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2013 cdt- snow in Colorado, Montana.

Here's the spot for all of you aspiring CDT enthusiasts. You're a tough breed, hiking one of the most untamed trails in the country.

2013 cdt- snow in Colorado, Montana.

Postby carlyb182 » Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:37 pm

Hi, I am trying to decide between the pct and cdt thru hike. I will have my dog with me, and from what I understand, cdt goes through less land where dogs are restricted. Is this correct? (please no comments on whether or not I should bring my dog, I have done the research, and I am a licensed veterinary technician. My little guy is well trained, pshysically and mentally). I would have to skip large parts of the pct and save for later unless anyone has advice for going around Or through the national parks with a pup?

I have questions regarding the snow levels in Colorado and Montana, when is a majority of the snow gone? Does anyone have a good link on resupply points for the cdt? Compared to the sierra nevadas, is it typically a shorter time frame to get through with little or no snow? Obviously, the answer to that is probably yes, but I am trying to figure out which month the snow is typically gone and when it returns again.

There is soooo much information on the pct and not nearly as much on the cdt! Any information helps, thank you do much!
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Re: 2013 cdt- snow in Colorado, Montana.

Postby Pfeiffer » Sun Jan 20, 2013 9:51 am

I don't think the dog is the major consideration here. YOU need to navigate, resupply, deal with altitude, weather etc. CDT should not be your first long trail. I'd definitely recommend you go PCT first if you haven't done it yet.
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