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Cherry picking the best bits of a California thru hike

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Cherry picking the best bits of a California thru hike

Postby retiary » Sat Oct 12, 2019 7:03 am

Hi, I am hoping to do a PCT NOBO section hike from Campo to Seiad Valley starting early May 2020. However the problem comes that i am going to take a sabbatical from work and can only really get 3 months off. Since the proposed section is 1662 miles and Craig's planner indicates that this would take 110 days without any zero's I am clearly going to have to adjust my ambitions.
My questions are two fold:

1. If I go ahead and apply for a California section thru hike when the PCTA site opens in a couple of weeks and, say I am successful in getting a permit, are there any restrictions on arrival dates at intermediate way points. My feeling is that since I am starting out late the dessert will be brutal and, possibly not as inspiring as the Sierras, so since this is supposed to be a vacation why not skip ahead after a month on the trail and rejoin the trail at Kennedy Meadows or close by and enjoy the full Sierras sections. It would be disappointing to get to Kennedy Meadows and be turned away for getting there too early. I know that there are new restrictions this year on flip-flop but does that include just a flip...
2. Has anyone got any suggestions on the bits to skip and the must do sections. I figured that the easiest way to skip a section is just to hitch into town, hire a car and rejoin somewhere further up where there is a rental outlet.

I realise that some flexibility is always required because of fire and weather closures so I am planning to adjust the itinerary as the hike evolves. Obviously this adds some complexity to resupply logistics but again i am naively assuming that I can probably get a reasonable resupply in most trail town and am planning on having a bounce box follow me in the more difficult sections.

I know that this is not a purist approach to the hike, but the constraints of family, visa and work mean that I have to be realistic about what I can do. If I love it i can always come back and fill in the gaps in 2021.

Any advice greatly appreciated. Many thanks
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