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Continental Divide Trail Data Book - Section Section NM1 - NM5

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This is a collection of data points for various trail sections along the Continental Divide Trail. With the exception of the trailing CDT data book info, this is the same data that is a preface to each chapter in our map books.

Other useful resources: CDT Maps, print and/or PDF. Large format and pack size format. CDT Complete Elevation, elevation chart of the whole trail. CDT Google Map, completely interactive with mileages, distances, way points resupply locations, mailing info and tons of overlays, weather, snow, historical fire, solar eclipse. CDT Planner, for a complete, concise trip plan. Numerous resupply locations, times and distances between locations. Completely adjustable to your hiking style. CDT Snow Conditions showing current snow, maximum, minimum, average, historical April 1st charts, all at half mile resolution. CDT Wall Map, download mega, high resolution wall map. CDT PDF Data Book, same data book as online.

CDT Maps

Continental Divide Trail
topographic maps

Section NM1 - NM5

Elevation Image

Distance: 116.6 miles, Trail Mile 0.0 - 116.6, Elevation Range (feet): 4190 - 6644

Wilderness Area(s)
Gila - 18.4
National Park(s)
Grant, Hidalgo

Popular Resupply
Lordsburg NM - 85.4

High/Low °F59/2064/2170/2480/3089/3698/4597/5194/4990/4481/3468/2660/20
Mean °F404449576574777469594841
Precip (in)
% Snow Cover0000000---00
Avg Snow SWE0000000---00
Max SWE1.

Low temp is minimum average low and high temp is maximum average high in section. Does not account for 'heat waves' or 'cold spells', may alter temp by 10-15 degrees or more. Precip is not snow. SWE is Snow Water Equivalence, in inches. Snow Cover is avg monthly percentage of trail section. No snow data for Aug, Sep, Oct. Snow data begins 2003.

Significant Roads Crossed
Commodore Rd, Co Rd C119, State Hwy 81, Co Rd C019, Hachita Peak Rd, Co 19, State Hwy 9, S Well Rd, County Line, Pipeline Rd, State Hwy 113, Co Rd C010, Animas St, Co Rd A009, Sotol Dr, Cactus Dr, Buena Vista St, Ash St, Yucca Dr, Zinc St, Poplar St, Pine St, Main St, Pyramid St, State Hwy 494, E Wabash St, I- 10, US Hwy 70, E 9th St, E Railway Blvd, E 7th St, E 8th St, E 5th St, E 6th St, E 4th St, E 2nd St, E 3rd St, Duncan Hwy, W Motel Dr, E A St, B St, C St, Fletcher Rd, Lee Trevino Dr, Ranch Rd, Walking X Ranch Rd, C Bar Ranch Rd, State Hwy 90, Knights Canyon Rd, Gold Gulch Rd

Named Drainages Crossed
Mansfield Wash

Named Lakes/Ponds (within ¼ mile of trail)
Elkins Tank, Gold Hill Tank, Hale Tank, Knight Canyon Tank, Lower Camp Tank, New Coyote Tank, Seep Tank, Vista Tank, Williams Tank

Landcover (percent of trail section)
Shrub/Scrub 91.0%, Grassland/Herbaceous 3.8%, Developed 2.9%, Evergreen 1.9%, Barren 0.4%, Wetlands 0.1%

Geology Traversed
Alluvium-Unconsolidated material/Quaternary and Tertiary - 3.3, Andesite-Basalt/Tertiary - 1.1, Andesite-Intermediate volcanic rock/Tertiary and Cretaceous - 9.4, Clastic rock-Mixed carbonate/clastic rock/Cretaceous - 4.7, Conglomerate-Sandstone/Quaternary and Tertiary - 9.2, Felsic metavolcanic rock-Plutonic rock/Lower Proterozoic - 2.7, Granodiorite-Granitoid/Tertiary and Cretaceous - 1.5, Lake or marine sediment-Alluvium/Quaternary - 0.7, Limestone-Medium-grained mixed clastic rock/Mississippian - 0.9, Medium-grained mixed clastic rock-Carbonate rock/Permain and Pennsylvanian - 2.8, Medium-grained mixed clastic rock-Volcanic rock/Cretaceous - 0.1, Pyroclastic rock-Tuff/Tertiary - 9.0, Quartz monzonite-Granitoid/Tertiary - 0.3, Shale-Sandstone/Cretaceous - 1.1, Volcanic rock-Intermediate volcanic rock/Tertiary - 1.1

DescriptionMileDist to NextBearing to NextNext WaterElevLPLHPLCommentDFT
NM Seg 10.02.228210.8429700New Mexico, Hidalgo County, US/Mexico
Commodore Rd2.22.22978.6438342974383County Road Co Rd C119, cross straight ahead
cross left6.91.93213.9483545604835at int
turn right10.00.83430.8521350225213on Jeep tr.
Hale Tank10.80.63273.3519351905275
cross straight ahead11.30.7302.8509550915193Follow wash
Sheridan Canyon12.00.1822.1499349935101
Sheridan Canyon12.20.9762.0497749734993
Sheridan Canyon13.10.7301.0488548854977
cross left13.80.23140.4479647964885at Gate
cairn13.90.290.2483547964845Follow Cairns
possible water14.12.73205.2483948224852Water Cache Box
Thompson Canyon16.80.13382.5480647934921
cross straight ahead16.90.52982.4482248064832
cairn17.41.73261.9487248224872Follow Cairns
Elkins Tank19.31.13353.0468846884724
Horse Pasture Canyon20.40.53271.9465846584770
cross straight ahead20.90.63221.4463546164658
cairn21.40.53150.8458045634639Follow Cairns
cairn22.10.1280.1449844914504Follow Cairns
possible water22.21.82953.6448844844504Windmill .5 mile NE
cross straight ahead24.01.83501.8431443144498
possible water25.80.13422.3437342944373Water Box
NM Seg 225.92.23442.2438343734383State Hwy State Hwy 81
possible water28.10.733911.0463543834635Nasty Water in pond
Hachita Peak Rd29.12.335910.0470846784717County Road Co Rd C019, cross straight ahead
Hidalgo County34.31.7214.8489547805055
cross straight ahead35.90.2213.2473447304891Ahead at int
Co 1936.20.23492.9472747274734follow road
Grant County36.41.93442.8471447174727
leave road right38.20.8280.9478647114835LV Rd AZ019
cross straight ahead39.00.1610.1474047374786
possible water39.11.6126.2473447344740Water tank 500' E
cross straight ahead40.71.72924.6466246624740
Baylor Canyon42.41.23282.9481946624849
cross straight ahead43.60.33241.8481247994891
cross straight ahead43.91.5161.5476047604806
possible water45.30.2271.6468846854780gate, Stile
NM Seg 345.51.4181.4469846854698State Hwy State Hwy 9, S Well Rd
possible water47.00.73171.4466246484724Tire Tank Good H2O
follow road47.70.43060.7467146624675
leave road left48.10.32990.3466546654675
possible water48.40.82961.0470446654704Tire Tank Good H2O
turn left49.20.12810.1471746914753
Vista Tank49.41.12911.1471747144717
possible water50.42.02992.0482247174826Water Tank
New Coyote Tank52.50.0305.8471147114822
cross straight ahead52.52.13145.7471447114714
Grant County54.60.13263.7458945894773
Hidalgo County54.70.83303.5458045804589County Line
Pipeline Rd55.51.33332.7450745074586cross straight ahead
cross straight ahead57.00.93151.3444844454452
cross straight ahead57.80.43120.4447144484501
possible water58.20.12863.4448144714514Water Box
NM Seg 458.41.33473.2446844684478State Hwy State Hwy 113
Co Rd C01059.71.53351.9450144484501cross straight ahead
Lower Camp Tank61.60.53021.6436043564379possible water, Lower Camp Tank
cross straight ahead62.11.22841.2438643564386
Lake/pond63.20.53123.3446143864461possible water, Dry 2014
cross straight ahead63.70.53242.8448844614488
Pride Draw64.21.33212.3448144814484
Williams Tank66.51.23341.2447544754507Uhl Draw
possible water67.80.93370.9445844584494Nasty water 2014
possible water68.70.2142.5444244384461Water Trough 2014
cross straight ahead68.90.13192.3444244384442
cross straight ahead70.40.43110.9454344424547
Oak Canyon70.70.53210.5454045204547
possible water71.20.63072.5461645374619Water Tank 2014
Rockhouse Canyon72.10.32981.7455345504593McWirter Canyon
turn right72.40.63261.4458645534586
turn left73.00.72730.7462545864625Left on rd AZ 300
possible water73.80.72400.7470846294708Dry 2014
possible water74.51.23001.2477647634776Water Tank Full 2014
Mansfield Wash75.80.12091.5476347704835possible water, Solar Windmill good 2014
leave road right77.00.33180.3468546814799
possible water77.30.960.9464846484685Windmill good 2014
possible water78.20.13202.5457645764648Water Cache Box
Mudhole Draw78.40.13232.3457045704580
Animas St78.40.83432.3458345734583County Road Co Rd A009, cross straight ahead
Bluebird Draw79.80.13440.9467846424681
cross straight ahead79.90.4360.8469146714694
follow road80.20.1420.5468846884734
leave road right80.40.360.3470446884704
possible water80.70.1644.8467146624704Cow Trough good 2014
cross straight ahead80.80.1294.7466546654681
Aberdeen Draw80.80.4404.6464846484665
cross straight ahead81.20.1294.2462946324662
cross straight ahead81.30.2344.1461646164629
cross straight ahead81.50.5343.9461245994616
cross straight ahead82.00.8323.5457345664612
cross straight ahead82.80.4212.7448444844586
cross straight ahead83.20.272.3444544424484
cross straight ahead83.40.262.0442544194445
cross straight ahead83.60.13371.9443544254435
NM Seg 583.70.7351.7440644064435
Sotol Dr84.40.1311.0434343474406
Cactus Dr84.50.1220.9434043404344
Buena Vista St84.60.100.8433343334337
Ash St84.70.03580.8432443274333Zinc St, Yucca Dr
Ash St84.70.1210.7432443244327
Poplar St84.80.1440.7431743174324
Pine St84.90.1430.5430443044317
Pyramid St85.00.1440.5429742974304
US Hwy Us Hwy 7085.00.0480.4429442944297I-i- 10, State Hwy State Hwy 494, Main St
I-i- 1085.10.1430.4429142914294US Hwy Us Hwy 70, cross road, IH10
E Wabash St85.10.0460.3428842884291
E Railway Blvd85.20.0410.3428442844288
E 9th St85.20.1150.2428442844284
E 8th St85.30.1170.2428142814284
E 7th St85.30.0160.1427442744281
E 6th St85.40.0210.0426842684274
Lordsburg NM85.40.11313.1426542654268E 5th Ston trail
E 4th St85.50.01713.0425842584265
E 3rd St85.50.01713.0425542584258
US Hwy Us Hwy 7085.60.11612.9425142514255E 2nd St
W Motel Dr85.70.129912.9424842484251turn left, on Motel
Duncan Hwy85.70.11112.8423842384248turn right, on Hwy 70
E A St85.80.0712.7424542384248
B St85.90.1512.7424242424245
C St86.00.6412.5423242324239
Fletcher Rd86.61.0011.9419241894232
Lee Trevino Dr87.60.335410.9420941894209
turn right87.90.33410.6421942094219on Hwy 90
cross right88.21.15410.3422242194222on Trail
Hoodoo Canyon91.30.3707.3437042684370cross straight ahead, Power Line
cross straight ahead91.50.4607.0438343704383
cross straight ahead91.90.6796.6440643834406Power Line
cross straight ahead94.20.8974.3464845964648
Gold Hill Canyon95.00.3903.5475346484753
cross straight ahead95.31.5903.2479347534793
Engineer Canyon96.81.0831.8501347935013
Gila National Forest98.00.5390.5529552525295turn left
Hidalgo County98.50.6490.6542352955423possible water, Tank Dry 2014
possible water99.20.0931.2556754235570Nasty in 2014
Grant County99.20.1771.1556755645567
turn right99.30.2831.0558355675583at Int AZ080
Engineer Canyon99.50.8370.9561355835616turn left, at Int
possible water100.30.11073.1583358105833OK in 2014
turn left100.50.13333.0585958335859at int.
Ranch Rd100.60.73322.9586258595869
turn right101.20.8532.2587258625935at Int.
Z X Canyon102.20.3571.2608960666105
turn left102.51.03561.0615860896171at Int.
possible water103.50.7772.4627261456279OK in 2014, turn right, at Int.
Walking X Ranch Rd104.20.2291.6654562596532
cross straight ahead104.30.23471.5658465406597Begin Trail
cross right105.30.4550.5641764176643at Int.
C Bar Canyon105.70.1240.1625062506420
Gold Hill Tank105.80.0322.6624662366250
fence105.80.522.6625362466253Cow Camp
cross straight ahead106.41.7302.0626962536315Power Line
Seep Tank108.40.0184.7606660406085
C Bar Ranch Rd108.50.13334.6607260666072Walking X Ranch Rd, turn left
State Hwy State Hwy 90108.60.3164.5609560726099cross road, Hwy 90
cross road108.90.2134.2611260956138Power Line
leave road left109.01.93584.1609960956112
Knights Canyon Rd110.90.4272.2609960856220cross straight ahead
Lake/pond113.10.01112.9622062206328possible water, Windmill Good in 2014
Gold Gulch Rd113.11.3592.8623062206230cross straight ahead
turn right115.10.1680.9645363976519
turn right115.20.11200.7644364336459at Int.
cross left115.30.5490.6640064006443on Trail
Whitetail Canyon115.90.120.1637763746423
possible water116.00.6817.1643063776430Pools in creek Good 2014

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