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Postby Painkiller » Thu Dec 26, 2019 6:36 am

Hello hiking enthusiasts and merry christmas :wink:

some of you may be already annoyed because of the word "crowdfunding", because some hikers do things like that to get their budget together...
I don`t understand the flat-rate critisism about that, because most of the time there is a reason behind campaigns like that.
I DO understand that people don`t like it when someone is just financing a holiday with it... but, even that is ok... nobody has to support, to follow, to read that stuff... everybody can easily ignore these posts/projects...
there is absolutely NO reason for hate speech or getting personal... don`t you think? Shouldn`t it always be "HYOH" or "live and let live"?
That`s my opinion...

If you see a crowdfunding campaign concerning the trail, and if you want to react... then at least read the story behind it... get to know the purpose... and judge later, or even better, DON`T judge:-)

so there I am... doing a crowdfunding...

if you click the link you can read the short story behind it... if you don`t click... it`s ok... just move on... and have a wonderful new year with your loved ones ... -und-angst

this is my attempt to finally leave my illness behind... to get rid of depression and anxiety.
a lot of people directly think that someone who starts a crowdfunding isn`t doing anything by himself... not true;-)
I am working on my bugdet all the time... doing my best to get it together by myself... but why don`t ask a community for a little help?
in the end I want to motivate others with this once in a lifetime adventure, I want to give hope to other victims of rape and child abuse... I want to show them that there is hope, that you can move on and live again... even if it takes decades!!!
If I can put a smile on ONE childs face then it was all worth it...

I don`t want to start something like patreon or similar, because I`m not an actor, musician or star you should pay for... I`m just a human with a dark past (as many of us) asking for a little support
to make his dream come true... to be alive again...

and after the hike, if I`ll survive:-) I will put all the videos and pictures together, to share this unbelievable adventure...
additionally I`m working on a book... not only about the trail, about hiking... but about how it all began... what happened back then... about my "30 years of sleep" (working title)

again, if you don`t like all this, please ignore... if you`re interested, I`m looking forward to your feedback.

all the best, merry christmas and a happy new year

Thomas "Painkiller"
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