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Hi from BC, Canada!

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Hi from BC, Canada!

Postby dougz » Mon Apr 25, 2016 8:15 am

Hi! I'm a 41y m hiker who's literally begun thinking about section hiking the PCT, north to south, as of today..

It will be a year or two, possibly more, before I get serious about planning (lots of good hikes in BC/Alberta to tackle, still LOL), but I'm looking for every and all avenues of research (books, forums, apps) and this (as well as the PCTA website) looks like a good place to start..

The plan would be to hike South to North for each State in 3/4 week increments, starting in Washington (I would start in the south and work north). My start dates would be late July.

I would love to, as I get serious (or now, if they are in the same boat as me), get in touch with other hikers looking to do the same thing and share a US-based support network.

Some background on me: 41y, 6'2" 200 lbs, married with 2 sons (16,13). I work at a pulp mill as a first aid attendant/emergency response team leader. I also volunteer with BC Search and Rescue, and the Canadian Rangers. The longest hike I've done to date is the West Coast Trail (6 days) with my son last year, but we've also done other multi-day hikes in the alpine (Rockwall, Berg Lake, etc). I've never hiked outside of BC/Alberta. I'm not a gram-counter, but if I want to do get into long-distanceish hiking that might have to change.. :)
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