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Conspiracy Theory

People are very passionate about the topic of Climate Change. And that's a good thing. So, here's a spot where you can unleash your passion. But, be nice.

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Conspiracy Theory

Postby treeWoof » Fri May 23, 2008 2:13 pm

Please note the title 'Conspiracy Theory' before taking the below even remotely seriously.

If the planet were indeed undergoing a massive climate change, would our government or any government readily admit such an event? Probably not.

How would you address such a problem?

Well, you'd probably start by removing the cause, in this case, the use of fossil fuels (oil and coal).

How would you go about it?

Well, given the wonderful mechanism of free market economy, you'd increase the price of fuel. As the price continues to sky rocket, customer demand would wane.

No way would the oil producing countries and oil companies sell less oil!

You sure? If you increase the price of oil to offset the reduced demand, oil companies still get their money and customers buy less fuel. It's perfect!

Even today with out of sight fuel prices, demand has not slackened. Our president just visited Saudia Arabia and asked for a production increase, which they modestly did.

This says one thing, folks are paying record prices and still the demand hasn't decreased.

So what will happen?

A further increase in oil prices of course! Until demand truly wanes, prices will continue to increase.

Remember, the goal is reversing the cause of climate change through less fossil fuel consumption.

Blame the evil oil companies all you want. It's our own individual gluttony driving up record profits. As prices continue to rise, we'll collectively point the finger at everyone but ourselves.

At $10 a gallon, will you and I use less fuel?

I'm sure we'll find out....
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