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Oregon checking in

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Oregon checking in

Postby SSDD » Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:33 pm

Hello SSDD (same sh!t different day) checkin' in from Bend OR, I spent 35 yrs in the Ca Bay Area hiking,rock climbing,Mt biking then I got into Rock Crawling for a spell (8-9 yrs) hurniated a disk in my neck and sold all my trucks and started backpacking again back in 2008 after taking a year off work to let it heal without surgery.

I have been making my own gear for a bit now as I could not find just what I was looking for, it started with little things and moved up to shelters,quilts and packs.

I will be doing the TRT this Aug and I'm planning to Thru hike the PCT in 2012
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