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Benton MacKaye Trail Data Book - Section 1 - Sections 1-6 Springer Mtn to GA Hwy 515

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This is a collection of data points for various trail sections along the Benton MacKaye Trail. With the exception of the trailing BMT data book info, this is the same data that is a preface to each chapter in our map books.

Other useful resources: BMT Maps, print and/or PDF. Large format and pack size format. BMT Complete Elevation, elevation chart of the whole trail. BMT Google Map, completely interactive with mileages, distances, way points resupply locations, mailing info and tons of overlays, weather, snow, historical fire, solar eclipse.

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1 - Sections 1-6 Springer Mtn to GA Hwy 515

Elevation Image

Distance: 45.3 miles, Trail Mile 0.0 - 45.3, Elevation Range (feet): 1755 - 3776

Wilderness Area(s)
Chattahoochee-Oconees - 45.0
National Park(s)
Fannin, Gilmer, Union

Popular Resupply
Skeenah Creek - 18.1

High/Low °F47/2252/2560/3269/4076/4882/5585/5984/5879/5270/4160/3351/26
Mean °F343845546168717165544638
Precip (in)

Low temp is the minimum average low and High temp is the maximum average high in this section. Temps do not account for 'heat waves' or 'cold spells' which may alter temp by 10-15 degrees or more. Precip is not snow.

Significant Roads Crossed
Forest, 816, Morganton Hwy, Old Hwy 76, SR State Rte 60, U S F S Rd, Skeenah Gap Rd, Skeenah Gap Br Rd, Old Dial Rd, Shallow Ford Rd, Shallowford Mountain, Aska Rd, Swiss Ln, Stanley Creek Rd, Stover Knob Trl, Meadow Trl, Rock Creek Rd, Chestnut Ridge, Chestnut Ridge Cir

Named Drainages Crossed
Chester Creek, Davis Creek, Fall Branch, Little Skeenah Creek, Long Creek, Stanley Creek, Toccoa River, Wolf Branch

Named Lakes/Ponds (within ¼ mile of trail)
Blue Ridge Lake

Landcover (percent of trail section)
Deciduous 86.9%, Developed 5.4%, Evergreen 5.3%, Mixed Forest 2.2%, Grassland/Herbaceous 0.1%

Geology Traversed
Mica schist-Gneiss/Precambrian-Paleozoic - 37.6

Fire Perimeters Traversed

DescriptionMileDist to NextBearing to NextNext WaterElevLPLHPLCommentDFT
Sections 1-6 Springer Mtn to GA Hwy 5150.000.1156.6377600Gilmer County, Springer Mtn
Springer Mtn0.070.13316.5375637613776
Springer Mtn Shelter0.170.33496.4371037093758
Fannin County0.440.71056.1368736833723
Ball Mtn1.140.4545.4360534723688
Forest Svc Rd1.950.0664.6313931513409FS42
Big Stamp Gap1.980.52994.6311631163139
Creek and campsite2.450.42554.1315630963213
Davis Creek2.840.52903.7319531563245Creek
AT Crossing3.350.833.2333331943360
Rich Mtn4.192.0222.4331032863444Rich Mtn AT crossing
Forest Svc Rd6.190.4480.4251625172523Chester Creek, Three Forks
Campsite 06.620.59311.5258525602571
BMT-AT-Long Creek Falls7.070.05111.0279825862799
Camp at top of falls7.120.26211.0281127992817
Long Creek7.280.135610.8280828072844Foot bridge
The bald8.400.33129.7325129253251
Water 0068.880.0189.2287428883017
No name gap8.911.73569.2287428732875
Wildcat ridge10.571.33407.5311328803177
Bryson Gap11.850.976.2288028913191Bryson gap, Water001
Sapling Gap12.750.7585.3276927682909
Fs 24813.401.1524.7245024472771
Fs 33314.460.13273.6205320552486
Toccoa River14.580.23063.5190619052025Bridge
Fs 81614.821.53533.3202419042025
Fannin County16.280.2631.8263719972638
Tooni Mtn16.440.01071.6268026272682
Toonowee Mtn16.471.4261.6270326822705
Spring box17.870.22900.2215821582716
Skeenah Creek18.080.030619.5201420342148State Hwy State Rte 60, Morganton Hwy, Old Hwy 76, Fs Rd 816on trail
Little Skeenah Creek18.111.53719.5200720062034Ga 60
Wallalha Mtn View19.640.32418.0290320062905
Wallalah Mtn19.910.87617.7307728863088Wallalha Mtn
Licklog Mtn21.870.33215.7345427253470Licklog Mtn
Camp 00822.210.013415.4320832103482
Water 00422.240.21915.4321532083215
U S F S Rd22.700.15714.9320831273229
DRT-BMT intersection22.760.024714.8327432103274Rhodes Mtn gap
Rhodes Mtn22.840.131014.8322532113237
Union County22.990.130914.6320831903235
Fannin County23.081.030814.5310631063208Union County
Skeenah Gap24.110.021913.5239123923082
Skeenah Gap Rd24.152.032813.4237523762388Skeena Gap Road
Payne Gap26.160.825911.4263423762834
Skeenah Gap Br Rd27.000.626010.6271626232857FS Roads
Deadennen Mtn27.600.030610.0302427263025
Deadennen Mtn27.630.718910.0304430373043
Lula Head Gap28.330.02129.3256825633043
Lula Head Gap28.370.12479.2256825692569
Wilscot Mtn28.490.11659.1266025792642
Wilscot Mtn28.570.62509.0270026502699
Wilscot Gap29.160.03038.4242424352699GA60 Wilscot Gap
State Hwy State Rte 6029.200.92898.4243124252432Morganton Hwy
Tipton Mtn30.440.72217.2314629753139Tipton Mtn
Bald Top31.220.22546.4277527482798
U S F S Rd31.450.82476.1261126152809Ledford Gap
Brawley Mtn32.271.02295.3301526113014Brawley Mtn
Fannin County33.300.11754.3245024623016
Garland Gap33.360.32454.2242724272455
Garland Mtn33.661.22763.9262724012629
Shallow Ford Rd34.830.62652.8187618742673Old Dial Rd, Dial Road
Free Knob35.400.32412.2216218752172
Free Knob35.700.41481.9210920612163
Shallowford Bridge Road36.060.42261.5179117902110
Shallowford Mtn36.470.11931.1177817681800
Toccoa River36.590.01241.0175817581808Shallowford Bridge
Shallow Ford Rd36.620.12061.0176817561767
Aska Rd36.670.42660.9177117711771Swiss Ln
Stanley Creek Rd37.020.62290.6179417551789Stanley Creek Road
Stanley Creek Rd37.590.12628.9178417851827Lake/pond, Stanley Creek
Stanley Creek Rd37.670.33098.8180417971797
Stover Knob Trl37.950.23268.5188318061887
Meadow Trl38.110.23378.4188618851908
Stanley Creek38.301.32768.2186318631910
Wolf Branch39.560.22606.9198818631987
Gilmer County39.730.12456.7200119972012
Rock Creek Rd39.780.12346.7201120022002
Rock Creek Road39.880.02736.6208620122085
Fall Branch39.910.12966.6202020212021
Stanley Gap Trail40.951.23305.5268321922684
Rocky Mtn42.130.864.3333627003336Rocky Mtn
Rich Mtn Trail42.950.23133.5319530973328
Chestnut Ridge43.150.13013.3300830103153
Chestnut Ridge Cir43.280.12203.2292929303010
Old Home Site43.390.32233.1288028792918
Side trail to water43.660.63262.8277227932888
Scroggin Knob44.230.93252.2273626392773
Laurel Creek45.150.13581.3191219142735

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