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VVR Near PCT Resupply at East Side of Lake Edison

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VVR Near PCT Resupply at East Side of Lake Edison

Postby postholer » Sat Jan 10, 2015 11:35 am

Jim Clement the owner of Vermilion Valley Resort (VVR) just sent this e-mail with a handy option for a near trail re-supply at the northeast side of Lake Edison. Take a look:

Optional: Hiker Resupply at the Back of Edison Lake

It is now January 10th 2015, and the Sierra Snowpack is at the following % of Normal:
Southern Sierra 39%
Central Sierra 38%
Northern Sierra 47%

And, with no large storms in the forecast we are greatly concerned that this extreme and disastrous California drought will be entering its fourth year. If this dry pattern continues there will be limited ferry service once again across Thomas Edison Lake.

In the event we cannot operate our Hiker Water Taxi, we are going to offer this Hiker Resupply Service:

This service is for those hikers that don’t have the time to hike in for a Burger, Beer and a Shower; :( but still need to get a resupply before MTR or OV!

We will use our Quad/ATV’s to bring Hiker Resupply Boxes/Buckets to the Bear Boxes at the back of the Lake. Very rough and takes about an hour and fifteen minutes one way…..

These Bear Boxes will be located at the original (full lake) docking area. We are going to bring in a couple of extra Bear Boxes dedicated to hiker resupply boxes, that way we don’t interfere with the fishermen/campers ability to safely store their food.

The Hiker Resupply Storage Boxes will be clearly marked, and locked with a combination lock.

There will be a box dedicated to trash - it will NOT have a lock.

There will be a box dedicated to place extra or unwanted food items, it will NOT be locked.


Boxes/Buckets “must not” weigh more than 25Lbs.
Boxes must be sturdy and taped securely.
Payment of $65.00 must be made in advance via phone, (559) 259-4000) - (credit card) or Pay Pal. Once you have paid we will communicate the lock combination to you.
Boxes must be clearly marked as per our normal resupply directions with the ETA date and name of hiker(s).
We will haul out your trash as part of the fee.

Email is the quickest way to receive answers to your questions
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Re: VVR Near PCT Resupply at East Side of Lake Edison

Postby ryandax » Fri Jan 16, 2015 7:14 pm

Or just walk the 120 from kearsarge to mammoth and have yourself a, "proper," town stop. Just my 2 cents
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Re: VVR Near PCT Resupply at East Side of Lake Edison

Postby Miner » Wed Jan 21, 2015 3:24 pm

At least this way you spare yourself an expensive bill when you leave VVR. In 2009, I resupplied over Kearsarge Pass and had enough food to go through to Red's Meadow. Despite that, I decided to check out VVR and stopped by first thing in the morning. I left the next morning with a $116 bill despite staying in a tent cabin for free and didn't have a resupply there . The food was good, but I could have spent half that amount 1.5 days later in Mammoth Lake for as good or better. I'd hate to see what that bill would be now with inflation 6 years later. That said, being able to resupply a short ways off the trail sounds like a good deal as it would be a quick grab your package and go. When you travel to the resort on the other side of the lake, you are committing yourself to at least a half day stay.
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