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2013 CDT Mapbooks

Here's the spot for all of you aspiring CDT enthusiasts. You're a tough breed, hiking one of the most untamed trails in the country.

2013 CDT Mapbooks

Postby bearcreek » Sat Nov 03, 2012 11:46 am

I have just finished and re-published all four of the Mapbooks to reflect changes made since they were originally created. New waypoint files matching the books have been put online. The old waypoint files are there as well, for those who are using previously published books.

I also have published a book with maps of just the reroutes and changes for those who have older versions of the Mapbooks but have not yet completed the trail. This is far less costly than re-purchasing the entire set. My original plan was to publish a single book of new maps for NM and CO, and a second one for WY/ID/MT. It turns out that publishing a single book for all the changes trail-wide only cost a few dollars more than doing the separate books, so I have done that instead. This book is bare bones, with none of the explanatory information found in the regular books. These revisions require using the new waypoints, so you may have to do some blending of waypoints if you utilize this approach.

New mileages are now 776.1 for NM, 737.1 for CO, 509.9 for WY, and 993.4 for MT to Waterton. (980.6 to Chief Mountain) Total length of the official route from Crazy Cook to Waterton is 3016.5 miles.

There is a considerable amount of work planned for NM, CO, and MT next season so we expect to be republishing the books about this time again next year.

The books are available at:

waypoints may be downloaded here:
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