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Poor Mans SPOT using Twitter

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Poor Mans SPOT using Twitter

Postby postholer » Mon Apr 13, 2009 4:42 pm

If you want folks to see where you are located at any given time just tweet your location and a link will appear in your journal.

Just send a twitter message (tweet) that looks like this:

Hey, I'm on Forester Pass! lat=36.6943 lon=-118.373394

When someone views your journal it will look like this:

Hey, I'm on Forester Pass! Where am I?

Where am I? will be a link to a map showing your location.

How to do this:

+ You need to add your Twitter usename in the 'Journal Setup' page.

+ You also need access to a GPS or something will give you your location. The latitude and longitude must be in the above format.

Check out the postholer demo page to see it in action:

-postholer 8)
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