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geologic map overlays

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geologic map overlays

Postby Otis » Tue Aug 06, 2013 11:36 am

I ran across a data base that has digital geologic maps for the US. Maintained by the USGS, it contains maps for most of the West US and covers the complete PCT and many parts of the longer trails in the West. I have been through their viewer and looked at most of them over the PCT route. The maps are raster images that overlay a base in the viewer and opacity can be adjusted. All the maps have explanatory tables and legends available to view, some maps are even digitized in vector ( GIS compatible) format. Would this be an interesting skin to put over the trail maps in postholer? I did try to import these maps images into Google Earth so I could look at them overlaid with the trace of the PCT or another trail. I am so lame in these matters, that I could not figure out how to so it, though I think it is allowed and easily done by someone who is not so clueless on computers. I wanted to put these maps in my phone app, GaiaGPS also, but am still working on that. If you think this info would be of interest to other postholer maps users, then check it out at :

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