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do you think butterscotch should hike in 2013 with all the gear and food, but with barly any extra money??

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your spelling is real bad
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good luck your gonna need it
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Postby norcaljuggalugbuggin » Sun Nov 13, 2011 8:39 pm

whats up? names BUTTERSCOTCH! Ive hiked, and camped alot, but havent backpacked completly self contained for weeks on end. Im on my way to gathering all my gear for a through-hike of the pct in 2014. I really understand its not to be taken lightly. Im from Ft. Bragg CA. I am starting training, Ive just been walking alot, and plan on walking a little more each day. I pretty much have a good idea off all the gear, and items I will need, except for clothes I will need in the snow, I have no experience in snow. I have watches just about evry video on the PCT on youtube, and read alot of the subjects on forums. The videos about the cloths are usally pretty vague. I deff plan on camping in the snow, and or cold weather before I take this jurney. I grew up in the Shasta, Lassen, Burney, dunsmur area, and love it, ive also explored desert as well, very fond of every landscape. i can even enjoy, and respect the urban scene as well... from a distance! Im in the planning stages right now, and if anyone can give a list of the towns in close proximity to the trail I would appreciate it. if any one dont mind giving a noobee like me some seasoned advice I would take all that I can get. hope to see you guys in 2014 on the trail sometime.

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