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Pacific Crest Trail Data Book - Section A - Mexican Border to Warner Springs

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Raw Audio: The sound of data collection

This is a collection of data points for various trail sections along the Pacific Crest Trail. With the exception of the trailing PCT data book info, this is the same data that is a preface to each chapter in our map books.

Other useful resources: PCT Maps, print and/or PDF. Large format and pack size format. PCT Complete Elevation, elevation chart of the whole trail. PCT Google Map, completely interactive with mileages, distances, way points resupply locations, mailing info and tons of overlays, weather, snow, historical fire, solar eclipse. PCT Planner, for a complete, concise trip plan. Numerous resupply locations, times and distances between locations. Completely adjustable to your hiking style. PCT Snow Conditions showing current snow, maximum, minimum, average, historical April 1st charts, all at half mile resolution. PCT Wall Map, download mega, high resolution wall map.

A - Mexican Border to Warner Springs

Elevation Image

Distance: 107.2 miles, Trail Mile 0.0 - 107.2, Elevation Range (feet): 2251 - 6057

Wilderness Area(s)
Hauser/FS - 0.5
Cleveland - 37.2
National Park(s)
San Diego

Popular Resupply
Campo - 1.3, Mt Laguna - 41.5, Julian - 75.5, Warner Springs - 107.2

High/Low °F62/2965/3067/3173/3480/4090/4897/5596/5591/4981/4169/3363/30
Mean °F444647525766737267594944
Precip (in)

Low temp is the minimum average low and High temp is the maximum average high in this section. Temps do not account for 'heat waves' or 'cold spells' which may alter temp by 10-15 degrees or more. Precip is not snow.

Significant Roads Crossed
Forest Gate Rd, SR 94, Campo Rd, Hwy 94, Hauser Creek Rd, Lake Morena Dr, Buckman Springs Rd, Old Hwy 80, I-8, Kitchen Creek Rd, Fred Canyon Rd, Thing Valley Rd, Thin Valley Rd, Oasis Rd, San Diego County Road S 1, Sunrise Hwy, California Riding and Hiking Trl, Mason Valley Truck Trl, Rodriguez Spur Truck Trl, Great Southern Overland Stage Rte, Gr S Overland, SR 78, Hwy 78, Montezuma Valley Rd

Named Drainages Crossed
Campo Creek, Cañada Verruga, Cottonwood Creek, Hauser Creek, Oriflamme Creek, San Felipe Creek, San Ysidro Creek

Named Lakes/Ponds (within ¼ mile of trail)
Campo Lake

Landcover (percent of trail section)
Shrub/Scrub 71.9%, Evergreen 10.5%, Grassland/Herbaceous 8.8%, Developed 5.2%, Mixed Forest 2.5%, Wetlands 0.7%, Barren 0.4%

Geology Traversed
Alluvium-Terrace/Pliocene to Holocene - 6.1, Pelitic schist-Mica schist/Triassic(?) - 7.1, Plutonic rock-Gneiss/Early Proterozoic to Late Cretaceous - 41.8, Tonalite-Quartz diorite/Middle Jurassic to Late Cretaceous - 50.8

Fire Perimeters Traversed
2013 Chariot - 8.5, 2013 Red - 0.1, 2012 Banner - 2.3, 2012 Vallecito Lightning Complex - 14.0, 2011 Great - 3.7, 2010 Cowboy - 2.0, 2003 Cedar - 6.2, 2002 Garnet - 0.5, 2002 Pines - 41.7

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PCT Maps CDT Maps CT Maps AT Maps
DescriptionMileDist to NextBearing to NextNext WaterElevLPLHPLCommentDFT
Mexican Border to Warner Springs0.000.23571.1291600Southern Terminus
power lines0.250.1100.9282828262917
dirt road0.330.190.8279828002826cross 3 point dirt road junction, trail picks up to your rightish
dirt road0.400.13590.7278827882803parallel dirt road
dirt road0.490.13590.6274627452785continue to parallel dirt road
Forest Gate Rd0.570.12890.6270927102744Forest Gate Road, cross dirt road near T intersection
Forest Gate Road0.710.43410.4270326982709trail is directly across road
water1.130.060.2264726432710water at the Youth Facility
begin road walk1.170.23390.2262726292646paved road shoulder walk
Campo1.330.62691.1258825892628end road walk, trail leaves paved road shoulderon trail
red barn1.980.02140.5258525492639red barn on hill
driveway and gate2.020.12880.4257225752591parallel driveway near locked gate
power lines2.170.12820.3250625072572cross under power lines
Campo Rd2.260.240.2246724702505State Hwy 94, Hwy 94, Hwy 94, trail crosses Hwy 94 near mail boxes, sign, trail information sign
Campo Lake2.440.12513.9247724672489
poison oak2.530.12333.8244424402476poison oak in area
Campo Creek2.630.32793.7239824002436camping, shade and good camping
gate2.940.42563.4246323992464dysfunctional steel gate, cross railroad tracks
sparse camping3.320.52493.0252624632525not much camping since last mention
view of warehouses3.770.53102.6251325092544
Seasonal creeklet4.291.43092.1237823732527poison oak in area
2010 Cowboy Fire5.730.23500.6272623702726
burn area5.980.43520.4280527322833
water6.361.23341.2284127932842seep with pools of poor quality water, water looks poor and is standing
water7.560.62157.4300528413031seep, water looks poor and is standing
old burn area8.180.02336.8332330063329
2010 Cowboy Fire8.220.32026.7334633313345
jeep road8.540.02736.4334633443372
Dirt Road8.761.53486.2333633393374
good campsite10.300.33584.6338232953403
Dirt Road10.590.5194.3336933633383
trail Jct11.050.03073.9339533303395
view11.100.82933.8340233963400first view of Morena Butte
poison oak11.910.42803.0314631473402
poison oak12.341.13002.6312031123158
Cleveland National Forest13.440.23211.5298229773142
begin road walk 17S0813.620.21311.3293629402987start dirt road walk
power lines13.830.41271.1291929212944
end road walk 17S0814.260.43290.7283128312919end dirt road walk
Cleveland National Forest14.640.33540.3253925502832
Hauser Creek Rd14.930.03204.4231923182546Hauser Creek, Hauser Creek seasonal, w
Hauser Canyon14.960.1644.4231923162322cross Hauser Crk road
Hauser Wilderness15.091.5514.3241423212410
campsite16.570.7602.8315224143195fair amount of camping
view17.270.5952.1344431503443first peek of Lake Morena Park
trail Jct17.730.5191.6339233933500cross another trail
view18.261.1161.1350733893506good view of Lake Morena
Lake Morena Dr19.360.334.0307030753518Lake Morena, water, camping, pit toilets, fire pits, picnic tables, showers. Any hikers arriving during the weekend of the 3 day ADZPCTKO without a reservation will be asked to leave. Yes, you who need these resources the most should be upset.
trail Jct19.620.2443.8305730503073trail jct, make a sharp right
trail Jct19.780.2223.6304430413056
trail Jct19.940.2833.5304430433045trail jct and a gate
road crossing20.180.1803.2309730443099jeep road
trail Jct20.270.2703.1311030973109
Dirt Road20.460.1562.9313931113141
dirt road20.560.0812.8316631413165
trail Jct20.602.7112.8317531683176trail to the right, stay straight
Buckman Springs Rd23.340.13210.1306130623464Cottonwood Valley, Buckman Springs Rd, cross under bridge
Cottonwood Creek23.400.13321.4306430613064Cottonwood Creek, first running water and second natural source since border in a very dry year, water looks good with good flow
sign23.470.1331.3307730653077information sign, Boulder Oaks 2 miles
campsite23.570.3311.2307730743078good shade and camping
cross old road23.850.0220.9308030763089
old dirt road23.900.660.9308730813088
parallel road24.450.1870.3313930893140paralleling previous mentioned road
power lines24.580.1770.2312331243156following a row of telephone poles
view24.680.0900.1311031093124beautiful view of cell towers
Cottonwood Valley24.710.11090.1310331053108
Cottonwood Creek24.760.2966.4310631023105Cottonwood Creek, cattle possibly in area, water looks good with good flow
fence25.000.11146.1315931053163pass through a fence
gate25.130.11006.0319531633196pass through gate
Boulder Oaks CG25.180.2375.9319531953196dirt road in Boulder Oaks CG with water faucets
Boulder Oaks CG25.350.23455.8317931803195
Old Hwy 8025.520.2575.6315631553181Boulder Oaks Rd
fences25.680.1365.4316631563166trail passes through freeway fence and fence line
I-825.810.0915.3314631423169I-8, cross under 2 bridges
trail Jct26.471.3314.7330732263307
trail Jct27.751.0383.4379933093798
campsite28.780.1922.3391737513920possible campsite
Kitchen Crk - Seasonal29.050.2872.1387738793914
Kitchen Creek Rd29.301.5411.8399238833995Kitchen Creek Rd, paved road and trail head
campsite30.810.33530.3432739904334couple campsites
campsite31.080.03170.0422542274328good camping
Fred Cyn Crk seasonal31.120.13595.0421242124227w
Fred Canyon31.210.43594.9425542124254
Warning31.650.044.5441642574422Trail information sign: Unexploded military ordinance in this area. Stay on roads and trails. If found do not touch or approach. Note location and call 9**
Fred Canyon Rd31.683.4264.4440944084416Fred Cyn Rd/Cibbets Flat CG
campsite35.111.061.0530844055320big oak, good shade and camping
Long Cyn Crk36.100.3434.9524951965334w
other36.430.1314.5538052415374heavy tree cover
campsite36.580.2264.4541653705432grassy area, possible camping opportunities
Long Canyon36.741.03394.2544954185454Long Cyn Creek, upper ford
trail Jct37.711.13573.3587954485880cross a trail
sign fence dirt road38.800.13572.2601058846036southbound information sign, fence, cross dirt road, dirt road
Thing Valley Rd38.850.23582.1601060096013Thin Valley Rd, Thing Valley Rd/sign
begin road walk39.100.1141.9598459876015dirt road walk begins
end road walk39.160.111.8598759815989dirt road walk ends
fence39.210.43531.8598059815988pass through a fence
road crossing39.580.7161.4584658405981trail crosses blocked, old road
fence40.280.0470.7592857955926walk through old fence line
Burnt Rancheria CG40.330.4490.6592859255930Desert View Trail jct, PCT stays right
fence40.720.200.2604659306057parallel fence line
water40.970.200.5597159716046water fountain, faucet, trail jct, cross Desert View trail
Desert View Trail41.170.33390.3600359716006PCT stays right
Mt Laguna41.450.23225.15915591160160.25 mile(s) from trail
Mt Laguna Store & PO41.630.53314.9597759145979
Monument Pead Rd42.181.13324.3591859146017paved road, view
Big Laguna Trail43.310.53483.2589858415938stay right
2013 Chariot Fire43.810.23382.7598758926017
Flathead Flats44.800.22941.7577057785939
campsite44.981.32891.5569556955778decent camping
view46.270.23210.2542653865735spur trail to observation deck, with a bench below the deck on the trail
spur to Laguna/El Prado46.510.12830.9544953945448w, trail Jct, cross a trail
Oasis Rd46.660.83320.8543354265454Oasis Spring tr jct
Noble Cyn Trail tr jct47.440.8103.8542952835432
trail Jct48.240.43193.0557754315582
campsite48.610.33022.7544254435575good camp site
Garnet Peak Trail48.920.23332.4549254275499cross Garnet Peak trail, go straight
Cleveland National Forest49.140.43252.15518548355212013 Chariot Fire
campsite49.551.22501.7549554955545poor camp site
fence50.790.42900.5531853185560follow a fence line
Cottonwood Canyon51.150.02700.1521652225317
trail Jct51.190.12670.1522352115223
Pioneer Mail Picnic Area51.270.03287.1526252225261water by kiosk at north end of parking area, trail continues up old road, water looks usable and is standing
Sunrise Hwy51.310.73587.1527252615271San Diego County Road S 1
trail note52.040.13476.3545952715462Kwaaymii Point Rd ends at paved cul-de-sac, trail picks up to your rightish of paved road onto old jeep road.
trail Jct52.101.33286.3548854585488old jeep turns right, trail continues straight
jeep road to Oriflamme Cyn53.410.12515.0524952565513
campsite53.480.22354.9527252415272possible camp site or two
Oriflamme Creek53.720.93264.7531452715328Oriflamme Canyon
campsite54.601.73293.8520351875348possible camp site
dirt road56.260.12112.1487248725247
campsite56.311.83232.1484548444872possible camping in dry creeklet
S1 Horse Trough58.160.23420.2499648345083
Lake/pond58.380.83288.7491149164992other, fire ring in drainage
campsite59.140.027.9478347544944one or two good camp sites
campsite59.181.93367.9476047634783decent camping
dirt road61.080.1556.0469446814854
California Riding And Hiking Trl61.131.1835.9468846854696Mason Valley Truck Trl
campsite62.210.1574.8392039244690lots of good camping
campsite62.300.184.8386838713920more good camp sites
Chariot Canyon62.360.31254.7386138603868Mason Valley Truck Trail
Mason Valley Truck Trail62.701.7294.3408138544083
campsite64.392.53432.7415640364250camp site in a wash
Rodriguez Canyon66.930.100.1367736774260
Rodriguez Spur Truck Trl67.050.01622.4364836483680Rodriguez Spur
power lines67.090.18222.3364536453648
2011 Great Fire67.230.77622.2364836443651
campsite67.910.61721.5344434463653sandy camp site
campsite68.521.45220.93264323734741 good camp site in drainage
campsite69.890.26319.5328031243288camp site or 2 in drainage
rocky gap on Granite Mts north ridge70.100.314719.3337932763388
campsite70.400.18319.0320832033379a few good camp sites in drainage
campsite70.540.010618.9315631563213and a few good camp sites in drainage
2011 Great Fire70.580.11118.8312331253136
campsite70.640.66318.8312031203125good camp site in wash
other71.250.211218.2302129823134good view of switchbacks climbing into San Felipe hills
2012 Banner Fire71.430.28418.0310330323114campsite, a couple good camp sites in wash
campsite71.640.13717.8305730263105wash a few good camp sites
campsite71.961.08617.5312330333125nice ridge top camp site
campsite72.922.0616.5270027113145wash good camp site
turn left and parallel Hwy S274.890.628714.5225022532712
Julian75.520.21313.9227622512278Great Southern Overland Stage Rte, Gr S Overland, Hwy S2, cross paved S24.1 mile(s) from trail
San Felipe Creek75.700.26013.7226022612278San Felipe Valley, San Felipe Crk/Hwy 78/S2, wash under Hwy 78/S2 where you may find running San Felipe Creek or a water cache in a dry year
State Hwy 7875.871.233613.5226022612261Hwy 78, 2012 Vallecito Lightning Complex Fire, Hwy 78, cross paved Hwy 78
campsite77.100.631212.3271922612735possible camp site
campsite77.650.531011.8292627142931camping above and below switchback in a wash
campsite78.160.932511.2295229283051camp sites in a gully
campsite79.030.631110.4305429403082a few camp sites
campsite79.652.33239.83077302630921 poor camp site
campsite81.990.93597.4325130483312a couple good camp sites
campsite82.840.22976.63320322633576 good camp sites
campsite83.080.62916.3327732423318a couple good camp sites
campsite83.700.02665.7327732113292several good camp sites not in a drainage
campsite83.731.23295.7328732833285potentially windy camp site
road crossing84.921.52904.5324432393388
campsite86.840.22652.6361535533638a couple good camp sites
campsite87.050.13032.4360835763630decent camp site or 2
2012 Vallecito Lightning Complex Fire87.190.73072.2364535713629
campsite87.931.33091.5346434683650good camp site or 2
campsite89.210.240.2357933983589quite a few camp sites on ridge top
Third Gate89.380.0150.0356635673584
Third Gate Cache89.410.649.4355635583567trail jct, go right about a half mile to possible water cache. Lots of camping along side trail
2013 Red Fire89.990.62888.8370435303715
campsite90.591.43328.23832370338531 decent camp site in wash
campsite92.540.33356.2429441324293camp site in a wash
campsite92.840.1135.9430142864355single exposed camp site not in a wash
campsite92.950.32955.84314428943141 poor camp site in wash
campsite93.270.53275.54245421143231 camp site
campsite93.770.2315.0437342394365camp site on saddle
campsite94.000.3254.8439343674414camp site in wash
campsite94.260.4504.5436343434402potentially very windy ridge top camp site
campsite94.621.32794.2435643424384another exposed ridge top camp site
campsite95.942.13322.8411741104366camp site in wash
campsite98.020.43210.8376937554168wash with a few camp sites
water98.780.03140.0356935693670drainage with water, water looks usable with low flow
water98.820.13040.2356235573575trickle of water across trail, water looks usable with low flow
poison oak98.910.13060.1352635263569
Barrel Spring99.050.13403.8347734783531Barrel Springs, plenty of camping, water looks good and is standing
trailhead99.120.073.7346734673480large dirt turn out
Montezuma Valley Rd99.150.103.6345134543466S22/Montezuma Valley Rd
Cañada Verruga99.210.13153.6344434453453
join dirt road to left99.280.12943.5344134413445
leave dirt road to right99.350.12663.5342834283441
cross jeep road99.411.83223.4344434263451
cross jeep road101.220.321.6329032823552
cross jeep road101.491.03551.3329332903325
mortar102.440.43590.4336232813370mortar for grinding acorns
San Ysidro Crk102.800.03592.8335333483395cattle in area, good camping in area, water looks usable with low flow
San Ysidro Creek102.840.53292.8335333523357
view103.360.62932.2355633533562view of Lake Henshaw to south west
jeep road103.920.02941.7349034913567
Eagle Rock103.970.12961.6349434843495spur trail right to Eagle Rock
trail Jct104.040.83171.5350034943504several trails, continue straight, other, other, return spur from Eagle Rock
trail Jct104.840.12950.8349734013516various trails meet, curve to your rightish
trail Jct104.970.33400.6341834203498cross wash among meeting of cattle trails, keep going straight
jeep road105.310.33030.3348734093502
Canada Verde Crk105.590.62700.6340234013489cattle in area, water looks good with good flow
continue along Canada Verde Crk106.160.22990.6323132303402water looks good with good flow
Cañada Verde106.380.42950.4316631673232
plenty of camping along creek106.770.13310.5308330823169water looks good with good flow

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