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Major Postholer Google Map Overhaul

Anything concerning the Postholer Google Maps. This may be feature requests, marker information updates or bug reports.

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Major Postholer Google Map Overhaul

Postby postholer » Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:25 pm

The Postholer Google Maps have undergone a major overhaul, under the hood and with new features. If you're having issues with the maps, do a Ctrl+F5 to reload all the new stuff.

The primary difference between postholer google maps and other google maps is the trail traces. All of the information on the maps can be viewed relative to your favorite trail. This is far better than other map sites with no hint of the trail on map.

New Features
That would be KML/KMZ overlays or 'Map Skins' as I like to call them. Not only can you have a 'skin' on the map you can view any of the map markers at the same time. Maybe you want to see the snow depth at VVR with the resupply markers showing. Perhaps a Hourly Weather Graph point forecast where you took that photo of Banner Peak last summer. How about a little weather radar while you cruise the way points? There are tons of options.

The postholer google maps now perform far, far better on your smart phone or tablet now that we upgraded from google maps version 2 API to version 3. That was a major concern for the upgrade.

If you are aware of other KML/KMZ that would benefit the map and they are properly maintained, let me know and I'll add it.

Here's a list of all skins:

General Weather
Selected Cities Forecast
Weather Warnings
National Radar

Point Forecasts
Point Forecast (yes, that was for you Pfieffer!)
Printable Forecast
Text Only Forecast
Tabular Forecast
Quick Forecast
Hourly Weather Graph
Air Quality Forecast

Snow Anaysis
Snow Water Equivalent(SWE)
Snow Depth
Snow Coverage
Snow Density
24 Hour Snow Accumulation
24 Hour Non-Snow Accumulation
24 Hour SWE Change
24 Hour Snow Melt
24 Hour Surface Snow Sublimation
24 Hour Blowing Snow Sublimation
24 Hour Avg Snowpack Temp

Active Perimeters
Latest Incidents
Active Fire Maps


Happy arm chair hiking!
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Re: Major Postholer Google Map Overhaul

Postby ericholscher » Thu Jan 10, 2013 2:55 pm

I've been using these a bunch the past couple days and they are great! Thanks.
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Re: Major Postholer Google Map Overhaul

Postby maxstep » Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:42 pm

Likewise, these are so addictive. The new kml overlays, er, sorry, 'skins' are the bomb. Everything that concerns the trail is on here.

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