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PCT CA Section C -- good idea in March? Recommendations?

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PCT CA Section C -- good idea in March? Recommendations?

Postby snoopy_33 » Wed Nov 28, 2018 3:45 am


being a new member here shortly introducing myself: I am living in Germany and want to try out hiking and trecking on several days trips. Two years ago, I travelled through Europe (North Cape down to Gibraltar, 6000 miles) on tandem bike with my wife, spending nights in the tent on either campgrounds or in the wilderness, some nights in hostels. So overall, we do have outdoor experience... but not a lot of hiking experience. One more reason to start this now.
Thru-hinking either a trail in Europe or US is maybe still a few years away, but we would like to start an experience next year.

For a 14 days trip to California beginning of March, I would like to spend ~8-10 days hiking on either one trail or maybe two locations.

Presently, I think about selecting the CA Section C of the PCT and to start at highway 15 and to go southbound for some days. Either out-and-return or trying to get a return ride back to the car. Some questions, I would be happy to find advice:

- is this section a good choice for beginning of March concerning weather? What about forest fires, has this area been hit severely by the 2018 fires?
- special considerations overall (campsites open/closed that season, other special things to be organized?)
- animal/wildlife topics we should take care of? Are bear canisters recommended there in march?
- do we need some kind of permit for that hike? (besides the fire permit)
- other important things we should consider?

We will fly to San Francisco and I plan to directly transfer to Las Vegas... If there are other must-sees or ideas for other great hikes, please tell :)
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Re: PCT CA Section C -- good idea in March? Recommendations?

Postby stillroaming » Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:28 am

March is cold, wet, snowy and possibly windy all along the PCT.

Section C:
+ March is the 3rd wettest and 3rd coldest month of the year.
+ Night time temps at higher elevations averages -7C. Day time temp at lower elevations 22C.
+ The higher elevations will be snow covered, about 10% of section C is covered.
+ No permits required for that section
+ Animals aren't a problem, but always secure your food.
+ Lots of camping choices.
+ Water shouldn't be a problem.
+ There are a couple major ski-resorts in Big Bear if you choose to skip hiking.

For more climate information check out the data book: ... l/1/207.54

Fire perimeters from 2000 to 2018 view the google map: ... &dmode=666

Hope that helps!
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Re: PCT CA Section C -- good idea in March? Recommendations?

Postby snoopy_33 » Thu Nov 29, 2018 2:42 am

Hey, thank you for the quick reply.

The reason why I am planning this section southbound is that we stay in lower elevation as long as possible... hopefully closer to the 22°C :)

I would still keep on planning for this section, but in case that you have another idea for another multi-day hike for mid of march, I would be very happy to hear this.

Fixed part of our travel is to land in San Francisco on March 8th, but flying from there to another city instead of Las Vegas is still an option... in case there are other ideas.
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