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AT Factoids

The Appalachian Trail is the most well traveled and adored trail of the Triple Crown trails. So come on in, have a seat and tell us your story.

AT Factoids

Postby postholer » Fri Sep 26, 2014 5:58 pm

Here are some interesting AT factoids I've gathered recently...

the AT crosses 893 unique drainages, 1764 different crossings, of which 363 are named
the AT comes within 300 feet of 216 lakes/ponds of which 71 are named
the AT comes within 300 feet of 34 springs of which 5 are named

top 10 largest lakes within 300 feet of the AT:
Flagstaff Lake
Pemadumcook Lake
Fontana Lake
Watauga Lake
Moxie Pond
Jo-Mary Lake
Rainbow Lake
Pierce Pond
Bald Mountain Pond
Nahmakanta Lake

the AT crosses:
16 interstates
44 US Highways
150 State highways
44 county roads
1104 other roads

Elevation numbers:
Average elevation is 2406 feet
268 miles or 12.3% is between 0-1000 feet
682 miles or 31.3% is between 1000-2000 feet
487 miles or 22.3% is between 2000-3000 feet
474 miles or 21.7% is between 3000-4000 feet
190 miles or 8.7% is between 4000-5000 feet
67 miles or 3.1% is between 5000-6000 feet
9 miles or 0.4% is between 6000-7000 feet

sources: NHD, Tiger2013, USGS

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Re: AT Factoids

Postby Gorp-Gobbler » Sat Oct 11, 2014 7:31 am

Hey, pretty neat info. Sure could impress some so called AT "Know it Alls" with this, of course they would probably say, "I already knew that".
Thanks for it just the same.
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