449328732833382
Gaddis Mtn27.260.271353632863537
Horsebone Gap27.460.619345134533541
Woods Hole Shelter28.010.1126371734463719
Turkey Stamp28.080.346374037353762
Bird Gap28.361.374367436563741
Blood Mtn Shelter29.680.0100444236744443
Blood Mtn29.721.5119444844364454
Flatrock Gap31.230.535344434414449
Reese State Memorial TH31.750.0184327432623456
Union County31.790.4137327032403273Blood Mtn Wilderness
Walasi-yi Center Shelter32.150.2105310631003265Us 129 & Us 19 (neels Gap) TH, State Hwy 11, US Hwy 19, Appalachian Trl, US Hwy 129, Neels Gap
Raven Cliffs Wilderness32.390.2117320531003204
Lumpkin County32.580.456330032033302
Burnt Ridge32.930.3156352333023538
Bull Gap33.260.6100364135233643
Levelland Mtn33.860.5145383236423876
Swaim Gap34.370.2136344134363844
Turkeypen Mtn34.570.583351334413540
Rock Spring Top35.120.5120352634053537
Corbin Horse Stamp35.590.354364135183647
Wolf Laurel Top35.850.580376636223776
Baggs Creek Gap36.380.6109350035073765
Green Cliff Top36.940.2133380535023805
White County37.130.962381237893842Cowrock
Tesnatee Gap TH38.050.994313931413823
State Hwy 34838.930.0301346431413677Richard B Russell Scenic Hwy
Ga 348 TH38.980.0357346434563466
Mark Trail Wilderness39.010.072346434643466
Hogpen Gap39.040.220350334663504
Wolfpen Stamp39.210.172355635043555
Union County39.330.286359535703597Mark Trail Wilderness
White County39.510.352356635653609
Appalachian Trl39.790.7359346434643556White Oak Stamp Gap
Strawberry Top40.450.245353634563602
Sapling Gap40.660.310347434653529
Poor Mtn40.930.6346362834763630
Wide Gap41.570.3338318231813619
Appalachian Trl41.850.86333631723338
Sheep Rock Top42.660.914355933383561
Low Gap43.590.1117303130263562
Low Gap Shelter43.661.336306130283060
Poplar Stomp Gap44.932.67334630433369
Appalachian Trl47.530.182345833293552
Cold Springs Gap47.591.142341834203459
Chattahoochee Gap48.670.137353033033600
Union County48.790.386350734593531Mark Trail Wilderness
Chattahoochee River49.100.2104335333533493
Towns County49.340.0116344833533447
Red Clay Gap49.370.1139343534213435
Appalachian Trl49.421.0115344134233442
Red Knob50.420.2108361234333636
Henson Gap50.630.484357935813658
Blue Mtn Shelter Shelter51.020.8114388435813883
Blue Mtn51.840.6145401938414021
Appalachian Trl52.430.6139360235884010
White County53.060.194302830293570
Unicoi Gap53.130.0322297529683007
Appalachian Trl53.160.117297529772977

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