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127 Defining Moments for Outside Magazine Online

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127 Defining Moments for Outside Magazine Online

Postby Flippy » Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:40 pm

Hello Fellow Hikers,

I need your help! Hopefully it's cool to post this here? (If not please send me a message and I'll delete my post).

Remember the climber Aron Ralson who's arm was trapped and had to cut his arm off with a pocket knife to free himself after 6 days. I need you help. During my hike on the PCT in 2008 I had a bear experience the night before we reached Canada, and entered the contest. I submitted a draft and was updating the final my entry when the deadline passed, and my draft entry was submitted with some typos, kind of incomplete and, the picture is all messed up. Despite this I was selected as one of the 126 finalist!

I am trying stay in the top ten. Read my story, and if you like it click the thumbs up to cast your vote for me. The counter should increment when you have casted your vote.

Thanks for your help and see you on trail,


AT 04
PCT 05-08
CDT 10-?

Also you don't have to give any personal information to vote, and the site is legitimate.
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