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360 Panorama Images of Town/Resupply Stops

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360 Panorama Images of Town/Resupply Stops

Postby postholer » Wed Jan 21, 2009 11:04 am

Ever wonder pre-hike what the sprawling metropolis of Sierra City looks like? Using Google's StreetView you can view many of your town stops in 360 degree panorama's. This is available for all the postholer maps, PCT, AT, etc. Here are a few PCT examples:

(click on the 'Icon Dude' if the image doesn't appear)

Big Bear (pan south)


Sierra City

Cascade Locks

White Pass

You can turn StreetView on/off by clicking the 'Toggle StreetView' link at the top. Many of the 'Maildrop' locations have StreetView available, just select the location you want and find out.

A big thanks to Blisterfree for prodding me to add this way cool Google feature!

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