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Winter Long Distance Hiking

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Winter Long Distance Hiking

Postby Webster » Tue Apr 09, 2013 6:21 pm

Hiker Trash,

Im a hiking addict that is ignoring my instincts to endlessly walk as I waste my 26th trip around the sun at a desk job. My job is dynamic and challenging (in a positive way), and the work environment is healthy and friendly, but my mind perpetually wanders through a series of fantasy hikes that I am constantly adding to and modifying. This thought process is ever present and is driving me insane :roll: . These thoughts temporarily evaporate when my job requires me to work in the field, but reliably return as I return to the office. The two conclusions I can make from this are 1) I need to hike to maintain mental stability, 2) I need my work to be outside. Fortunately, as a water quality and hydrology nerd, there are plenty of seasonal positions that will allow me to work in the field and get paid a reasonable amount for doing it. Unfortunately, as a lover of America's long trails, the hiking season and field season overlap each other (May - October in the West). So I come to you people with the hopes to start a discussion about what the best winter long distance hiking adventures could be for those that work during the summer.

As of now, I am tentatively planning to hike the Te Araroa starting this December (2013). I have heard mixed reviews about this trail and honestly would prefer to hike an American trail, but the timing is such that I will be done with work at the beginning of winter. But what about next winter? And the next? I have not been able to identify seasonal hydrology work in the winter, so I must take advantage of summer months to make some $$$. What do you guys think?

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