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Hello all

Tell us about yourself! The hiking community is a collection of folks from all walks of life, bound together by the activity of hiking. Introduce yourself and let us know who you are.

Hello all

Postby Alaskan Skorts » Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:43 am

Just found this site. I am planning on a full thru hike of the PCT in 2016. I got my nick name because i am from Alaska and i always where skorts/skirts on the trail. I meant to type in Alaskan Skorts but oh well. Anyway i love hiking growing up in alaska. I did lots of hikes in alaska and have hiked in ireland and other places as well. This is my biggest hike and i am excited to also plan it. It looks like a lot of work just to plan it. But i am up for it. I look forward to meeting other hikers and hearing about others journeys as well. :)
Alaskan Skorts
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