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Snow outlook From Tahoe To Whitney

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Snow outlook From Tahoe To Whitney

Postby Kmarin » Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:59 pm

Hey guys,

really happy I found this website it's been super helpful so far. I'm plan on hiking the PCT sobo this year, my original start date was June 11th, but considering all of the snow we've been getting I'm thinking I might have to push it back. This is my first thru-hike ever and I'm attempting the Sierra Nevada section starting at South lake Tahoe and ending on Mount Whitney. I have from june 11th- August 12th to do the hike and was thinking of hiking 8-9 miles a day. I've been hearing a lot about the snow and was wondering what the conditions are to be expected for my travel sobo, and what advice, do you guys have/ what gear do you guys recommend?

is there anywhere I can find out more info? I've done a lot of hiking in Maine Ktatadhin included but have never been to the sierras.

Thank you!!
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Re: Snow outlook From Tahoe To Whitney

Postby Steve_O_49 » Sat Apr 15, 2017 4:10 pm

You should have a blast! 1st thing you should do is google pictures of "postholing deep snow hiking". Now imagine yourself having that much fun
at exertion levels (maximum calorie burn) that would humble an olympic athlete after a few days but if you're like "F'n Yes!"
thats for me! You're good to go friend.

Also I learned to stop worrying about actually being on the trail (hidden under the snow) and be happy if I'm in the right valley
and putting miles behind me. The trail always shows up at the passes and highway crossings.

I myself would take snow shoes and snow proof boots and gators.
Extra thick foam sleeping pad. Air filled pads are chilly on snow.
You'll know if your gear is right after the first day and night. Hitch back to Tahoe and buy more stuff
if needed. Figure hot during the long days with abundant UV skin burinng rays and the nights simply freezing but short.
I like paper maps and compass to navigate but a GPS if it does not die will be sweet.
Removable large ski pole baskets for your trekkking poles and tie them to the pole with a string so they don't get lost.
I've found so many lost baskets because people did not take that simple precaution.
Water proof bag your gear in case of a dunking during those icy stream crossings.

A nice cooling treat is jello mixed with snow! The sun reflecting off the snow can make Sierra valleys a furnace
for the exposed body of SOBO hikers.
Best of luck!

edit some others situational awareness and advice : ... snow-year/
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