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Gear Critique, Washington PCT

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Gear Critique, Washington PCT

Postby Shannon1028 » Wed Dec 23, 2015 7:49 am

Hi everyone!

I will be hiking Washington Section J in late August 2016. This is my first section hike in the Pacific Northwest. I would greatly appreciate your suggestions/critiques! The goal is to go as lightweight as possible, but am I packing enough? I am especially concerned about packing the right clothing.

Socks, Darn Tough, 3 pair
Knee high compression stockings, 2 pair (medical need)
Shoes, trail runners
Gaiters, Dirty Girl, 1
Mittens, 1
Skull cap, 1
Buff accessory, 1
Sunglasses, 1
Sports bra, 2
Polyester t-shirt, 2
Thermal shirt, 1
Insulated jacket, 1
Shell jacket, 1
Underwear, 2
Spandex tights, 2
Thermal pants, 1
Shell pants, 1
Long underwear pants and long sleeve top (pajamas), 1

Sleeping quilt
Sleeping pad

Personal Care
Ultralight towel
Hand sanitizer
Extra hair tie
Toothbrush and toothpaste (all in one)
Shampoo and conditioner (all in one)
Toilet paper
Wilderness wipes
Glasses and case
Contacts and solution

Backpack, Osprey Exos 58 - do I need an additional rain cover? There is a "flapjacket" lid provided.
Trekking poles, shockproof
Water reservoir, 3L Platypus
Water filter, Saywer mini
Water bottle, Smart water 1L
Simple fire starter kit
Simple first aid kit
Aleve, ibuprofen
Emergency divvy - do I *really* need this?
Duct tape
Satellite communicator (GPS, texting, SOS), Delorme inReach SE 2-Way Satellite Communicator
Extra lithium battery

Cell phone in Otter case, likely won't use other than to take pictures
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Re: Gear Critique, Washington PCT

Postby Shannon1028 » Wed Dec 23, 2015 8:34 am

Argh! Autocorrected from "bivvy" to "divvy" lol
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Re: Gear Critique, Washington PCT

Postby bback1 » Sat Jan 02, 2016 9:30 am

Hi Shannon,

It's tough to answer all your questions because we don't know much about you and your hiking style. How many days do you anticipate you will be out on the trail? Are you in shape for the ups and downs of that section? I have not hiked Washington yet. But I have spent a lot of time split between Portland and now northern Idaho. Your hike could be rain free or it could rain every day. People see 1.5 inch average but forget that it is late August. Meaning close to September which averages over 4 inches of rain a month. That said,

I noticed you hike with an umbrella and a shell jacket. Do you have to use the hiking poles for medical or balance reasons? For me It is darn tough to hike with an umbrella and even one pole. If you hike with poles in the rain does your shell or rain jacket have a hood? That would have helped me a lot. Are your mitts waterproof? With the proper jacket and gloves hiking in the rain is not a big deal for me. Hiking with the wrong equipment is miserable.

Do your compression socks have a sock portion or just sleeves? If a sock, can you use them as a sleeping sock to keep your bag clean? If so maybe two darn tough sets of socks will be enough.

Do you need a jacket and thermal top to stay warm. If so do you need separate sleeping PJ's?

You asked about a rain cover for your bag. Most people use silnylon stuff sacks and a trash bag inside the bag to keep everything dry. IMHO this is the most important thing to get right. It won't matter what clothing you have if it is all wet.

I noticed you had glasses, contacts and sunglasses listed. Do you need glasses and contacts? Not only do I wear glasses but I got transition lenses that I love. No more sunglasses and no more glasses case. I would not want to wear contacts on the trail. Just too hard for me to keep clean. YMMV.
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