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Appalachian Trail Pocket Maps 2nd Edition

The Appalachian Trail is the most well traveled and adored trail of the Triple Crown trails. So come on in, have a seat and tell us your story.

Appalachian Trail Pocket Maps 2nd Edition

Postby postholer » Wed Oct 01, 2014 7:27 pm

We are very pleased to bring you the 2nd edition AT Pocket Maps!

The last couple months we've made some fundemental and exciting changes to the map making process. The AT maps are the first to realize these improvements. Following are some of the things we've done.

GNIS instead of FSTopo data
For quite some time I've wanted to move away from the FS labels and use the GNIS data solely. However, the FS data had all the angles and font sizes required to display the labels along the terrain. GNIS only has the name of the feature and 1 or 2 lat/lon points representing the location. The GNIS data is updated almost *weekly*. The FS data, never.

The problem was how to get angles for the GNIS data. You've got 1 point specifying a ridge. How do you get the angle of the ridge so the text will follow it? Well, what you do is create an alogrithm that looks at the elevation data (NED) that virtually walks the ridge/valley/canyon/etc. It was a bit complex, but the results are awesome! The labels curve along with the terrain from muliple extracted points along a feature. Not only do creeks have following labels, but much of the other terrain as well.

All road data is now solely from Tiger 2013. That is a big plus. All the road styles have been redone as well.

All boundaries county, state, FS, BLM, etc have also been heavily changed. No more BIG BLOCKY LETTERS stating "national forest' scrawled across the map. The boundaries are labeled. Also, in the legend all lands the map intersects are stated.

The Dark Corners
The many, many gigabytes of data are now stored in a postgreSQL/PostGIS database. This is huge. I can now do things I've only day dreamed of. Previously, I was working largely from shapefiles.

Here's an AT map sample. You can demo all of New Hampshire from the AT Map Page.

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