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FNG from Tennessee

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FNG from Tennessee

Postby Double-Wide » Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:09 am

Hey everyone!

Accidentally stumbled onto this site about a week ago, decided to quit lurking, and signed up. Love the vibe here much more so than that other hiking forum--too much arguing for me.

Kind of a noob to the backpacking thing, but I've been collecting gear and trying to motivate myself into better shape. My plan is to do the AT in 2013, but I'd also really like to go rim-to-rim at the Grand Canyon someday, and also hike my ample backside up Half Dome.

I'm not an ultra-lighter by any stretch, not my style at all, but then again, maybe after a few thousand miles I would be willing to try. But right now, I'm in the baby steps phase.

But I'm glad to be here and look forward to all the good info to be shared.
Double Wide
Northbound on the AT in 2013
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