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The PCT ijn Winter?

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The PCT ijn Winter?

Postby barryjones335 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:56 pm

is any decent sized section of the trail passable during late november into december? the dessert maybe? i have to section hike it for now and can afford time for about 250 miles or so around december. i can get more time off in july/august but cant wait another year! i was also considering the ozark highlands trail in winter too but just curious about the pct.
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Re: The PCT ijn Winter?

Postby Miner » Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:51 pm

A continuous section, 250 miles long, without any snow in winter doesn't exist. That said, you can road walk around some of the worst parts. Going in December might work out for you. Some Decembers, we hardly have received any snow. But some years, we get a lot. The earlier in December you can go, the less risk you will run. You can get some snow in late November, though it tends to be only a few inches and melts off in a few days. If you could be done by mid December, the odds are in your favor anywhere south of Hwy 58 near Tehachapi. Though you should still keep an eye on the weather reports as the big winter storms (more typical in January & February) may come early that year.

Places that get enough snow in winter time to be a concern would be near Idyllwild in the San Jacinto Wildernes and State Park (hike Hwy 243 to Black Mtn Road to avoid the worse snow but not all). Near Big Bear, though the terrain isn't as bad as other parts. Near Wrightwood and the few miles on either side of Mt. Baden Powell (hike Hwy2 to avoid the worse). And then the mountains after leaving Tehachapi at highway 58 where you start to gain elevation on the way to Kennedy Meadows. There is also Mt. Laguna 40 miles after the border, though the snow usually isn't enough to stop a hiker.
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