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Colorado Trail Data Book - Section 1 - Waterton TH to Hwy 91

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This is a collection of data points for various trail sections along the Colorado Trail. With the exception of the trailing CT data book info, this is the same data that is a preface to each chapter in our map books.

Other useful resources: CT Maps, print and/or PDF. Large format and pack size format. CT Complete Elevation, elevation chart of the whole trail. CT Google Map, completely interactive with mileages, distances, way points resupply locations, mailing info and tons of overlays, weather, snow, historical fire, solar eclipse.

CT Maps

Colorado Trail
topographic maps

1 - Waterton TH to Hwy 91

Elevation Image

Distance: 114.8 miles, Trail Mile 0.0 - 114.8, Elevation Range (feet): 5495 - 12497

Wilderness Area(s)
Lost Creek/FS - 12.4
White River - 32.6, Pike and San Isabels - 73.6
National Park(s)
Douglas, Jefferson, Park, Summit

Popular Resupply
Buffalo Creek - 24.5, Bailey - 37.1, Jefferson - 68.6, Breckenridge - 101.0

High/Low °F45/-147/-152/261/1070/2180/3087/3684/3476/2866/1953/845/1
Mean °F182024324251575548382619
Precip (in)

Low temp is minimum average low and high temp is maximum average high in section. Does not account for 'heat waves' or 'cold spells', may alter temp by 10-15 degrees or more. Precip is not snow.

Significant Roads Crossed
S Platte Canyon Rd, S Platte River Rd, Waterton Rd, N Platte River Rd, Co Rd 97, Platte River Rd, Short Rd, Raleigh Peak Rd, State Hwy 538, Spring Creek Trl, Spring Creek Rd, Co Rd 126, Deckers Rd, Forest Rd 550, Redskin Creek Rd, State Hwy 550, S Buffalo Creek Rd, State Hwy 543, Co Rd 68, Wellington Lake Rd, Co Rd 39, Lost Park Rd, Rock Creek Rd, Co Rd 872, Fs 126, 126, US Hwy 285, Co Rd 37, Colorado Trl, Co Rd 354, Pelican Cir, Revette Dr, Co Hwy 9, State Hwy 9, Bike Path, Gateway Rd, Sherwood Trail Rd, Wheeler Trl

Named Drainages Crossed
Aurora Rampart Tunnel Number 2, Bear Creek, Blue River, Buffalo Creek, Denver Municipal Aqueduct, Guernsey Creek, Jefferson Creek, Middle Fork Swan River, Miners Creek, Morrison Creek, North Fork Swan River, Platte Canyon Ditch, Rock Creek, Soda Creek, South Platte River, Swan River, Tenmile Creek, Tramway Creek, West Bear Creek

Named Lakes/Ponds (within ¼ mile of trail)
Strontia Springs Reservoir

Landcover (percent of trail section)
Evergreen 64.0%, Grassland/Herbaceous 13.1%, Deciduous 8.2%, Shrub/Scrub 7.1%, Wetlands 4.7%, Barren 1.3%, Mixed Forest 0.8%, Perennial Ice 0.1%

Geology Traversed
Andesite-Tuff/Tertiary - 1.6, Biotite gneiss-Schist/Early Proterozoic - 50.1, Felsic gneiss-Mafic gneiss/Early Proterozoic - 12.8, Granite-Granodiorite/Early Proterozoic - 2.9, Gravel-Alluvium/Quaternary - 0.7, Sandstone-Mudstone/Cretaceous-Jurassic - 2.5, Shale-Limestone/Cretaceous - 1.2

DescriptionMileDist to NextBearing to NextNext WaterElevLPLHPLCommentDFT
Waterton TH0.00.02000.0549800Jefferson County, Platte Canyon Ditch
S Platte Canyon Rd0.10.12110.1550854955507
Platte Canyon1.00.027360.0552855115534
Denver Municipal Aqueduct1.00.230859.9552455245528
Douglas County1.20.130159.8551555175557South Platte River
South Platte River1.30.124659.7551555155516
South Platte River1.40.119559.5553155155541
S Platte River Rd1.50.522559.4552455155530
South Platte River2.10.223358.9553855185636
Cottonwood Gulch2.30.223558.7562955345616
Pike and San Isabel National Forests2.50.021958.5560355705629
South Platte River2.50.120958.4559055945610
South Platte River2.61.219358.4559755905597
South Platte River3.80.116857.2561655835679
South Platte River3.90.113657.0563956105639
South Platte River4.00.312356.9562656265637
South Platte River4.30.113656.7565256285715
South Platte River4.40.114556.5565256525675
South Platte River4.60.115156.4569256495692
Waterton Rd4.71.118756.3570256935708
N Platte River Rd5.70.514855.2581657025813
Aurora Rampart Tunnel Number 26.30.116954.7584957775849
Stevens Gulch6.42.019254.6588258465885
Bear Creek8.40.027952.6615858796548
West Bear Creek8.40.718952.6616761566166
West Bear Creek9.10.124951.9668661696712
West Bear Creek9.20.421051.8666966726685
West Bear Creek9.55.625451.5688666666879
S Platte15.10.024245.8610261057519County Road Co Rd 97, Platte River Rd
South Platte River15.21.525345.8610260956102
Short Rd16.70.428444.3670660956699
Raleigh Peak Rd17.17.022843.8672966796797
State Hwy State Hwy 53824.10.424636.9751667257775
FS Rd 550 TH24.50.118836.5762175167627Buffalo Creek3.2 mile(s) from trail
Spring Creek Trl24.60.219636.4763776207637
Spring Creek Rd24.70.124636.2765776377655
Deckers Rd24.81.722736.2767076567668County Road Co Rd 126
Redskin Creek Rd26.50.625534.5782476697883Forest Rd 550, State Hwy State Hwy 550
Jefferson County27.11.322033.9781478057883
Morrison Creek28.42.126732.5771976547811
Tramway Creek30.62.328930.4777277168038
Buffalo Creek32.90.126328.1737573727775
State Hwy State Hwy 54333.04.026828.0739873767395S Buffalo Creek Rd
Park County36.90.225524.0826473988264
Bailey37.11.825023.9827482688297FS Rd 543, County Road Co Rd 68, Wellington Lake Rd8 mile(s) from trail
Lost Creek Wilderness38.914.227422.1900582679002
County Road Co Rd 3953.10.53287.810314900510918Lost Park Rd
FS Rd 81753.62.93157.4101701017110313
Black Canyon56.54.42724.4103831017010515
Lake/pond61.00.314136.59537953910410Rock Creek
Rock Creek Rd61.20.427636.2961295379616
Rock Creek Rd61.60.525835.8973796039753
Johnson Gulch62.12.330135.4953495349736
2015 Snyder Creek 2 Fire64.41.1233.09940951110075
Park County65.52.931431.910551993710524Pike and San Isabel National Forests
Fs Rd 12668.40.124829.0100291002810652County Road Co Rd 872, Fs 126
Kenosha Pass68.60.024428.99980998210027
Kenosha Pass68.62.929328.9998699809986Jefferson, US Hwy Us Hwy 2854.5 mile(s) from trail
Guernsey Creek71.51.527325.99881988210374
Deadman Gulch73.01.427324.410167984210165
County Road Co Rd 3774.40.122723.09993999410203
Jefferson Creek74.55.530022.9997399739993
Summit County80.10.2417.411866997311876White River National Forest
Colorado Trl80.33.134117.2117911179411864
Colorado Trl83.31.834214.1111181113811807
Colorado Trl85.20.01012.3101901019011138Middle Fork Swan River, Missouri Gulch
Colorado Trl85.21.129112.2102001019010200
Colorado Trl86.31.21311.2100391003910209
North Fork Swan River87.50.26510.09917989810042
North Fork Swan River87.70.13009.8996099179960
Colorado Trl87.82.109.7997399609973County Road Co Rd 354
Colorado Trl89.90.63077.511013996011007
Colorado Trl90.52.12977.0111711101311184
Colorado Trl92.51.42424.9108391081611181
Colorado Trl93.90.52293.5103341033410823
Colorado Trl94.40.32053.0100261002610334
Soda Creek94.81.42752.79960995010049
Colorado Trl96.21.12451.39862984510167
Horseshoe Gulch97.20.290.2944894429845
Colorado Trl98.12.42642.5972494689724
Pelican Cir100.50.02490.0918691869790
Revette Dr100.60.02454.0919291869189Lake/pond
Swan River100.60.32513.9919691899196
Revette Dr100.90.12293.6919691969229
Breckenridge101.00.13553.5920291969199State Hwy State Hwy 9, County Road Co Hwy 94 mile(s) from trail
Blue River101.20.173.4918991899202
Goldhill TH101.32.82663.2919691899202Gateway Rd, Bike Path, Sherwood Trail Rd
Colorado Trl104.00.52460.510167919610291
Colorado Trl104.50.01560.19947994710167Lake/pond
Colorado Trl104.60.01860.0996399479954
Colorado Trl104.60.01640.0997799509963Lake/pond
Colorado Trl104.70.120516.1100161000010022
Colorado Trl104.91.426715.9100191001310019
Miners Creek106.30.826814.5105701001910577
Colorado Trl107.00.518913.8110991057011099
Miners Creek107.54.618413.3112821109911282
Wheeler Trl112.20.12738.7112591124312496
Colorado Trl112.22.23248.6112201119711259
Tenmile Creek114.40.41816.59760976011220

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