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Pacific Crest Trail Data Book - Section C - I-10 to I-15 Cajon Pass

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This is a collection of data points for various trail sections along the Pacific Crest Trail. With the exception of the trailing PCT data book info, this is the same data that is a preface to each chapter in our map books.

Other useful resources: PCT Maps, print and/or PDF. Large format and pack size format. PCT Complete Elevation, elevation chart of the whole trail. PCT Google Map, completely interactive with mileages, distances, way points resupply locations, mailing info and tons of overlays, weather, snow, historical fire, solar eclipse. PCT Planner, for a complete, concise trip plan. Numerous resupply locations, times and distances between locations. Completely adjustable to your hiking style. PCT Snow Conditions showing current snow, maximum, minimum, average, historical April 1st charts, all at half mile resolution. PCT Wall Map, download mega, high resolution wall map. PCT PDF Data Book, same data book as online.

PCT Maps

Pacific Crest Trail
topographic maps

C - I-10 to I-15 Cajon Pass

Elevation Image

Distance: 128.8 miles, Trail Mile 207.5 - 336.3, Elevation Range (feet): 1337 - 8756

Wilderness Area(s)
San Gorgonio/BLM - 18.7
San Bernardino - 101.4
National Park(s)
Riverside, San Bernardino

Popular Resupply
Big Bear City - 262.8, Big Bear Lake - 262.8, Cajon Pass - 336.3

High/Low °F66/1970/2073/2079/2587/3096/38102/45101/4495/3986/3274/2566/20
Mean °F394143485564706964554540
Precip (in)
% Snow Cover14.015.29.40000---09.5
Avg Snow SWE0.20.20.10000---00.1
Max SWE10.

Low temp is minimum average low and high temp is maximum average high in section. Does not account for 'heat waves' or 'cold spells', may alter temp by 10-15 degrees or more. Precip is not snow. SWE is Snow Water Equivalence, in inches. Snow Cover is avg monthly percentage of trail section. No snow data for Aug, Sep, Oct. Snow data begins 2003.

Significant Roads Crossed
I-10, Tamarack Rd, Service Rd, Clay Rd, Rockview Dr, Boulder Dr, Cypress Rd, Lime Rd, Whitewater Canyon Rd, Mission Creek Rd, 1N02, Pipes Rd, Burns Canyon Rd, 2N02, State Rte 18, Holcomb Valley Rd, Van Dusen Canyon Rd, 2N71, Delamar Mountain Rd, Coxey Truck Trl, 3N14, 3N16, 3N93, 2W03, 2W08, State Rte 173, 2N33, State Rte 138, Cleghorn Rd, 2N66, 2N47, 3N66, I-15

Named Drainages Crossed
Arrastre Creek, Caribou Creek, Cienaga Seca Creek, Colorado River Aqueduct, Coon Creek, Deep Creek, Governor Edmund G Brown East Branch California Aqueduct, Grass Valley Creek, Holcomb Creek, Kinley Creek, Mission Creek, North Fork Mission Creek, West Fork Mission Creek, West Fork Mojave River, Whitewater River, Willow Creek

Named Lakes/Ponds (within ¼ mile of trail)
Silverwood Lake

Landcover (percent of trail section)
Shrub/Scrub 53.3%, Evergreen 22.4%, Grassland/Herbaceous 13.9%, Developed 3.6%, Mixed Forest 3.1%, Barren 2.2%, Wetlands 1.4%, Open Water 0.1%

Geology Traversed
Alluvium-Terrace/Pliocene to Holocene - 8.2, Gneiss-Granitoid/Early Proterozoic to Miocene - 22.8, Granodiorite-Quartz monzonite/Permian to Tertiary; most Mesozoic - 70.0, Limestone-Sandstone/Late Proterozoic to Jurassic - 16.0, Marble-Limestone/Late Proterozoic to Pennsylvanian - 6.4, Sandstone-Conglomerate/Miocene to Pleistocene - 3.0

Fire Perimeters Traversed
2016 Lake - 4.7, 2007 Butler 2 - 9.2, 2007 Slide - 0.4, 2006 Millard Complex - 8.2, 2006 Pinnacles - 0.0, 2006 Sawtooth Complex - 8.0, 2005 Fish - 0.2, 2004 Cottonwood - 2.4, 2003 Grand Prix - 12.9, 2003 Old - 4.9, 2002 Bluecut - 3.9, 2002 Louisiana - 0.1

DescriptionMileDist to NextBearing to NextNext WaterElevLPLHPLCommentDFT
I-10 to I-15 Cajon Pass207.50.03483.9133813281333I-i- 10, Railroad Ave
I-i- 10207.60.13333.8134513351341
Tamarack Rd207.60.43433.8136413431361Tamarack Rd, cross paved Tamarack Rd
dirt road208.00.13223.4144313611443cross dirt road
power lines208.10.03173.3145914431459pass under power transmission lines
Service Rd208.10.43213.2146914591469dirt road, cross dirt road
Colorado River Aqueduct208.50.072.9156814731568fence line
Clay Rd208.50.1382.8160115711594trail register
Rockview Dr208.70.1632.7164615941646
spur to Trail Angels208.80.1242.6165616461660spur trail to right. Trail angels house has water as of this writing. House is just south west of water tank. This will be your first water since the fountain at Snow Cyn
Boulder Dr208.80.1552.6164316431653
Cypress Rd208.90.1592.5166916431669
Lime Rd209.00.1762.4168316691683dirt road, cross dirt road
Cottonwood Rd209.10.4162.3168616791686cross dirt road
Cottonwood Trail Head209.50.1281.9183016861830
campsite209.60.0301.8184318301847camp site, dirt road, cross dirt road
Cottonwood Canyon209.70.1861.7184718431847
jeep road209.70.1791.7185318431850cross old jeep road
Gold Cyn Rd209.80.1601.6183718371853trail crosses dirt road and picks up immediately to the right of the road paralleling it, not the more obvious trail straight ahead
dirt road209.90.1641.5187318371873cross dirt road near T with other dirt road
dirt road210.00.2801.4188318731883
dirt road210.60.3920.8205319422066cross dirt road
dirt road210.90.2680.5215520532152cross dirt road
jeep road211.00.4600.4222421552230old jeep road
Mesa Wind Farm211.40.4157.0234222242355spur trail to Mesa Wind Farm, water in pond if office is closed or maybe a cache, water looks usable and is standing
dirt road211.80.73366.6245723352473cross dirt road and recross in about 200 feet
narrow pass between Gold and Teutang Cyns213.00.63455.4322827883241
near fence213.60.23444.8289028903228switchback ends at a fence and moves away from it
Teutang Cyn213.72.0294.7283128082880
jct to Cyn Loop Trail215.70.2442.7274227092959
Whitewater Canyon Rd216.00.43502.4257825752755
campsite216.40.2372.0235523552578camp site
jct to Whitewater Preserve216.51.43421.8231223062358
Whitewater Canyon Rd218.00.03350.4259523092595Red Dome
Whitewater River218.00.4190.4259825952598
Whitewater River218.40.8365.6263125952627
jct to Mission Crk Stonehouse219.60.224.4290028833047PCT straight, right 2 miles to Mission Crk Stonehouse
West Fork Mission Creek219.80.014.2293328902939
Mission Creek Rd219.80.23334.2294229332942
West Fork Mission Crk Rd220.01.21004.0301529423015cross dirt road
campsite221.20.1832.83448301534512 possibly exposed camp sites
Riverside County221.30.1592.7344834483451
campsite221.40.73182.6353634483536another couple possibly exposed camp sites
San Bernardino County222.11.4211.9360835233608
East Fork Mission Crk Rd223.50.33100.5307030703687
leave dirt road223.90.13320.1310630473113leave old jeep road at wash
Mission Creek224.01.03021.0312631063125cross Mission Crk, first of 22 crossings of Mission Crk with at least 2 good camp sites, water looks good with good flow
Mission Creek225.00.23250.2336631293382cross Mission Crk, water looks good with good flow
Mission Creek225.20.23360.2339533663398cross Mission Crk, water looks good with good flow
cross Mission Crk225.30.2220.2343533923444water looks good with good flow
cross Mission Crk225.60.23160.3350334353507water looks good with good flow
Mission Creek225.70.120.1355635003566
cross Mission Crk225.80.13230.1358535563618water looks good with good flow
cross Mission Crk226.00.13440.1362235853628water looks good with good flow
cross Mission Crk226.00.2470.2363836223654water looks good with good flow
cross Mission Crk226.20.2331.7369736383717water looks good with good flow
Mission Creek226.51.401.5376936973782
campsite227.90.03450.0416937694189a few good camp sites
Mission Creek227.90.43530.4416941664189cross Mission Crk, water looks good with good flow
Mission Creek228.40.53500.5431141694327cross Mission Crk, water looks good with good flow
Mission Creek228.80.23470.3447843114484cross Mission Crk, water looks good with good flow
Mission Creek229.10.13300.1456044784580campsite, decent camping
cross Mission Crk229.20.12500.1459645604596water looks good with good flow
cross Mission Crk229.30.63290.6462945934629water looks good with good flow
Mission Creek229.90.63490.6482246294835cross Mission Crk, water looks good with good flow
Forks Springs230.50.03540.0503648225062
cross Mission Crk230.50.03210.2503950365045water looks good with good flow
North Fork Mission Creek230.50.13290.1504950395049
North Fork Mission Creek230.70.03590.0509850495098
campsite230.71.73162.4510850985108a couple decent camp sites, cross Mission Crk, 22nd and last crossing of Mission Crk, water looks good with good flow
San Bernardino National Forest232.30.73070.7584651015839
water233.10.82603.0614158396125good camp site next to Mission Crk, water looks good with good flow, campsite, good camp site
campsite233.90.52902.2663061226646poor camp site
campsite234.30.02701.8659765976751a few good camp sites
campsite234.40.32751.7658765846597a few good camp sites
campsite234.60.62681.5678465876788decent camp site
2016 Lake Fire235.20.82650.8698867847001
campsite236.10.12870.1735569887398decent camp sites, possible water
North Fork Mission Creek236.21.02561.3736873397375North Fork Mission Crk, water looks good with low flow
jeep road237.20.12830.2786773687867walk along old jeep road
campsite237.30.12470.1789378707893decent camp site
Mission Creek Trail Camp237.50.53552.2792378907923good spring. Cross dirt road to regain PCT. The old jeep road you were walking on also ended, water looks good with low flow
2016 Lake Fire238.00.8611.7818879238188
campsite238.80.11130.9812081208244lots of camping opportunities
jct to Santa Ana River Trail238.90.8690.8813981168139
jct to Heart Bar Crk239.71.53404.2798279828195w possible water .5 miles NW
campsite241.21.01042.7849779828507good camp site
2016 Lake Fire242.10.11321.8851084978572
dirt road242.20.11211.7849084878510
join old jeep road242.20.5861.6846184588490
leave old jeep road242.71.0761.2833383308454
Coon Crk Cabin243.70.1920.2806780618330with CG and pit toilet as you cross a dirt road
cross jeep road243.80.1220.1804480468077
Coon Creek Jump Off243.80.1150.1805480448047
Coon Crk Rd 1N02243.90.1109.4808780538087w
Coon Creek243.91.33389.3810680878097
jeep road245.30.7218.0860581068604cross old jeep road
dirt road246.00.8177.2862886058756cross dirt road
join old dirt road246.80.13326.4831383078628
dirt road walk continues246.90.63516.3826182618313Reach a dirt road jct and stay to your right
1n02 Svc Rd247.50.0255.7811081108261Cienaga Seca Creek
leave dirt road walk247.60.13545.7812081068116reach a 4 way dirt road jct at the entrance to Cienega Crk Ranch, the trail continues north to the right of a northbound dirt road as you leave your dirt road walk
dirt road247.60.595.6813981168139cross dirt road that leads into Predators in Action, animals used for shows and movies. As you continue up the PCT a short ways you may see a grizzly bear, a lion or some other large animal in a cage
cross jeep road248.20.2275.1834981398349
dirt road248.40.93294.9839283438395
campsite249.20.23234.0860883828615poor camp site
Hwy 38 Onyx Summit249.51.03563.8853085208608
Pipes Rd250.42.02932.8863585298690road 1N01, dirt road
Broom Flat road 2N01252.40.53120.8789678938635
Arrastre Creek252.90.33100.3768376877896
Deer Spring253.20.13490.9760476047683Deer Springs (Arrastre) Trail Camp, picnic tables, fire rings, water spigot. Water may be found in creek before or after this camp if no water in spigot, water looks usable with low flow
Arrastre Creek253.30.53070.8757875757604
Arrastre Creek253.80.13040.3739573957585
Arrastre Creek253.90.23270.2735573587393
Arrastre Crk254.10.53351.3729072867362water looks usable with low flow
Balky Horse Canyon254.60.1240.8714871457299begin dirt road walk, road 2N04
dirt road walk continues254.70.2230.7712971287148
Arrastre Creek254.90.0510.6704370447123
dirt road walk ends254.90.520.5705370377053
Arrastre Creek255.41.03269.7688368767070Arrastre Crk, water looks good with low flow
cross dirt road256.40.33098.7713268667204
cross dirt road256.70.33158.5711271147135
cross old jeep road257.00.23338.2705070547112
cross jeep road257.20.43307.9702070227051
trail Jct257.60.1157.5705070207093stay to the right at jct
cross dirt road257.81.03587.4705070377057
Usfs Rd 2n02258.80.116.4678167817057Burns Canyon Rd, Arrastre Crk Rd 2N02
cross dirt road258.80.13456.3680167826797
stay straight258.90.2226.2680767976807
stay to left259.20.62786.0692268176922
old jeep road259.70.63235.4696569196971
old jeep road260.40.62854.8708069657083
Burns Cyn Rd 2N02261.00.93154.2693269327093large parking area at Burns Cyn Rd, 2N02
Big Bear City262.80.02902.4682767786965Big Bear Lake, Pacific Crest Trl, State Hwy State Rte 18, Hwy 18. Big Bear, paved Hwy 18 is a popular departure point to Big Bear6 mile(s) from trail
near gate262.81.33232.4683068276829gate and gravel road to right of trail
cross dirt road264.10.62631.1691668306945
Holcomb Valley Rd264.70.41880.4686368566935Doble Rd 3N08, cross paved road, transfer station and old landfill to the right
Lake/pond265.26.22626.2690268626912Doble Springs Trail Camp, picnic table, fire ring, pit toilet, water looks usable with low flow
Caribou Creek271.40.11745.9726368967808Van Dusen Canyon, Caribou Crk, water looks good with good flow
Van Dusen Canyon Rd271.51.52585.8726072537260Van Deusen Cyn Rd 3N09, a less popular departure to Big Bear, good camping in area
dirt road273.60.42643.7772977317798dirt road to Bertha Peak
jct to Cougar Crest Trail273.90.83093.3767376707732do not go straight, PCT goes right here. A couple benches for your sitting pleasure
Holcomb Valley Rd274.71.42912.5754575527673Polique Cyn Rd 2N09
campsite276.20.83071.1783775427831good camping opportunities
old jeep road277.00.33010.3787078087900
Delamar Mtn Rd277.30.73132.1775577667870Delamar Mtn Rd 3N12, possible water, Delamar Spring .9 miles west
cross dirt road278.01.42451.4760476047763
possible water279.32.12843.0720872077604keep your eye on this drainage as you parallel it, you will likely find water, water looks usable with low flow
Little Bear Springs Trail Camp281.40.63030.9658165807204No water in dry year
Holcomb Creek282.10.22320.2653265326601
Coxey Truck Trl282.30.12710.1650265046541Forest Rte 3n14, Holcomb Creek & dirt road, Cross Holcomb creek on dirt road bridge. PCT picks up on north side of bridge between jct of 2 dirt roads, water looks good with good flow
dirt road282.90.22410.2648664866561
creeklet283.12.02236.5645664566492water looks usable with low flow
dirt road285.03.42604.5635163516486
Holcomb Creek288.40.12861.2547254696354
3n93 Forest Svc Rd288.50.02581.1547254655505Holcomb Creek, Crab Flats Rd 3N16
cross Holcomb Crk288.70.82940.8543354365495
2w03 Forest Svc Rd289.60.52680.8533153145446Cienga Redonda Trail, w
Hawes Ranch Tr jct290.10.12110.3523952365390
Holcomb Creek290.10.12140.2521352135239
2w03 Forest Svc Rd290.20.22560.2522352135219
Holcomb Crossing Group Camp290.40.22450.6523252225242water in creek, water looks good with good flow
2w08 Forest Svc Rd290.50.52890.5527552265259
Bench Camp & water291.00.12760.4519652005285water looks good with good flow
Pacific Crest Trl291.10.32290.3516451655203
possible water291.40.22480.7523651545255you may find water here, water looks poor and is standing
trail jct 2W08291.60.52450.5527252365321
possible water292.12.62742.6524652325288you may find water here, water looks poor and is standing
Deep Creek294.60.02450.0457645825331
Deep Creek294.71.33541.3458945764589Deep Creek bridge, camping and lots of water, water looks good with good flow
creeklet296.01.344.9447144714681creeklet with pool of water very low flow, water looks usable with low flow
Bacon Flats Rd 3N20297.40.33273.5425142454484cross dirt road and Deep Creek day use parking area
bridge297.63.23153.2427442324271bridge along canyon wall over rocky area
possible water300.91.13161.1398939464304water looks usable with low flow
Willow Creek301.91.93071.9373637364012possible water, water looks usable with low flow
Deep Creek Hot Springs303.90.11741.4352035073884water looks good with good flow
Hot Spring303.90.53021.3354635203546
trail Jct304.40.82590.8370035333704
Kinley Creek305.20.83100.8345134583727possible water, slow moving creeklet with pools of water, water looks usable with low flow
Deep Creek306.01.12563.4331633173507Deep Creek bridge, water looks good with good flow
trail Jct307.11.12772.4333333163392
San Bernardino National Forest308.20.53101.3333633303389
trail Jct308.60.32040.8332633203389
Mojave River Forks Dam309.00.52270.5313631263316go downhill on the southwest corner of the flat area
Deep Creek309.40.42550.8298529923127Deep Creek ford, usually shallow ford of Deep Creek, water looks good with good flow
old road309.90.42240.4300829823024
State Hwy State Rte 173310.31.51841.5312629983126Hwy 173 at trail head, trail head, cross paved Hwy 173, possible water cache on one or both sides of road
possible water311.81.82462.1352031233536nasty, stagnant pools but useable, water looks poor and is standing
begin dirt road walk313.60.31790.3340833263540reach dirt road and begin road walk to your right
Grass Valley Creek313.93.02447.2332333233412Grass Valley Creek
trail N to hwy 173317.02.02724.1345133233618old store
Cedar Springs Dam road walk start319.40.33041.8318231853361head NW out to Hwy 173
West Fork Mojave River319.70.42601.4316931593181
Governor Edmund G Brown East Branch California Aqueduct320.10.12271.0319831703198End Cedar Springs Dam road walk
cross dirt road320.20.02190.9321131983211
possible cache320.20.32470.9321532083218
cross dirt road320.60.11080.5335932153356
cross dirt road320.70.01900.4343533563438
dirt road320.70.32290.4346134403461find ridge saddle at end of dirt road
begin dirt road walk321.00.11830.1339833953480
Silverwood Lake321.10.12287.2339233923398
end dirt road walk321.21.81917.2339833923398
spur to Garces overlook323.00.82715.4358533793612
cross dirt road323.70.62694.6347434643641
Lake Silverwood324.30.12314.0338533853480reach paved bike path and turn right onto it
West Fork Mojave River324.40.02224.0338233823385
jct to group camp324.40.12674.0338233823382
entrance to Lake Silverwood SRA324.50.12913.9339533823395small store in park at marina 1.7 miles east
State Hwy State Rte 138324.50.03113.8339533953395Cleghorn Rd, Hwy 138 at Cleghorn Rd, leave bike path to cross under Hwy 138 on paved Cleghorn Rd. The PCT picks up at the bottom of the southbound off ramp just on the other side.
West Fork Mojave River324.60.32743.8339533953398
Rio Baranca Valle CG324.90.32743.5345433953451
bridge on Cleghorn Rd325.20.12673.1350034543520briefly walk on right side of paved Cleghorn Rd over drainage
2n66325.32.03003.1352635003526paved road, cross paved road that leads up to water tank
leave SRA join jeep road327.30.12871.1404835264048
2n47327.70.12480.7413040704169atop Cleghorn Ridge
3n66 Forest Svc Rd327.70.63030.6411741104127
water328.32.23047.1381238224118stream, water looks good with good flow
Little Horsethief Canyon330.50.12904.9355935403812
Little Horsetheif Cyn330.62.12844.8356935603572a number of camping opportunities
dirt road fence power lines332.72.12682.7385435663854walk through fence and cross dirt onto the right fork. Walk under power lines and rejoin PCT to the right off dirt road in about 300 feet
cross dirt road 3N44334.80.32490.6334633434015
cross dirt road335.10.22620.3329032803353
cross dirt road335.30.12260.1325732573316cross dirt road under power lines
Crowder Canyon335.40.11820.8321831883261water looks usable with low flow
Crowder Canyon335.60.13180.7313331333218
cross dirt road335.60.62050.6316631373169
Cajon Pass336.30.01570.1301130283172Cajon Pass at I-15, leave trail to right for Cajon Pass1 mile(s) from trail
Mojave Fwy336.30.02130.1298829963018I-i- 15, cross under I-15

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