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Pacific Northwest Trail Data Book - Section 1 - Rocky Mountains - Glacier NP to Lake Koocanusa

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This is a collection of data points for various trail sections along the Pacific Northwest Trail. With the exception of the trailing PNT data book info, this is the same data that is a preface to each chapter in our map books.

Other useful resources: PNT Complete Elevation, elevation chart of the whole trail. PNT Google Map, completely interactive with mileages, distances, way points resupply locations, mailing info and tons of overlays, weather, snow, historical fire, solar eclipse. PNT Snow Conditions showing current snow, maximum, minimum, average, historical April 1st charts, all at half mile resolution. PNT Wall Map, download mega, high resolution wall map.

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1 - Rocky Mountains - Glacier NP to Lake Koocanusa

Elevation Image

Distance: 150.7 miles, Trail Mile 0.0 - 150.7, Elevation Range (feet): 2461 - 7465

Wilderness Area(s)
Kootenai - 54.0, Flathead - 30.3
National Park(s)
Flathead, Glacier, Lincoln

Popular Resupply
Polebridge - 54.1, Eureka - 136.1

High/Low °F30/239/747/959/1869/2676/3184/3684/3572/2957/2340/1431/7
Mean °F162226364451575648392619
Precip (in)

Low temp is the minimum average low and High temp is the maximum average high in this section. Temps do not account for 'heat waves' or 'cold spells' which may alter temp by 10-15 degrees or more. Precip is not snow.

Significant Roads Crossed
Chief Mountain Hwy, SR State Hwy 17, Bowman Lake Rd, Fish Creek Campground Rd, Inside North Fork Rd, Glacier Dr, Polebridge Loop, Polebridge Ln, N Fork Rd, Hay Creek Rd, 376 Rd, 909, 909 Rd, FS 5241, 5241, 376, FS 376, Natl Forest Devlpmt Rd 5221 Rd, FS 1680, 115, 115 Rd, Red Meadow Rd, 318 Rd, 7020, 7020C, 7020 Rd, 114 Rd, 319 Rd, 319J, 7032 Rd, 7033, 7116B, Grave Cr Rd, 7088, 319H, 7086A, 7086B, 7077, Sinclair Creek Rd, Sinclair Ln, 15427C, 15427, B Mountain Rd, Grace Ln, Graystone Path, Old Sinclair Rd, Dimon Dr, 15403, Purdy Dr, 3240 Rd, Central Ave, 6th Ave E, Spring5th, 4th Ave E, 3rd Ave E, 2nd St, Cliff Ave, 1st Ave E, US US Hwy 93 N, Dewey Ave, Tobacco Rd, 1st St, Schacel Way, 15532, Mount Hwy 37, SR State Hwy 37, Pidgeon Bridge Rd, Hoodoo Loop, 15562, Country Ln, Lake Ct, Mariners Dr, Hurricane Ranch Dr, Kokanee, Grand View Dr, Solitude Ln, Pine Bay Rd, Pinkham Rd, 7182 Rd, FS 7182

Named Drainages Crossed
Belly River, Blue Sky Creek, Bowman Creek, Cadette Creek, Camp Creek, Cleveland Creek, Drip Creek, East Fork Swift Creek, Foundation Creek, Grave Creek, Hay Creek, Kaina Creek, Mokowanis River, North Fork Flathead River, Numa Creek, Pinkham Creek, Pocket Creek, Sinclair Creek, Spring Creek, Tobacco River, Waterton River, Wigwam River

Named Lakes/Ponds (within ¼ mile of trail)
Atsina Lake, Big Therriault Lake, Bluebird Lake, Bowman Lake, Cosley Lake, Glenns Lake, Hay Lake, Kootenai Lakes, Lake Frances, Lake Janet, Lake Koocanusa, Paradise Lake, Red Meadow Lake, Stoney Indian Lake, Upper Waterton Lake, Whale Lake, Wolverine Lakes

Landcover (percent of trail section)
Evergreen 73.8%, Shrub/Scrub 13.0%, Developed 4.9%, Grassland/Herbaceous 2.5%, Deciduous 2.2%, Mixed Forest 1.4%, Wetlands 0.4%, Barren 0.1%

Geology Traversed
Alluvium-Glacial drift/Quaternary - 27.5, Carbonate rock-Meta-argillite/Middle-Proterozoic - 51.4, Carbonate rock-Quartzite/Middle-Proterozoic - 12.5, Glacial drift-Alluvium/Quaternary - 29.3, Medium-grained mixed clastic rock-Coarse-grained mixed clastic rock/Tertiary - 3.1, Meta-argillite-Quartzite/Middle-Proterozoic - 13.2, Mudstone-Sandstone/Cretaceous - 7.1, Quartzite-Meta-argillite/Middle-Proterozoic - 0.7

Fire Perimeters Traversed

DescriptionMileDist to NextBearing to NextNext WaterElevLPLHPLCommentDFT
Rocky Mtns - Glacier NP to Lake Koocanusa0.006.02096.4531400Chief Mtn Hwy, State Hwy State Hwy 17, PNT001on trail
PNT0026.030.23130.3466845615324Belly River Ranger Station
Belly River6.210.22740.2464246414669
Cosley Lake8.621.32404.1485847784925
Kaina Creek9.922.82182.8489148554929
Glenns Lake12.672.32382.3487848735007
Atsina Lake14.950.22221.6580348735811
Mokowanis River15.120.72151.4584358045866
Mokowanis River15.850.73150.7624058436249
Stoney Indian Pass17.221.03531.0688664796891
Stoney Indian Lake18.172.52935.4633563316900
PNT00320.692.3102.9458945916338Junction Cdt
Camp Creek23.030.6360.6442544014609
TXT 18523.661.63452.6444844304450
Cleveland Creek25.270.13471.0424842524460
Cleveland Creek25.360.1240.9423542344248
PNT00425.490.32510.8423542294237Goat Haunt Ranger Station
Waterton River25.780.23150.5421942184237
PNT00526.030.32460.3423842204240Junction Boulder Pass Trail
Glacier County27.911.02561.0481943304885
Lake Janet28.872.42612.4494048415075
Lake Frances31.271.52921.5529849365325
Flathead County33.523.02417.0626656446258Brown Pass, PNT006, Brown Pass
Bowman Creek36.530.22374.0431743156268
Pocket Creek36.763.42213.7431143154322
Numa Creek40.110.42250.4403840344331
Bowman Lake40.506.421413.6404140374082
PNT00746.932.52297.2403840334134Bowman Lake Trailhead
Bowman Lake Rd49.412.82344.7401240114145
Bowman Lake Rd52.230.12171.9362236044022
Inside North Fork Rd52.370.11301.7356935693626Fish Creek Campground Rd
Bowman Creek52.490.11741.6356235633569
Glacier Dr52.600.21861.5356635643569
Flathead National Forest52.770.81821.3353635393565North Fork Flathead River
Polebridge Loop53.520.51990.6353035293541
Spring Creek54.050.12030.1352335233531
Polebridge54.100.523215.6352635233526Polebridge Lnon trail
N Fork Rd54.630.317115.0355335263552
TXT 12954.890.617314.8355635503553
Hay Creek55.470.215414.2355935583571
Pnt008 Shelter55.680.330614.0354635373561Junction Fs Rd. 376
Hay Creek Rd55.980.429213.7363835483641Natl Forest Develop Road 376 Rd
TXT 13056.340.630513.3377936393792
Natl Forest Develop Road 909 Rd56.931.228912.7387137783872909
Nat For Dev Rd 524158.130.830211.54048388640505241
Hay Creek58.950.329210.7400540064092
Hay Creek Rd59.241.926410.4411740654117376
Hay Creek Rd61.151.32738.5423541074237Nat For Dev Rd 376
TXT 18762.481.12497.2435042394351
Natl Forest Devlpmt Rd 5221 Rd63.561.52526.1450743594509
Nat For Dev Rd 168065.060.11894.6470145224700
TXT 18865.121.12634.5472400
TXT 18666.220.62213.5479047254886
Natl Forest Develop Road 376 Rd66.821.32462.9496048054942
Hay Creek68.101.62231.6522349615246
Hay Lake69.670.03102.9570852455730
Hay Creek69.721.53132.8572857085708
TXT 13171.200.12971.3604657296125
Flathead County71.320.83291.2602660216068
Natl Forest Develop Road 115 Rd72.120.03160.4555155496009115, Red Meadow Rd
Red Meadow Rd72.160.03270.4555155435554
PNT00972.190.4640.4554755475550Junction Of Red Meadow Lake Trail
Lake/pond72.550.2450.2556155475629TXT 133
Red Meadow Rd72.720.0110.0556455565575Natl Forest Develop Road 115 Rd
Red Meadow Lake72.870.725127.5559355525593PNT010, Red Meadow Lake Campground
Natl Forest Develop Road 318 Rd73.530.529926.8555755335558
TXT 13274.050.232826.3580355585792
East Fork Swift Creek74.241.927426.1584657935849
Lincoln County76.171.229324.2690958446937
TXT 13477.410.634323.0666065907013
Flathead County78.040.331822.3658765646843
Lincoln County78.302.231522.1681765436811
Kootenai National Forest80.500.728719.9663763847170
PNT01181.181.128619.2656465656655Good Camp Area / Water
TXT 13582.301.529418.1664363676644
Flathead County83.762.21016.6716866037145Lincoln County, Kootenai National Forest, Flathead National Forest, PNT012, Lookout
Mt Locke85.960.45514.4722164987220
PNT01386.350.4714.0671967027220Junction Blue Sky Tr 74
Blue Sky Creek86.790.13213.6605360536739
TXT 13686.940.22113.4594159426059
Natl Forest Develop Road 7020 Rd87.890.012312.5555155625756
Blue Sky Creek87.924.432012.5552855285550
Natl Forest Develop Road 7020 Rd92.360.42968.0434743465558
TXT 13792.770.23017.6427442744359
PNT01493.010.33167.4419942014286Graves Creek Good Camp Area / Water
Grave Creek93.270.23517.1409740984201
Natl Forest Develop Road 114 Rd93.430.696.9414340984131
TXT 13894.081.8316.3425141384194
Drip Creek95.900.73474.5455342424553
TXT 13996.640.13463.7481945534818
Natl Forest Develop Road 319 Rd96.710.63223.7482248234823319j
Foundation Creek97.330.2623.0503248415066
Natl Forest Develop Road 7032 Rd97.480.42692.9510850325057PNT015, Foundation Camp Tr 77
TXT 14097.850.42592.5512751095129
Foundation Creek98.231.11712.1524951295277
Foundation Creek101.290.2308.4632562676324
PNT016101.540.92948.2633863176361Leave Tr No. 77
Pnt017 TH102.400.81937.3716863407167Mt. Wam Lookout, Mt Wam
TXT 141103.171.12866.5669966987214
TXT 143104.311.52395.4620462206882
TXT 142105.761.81994.0662761546691
Therriault Pass107.530.22252.2641764176831
PNT018107.771.03382.0644664076482Junction Fs Trno. 190
TXT 144108.741.03581.0569556956448
7116b109.720.5312.7561656035744Big Therriault Lake, PNT019, Big Theriault Lake Campground
Natl Forest Develop Road 319 Rd110.270.3312.2539054035618Grave Cr Rd
TXT 145111.191.44911.3518352705336
PNT020112.850.42599.6499350165016Junction Fs Rd 7086
TXT 146113.210.12439.2494749494994
Wigwam River113.360.92719.1491749224943
PNT021114.940.4627.5554152465542Junction Fs Trno. 89
TXT 147115.333.43177.1560655425615
TXT 148118.772.62553.7714256137206
TXT 149121.410.81631.0734970427465
TXT 150122.160.32210.3730371797350
TXT 151123.680.22570.2687668627378
Bluebird Lake123.850.11828.0684368456892
PNT022123.901.51168.0685068456851Bluebird Lake Campground
PNT023125.400.21786.5659765866951Junction Fs Trno. 88
Sinclair Creek125.581.31926.3647364866597
TXT 152126.871.22155.0552455246472
Kootenai National Forest128.071.52183.8511451155524
Sinclair Creek Rd130.060.32431.8356635703905
Sinclair Ln130.340.02251.5344134433566
Sinclair Ln130.800.12881.133493317342815427, TXT 153
Sinclair Ln130.940.22710.9333933313351
B Mtn Rd131.160.22430.7330333073352Grace Ln
B Mtn Rd131.390.12590.5318532413303
Sinclair Creek Rd131.470.42880.4314631873187Graystone Path
Sinclair Creek132.030.42620.4300530053015
Sinclair Creek132.480.22303.6295229543008Lake/pond
Sinclair Creek Rd132.650.62233.4292929392954Old Sinclair Rd
Dimon Dr133.230.52022.9289028872940
Purdy Dr134.360.82891.7281828152853Sinclair Creek Rd, Natl Forest Develop Road 3240 Rd, PNT024, Junction Purdy Drive
Sinclair Creek135.140.12710.9268726862808
Purdy Dr135.250.63060.8271326862714
Central Ave135.870.13560.2267726772738
6th Ave E135.930.22710.2266726662666Spring5th
Eureka136.080.225514.62690269026903rd Ave E, 4th Ave Eon trail
1st Ave E136.330.216814.3259500US Hwy Us Hwy 93 N, Cliff Ave, 2nd St, Dewey Ave
Tobacco Rd136.530.221014.1256825692594Schacel Way, 1st St
Tobacco Rd136.711.030913.9256525662570Tobacco River
TXT 154138.661.328112.0254525592561
State Hwy State Hwy 37139.970.128610.7252225012549
Mount Hwy 37140.040.326510.6250300Kootenai National Forest
Pidgeon Bridge Rd140.380.825210.3248324832504
Hoodoo Loop141.210.13039.4259524612577
Country Ln142.310.62708.3263425462578
Lake Ct142.940.32277.7256225602634
Lake Ct143.270.22247.4263425612636
Mariners Dr143.470.22457.2258526352635
Mariners Dr143.650.32347.0258825842587
Hurricane Ranch Dr143.960.22406.7256825942594
Solitude Ln144.850.11285.8257825072572
State Hwy State Hwy 37144.900.02045.7258525792596
Grand View Dr144.930.12275.7261425862586
TXT 155145.000.52095.6263126152615
Pine Bay Rd145.463.62115.2263126062645Pinkham Rd
Nat For Dev Rd 7182149.040.72131.6267725712736Natl Forest Develop Road 7182 Rd
Pinkham Creek149.690.22620.9253625352685
Cadette Creek149.900.72460.7259125062646

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