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Need Advice...

The Appalachian Trail is the most well traveled and adored trail of the Triple Crown trails. So come on in, have a seat and tell us your story.

Need Advice...

Postby SideBackSide » Sat Mar 06, 2010 6:59 am

I'm planning on thru-hiking NoBo next March. I've not gotten realy serious into the planning part yet. In fact, I just made the decision to thru-hike this past December. One thing I hear people say about planning a thru is, "don't get so caught up in it." "Don't become obsessed with it!" I hear that, then I meet people who have made a spread sheet with how many miles a day they're gonna hike, how far the nearest town is from the trail, their resupply days, their zero days, what shelters/hostel/motels they're gonna stay at on what day they're gonna stay there.
So...that being said...I need advice on how I should plan my trip. Should I get down to the specifics like those people? Should I have a general idea of where I'm gonna stay each nite? Should I set a goal of how many miles I'm gonna hike the first couple of weeks, knowing/hoping that the farther I go, the more I'll be able to hike? Generally speaking, I just need any advice your willing to input.

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Getting ready

Postby Trail Head Shuttle » Thu Mar 18, 2010 4:26 am

There is a saying on the trail, "Hike your own Hike" I was not quite sure what this meant until I started hiking and was about a month into it.
It is good to have a basic plan but don't weight yourself down with schedules. If you have the time and the money don't sweat it. It is when you don't have much time and money you may need to plan a bit more. It is a good idea to leave each morning with a plan of where you would like to end up each night cause when it is cold and rainy you will want to end where you can get some shelter and get warm.
Enjoy the walk and don't stress to much that is why you are getting on the trail I suppose, to get away from stress and life as we have come to know it.

"Hike your own Hike" have fun!
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Postby Gorp-Gobbler » Sat Dec 17, 2011 7:40 am

I believe part of the fun of planning a Thru-Hike is to have and an idea of how many miles are you going to do on a certain day, knowing where you'll receive mail and resupply boxes, knowing when to take a "zero mile" day and knowing if a given shelter or campsite is where you want to stay. Of course none of this information has to be set in stone. I just think it helps to have a general idea.
Hike your own hike is the rule of thumb, but knowing a few things in advance, will help ease your mind in the event of some unforseen mishap,GOD forbid of course.
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