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SPOT HELP and Postholer Journal Maps

Postby dofdear » Thu Jun 11, 2009 5:48 am

Have been engaged in discussion with Postholer regarding the SPOT HELP
function. Turns out that the ability to display HELP locations has
always been available since the original implementation. Postholer has
updated the instructions on site as follows;

"Integrating your SPOT device into your journal maps is easy, here's

In Journal Setup add your SPOT device number (ESN). ESN format is like:
0-7654321 (found on the device under or near the batteries)
optionally, select a display delay value: No Delay to 14 days
from your SPOT account at add spot at to
those who are contacted when you press the 'OK' button on the device.
You can do the same for the 'HELP' button as well.

When a reader views your journal your SPOT locations can be viewed in 2
ways, either clicking on the map link, ie, 'Pacific Crest Trail Map' or
the Latitude or Longitude link (if lat/lon exists in the entry). Your
location will appear as a small red and yellow 'S' icon on the map.
Click on the icon to zoom into that location.

If you have more than one journal you can have the same ESN in all your
journals, but only your active journal will be updated. Your active
journal must contain the ESN.

When your trip is complete remove the ESN from your journal. You may
also want to remove the above email address from your SPOT account.

That's it! You're all set."

So the important takeaways are that if you as a Postholer Journal user
wish to have your SPOT HELP locations displayed on the Postholer Journal
Maps you must add the spot at e-mail address to the SPOT HELP
contacts list in the same way as you would for the OK function.

Remember, 911 functions are never displayed!

Two other points are also important. One is that the same delay setting
will be used for both OK and HELP. Keep this in mind when determining
your delay.

The second is that the same SPOT ICON (Appears as a small red and yellow
'S' icon on the map) will be used to mark the location of either OK or
HELP. There is no way on the Postholer Map to distinguish between an OK
or HELP icon / location. Keep in mind that once you select the SPOT
device HELP function that the location will be transmitted once each 5
minutes for one hour or until cancelled. If you continue to move your
location will be updated.

So basically that's it. Please let me know if clarification is needed.
And a big thanks to Postholer for this functionality. I believe that
the SPOT implementation of Google Maps has a sever limitation in the
types of maps available and the fact that the trail traces are not
present. Postholer maps solve both of these limitations with the
ability to see the SPOT location in relationship to the trail and
additional map type selections.

Dofdear aka Thumper

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Postby ruffwork » Sun Mar 28, 2010 7:54 am

Any word on deleting spot entries? I've just upgraded my SPOT 1 to a SPOT 2 and got a new ESN. Now I see an entry saying I was last in Green Bay, WI (never been there in my life).

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Postby postholer » Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:40 pm

ruffwork wrote:Any word on deleting spot entries?

You spot slate is clean. Not sure about the Wisconsin thing. I'll look into it.

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Postby chadc » Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:54 am

Randomly saw this post while I was updating my journal. Ruffwork: thanks again for the SPOT, as you can see it is working great. I just set it up to work with my journal and was testing it out, so that might have something to do with you receiving a message from Green Bay. If you've never been here before, might be worth a visit. Lots of good beer and of course Cheese!

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Postby ruffwork » Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:55 pm

Glad it's working for you! I love SPOT. Heh, I can imagine there might be some crossover time when switching. I lived in Chicago in '84 - do they still have Stroh's and Old Milwaukee? Those were the only thing I could buy it seemed...

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