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Android vs iphone

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Android vs iphone

Postby yoyodadio » Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:54 am

I am thinking of purchasing a smart phone for my PCT thru hike (2011). I don't know much about them but was wonder if one is better than the other for downloading maps and way-points, camera/video functions (taking & sending), and journaling? My cell phone provider is Verizon.

Thanks, Dan
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Leaning towards Android

Postby Roadkill » Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:05 am

My reasons for going with Android:
1. Extra battery option (Can carry "spare" cell battery if I want)
2. Solar Charging (Newer iPhone is very picky about charging and may want to "talk" to charger first instead of just accepting within spec current) Many using iPhone have reported better results leaving phone off while charging. I want to use my "smart phone" in GPS Only mode for logging my complete track WHILE hiking.
3. Open platform. I would like to eventually write some small android apps. (I would like to have an "automatic" hiker mode that is smart enough to stay in "airplane" mode most/all of the time and only briefly check several times for cell signal before going back to "sleep." (I would like this "app" to be "told" just once if I NEVER want it to look for cell tower OR look efficiently ONCE IN A WHILE to see if there is a signal when I want to communicate.)
I also want a WiFi ONLY mode - with GPS and everything else shut down for when using WiFi HotSpot and not really travelling in a no cell area. (For example when hanging out at w trail angel / coffee shop w free wifi and you still want to preserve battery usage as much as possible) If and/or when I put in the work to create such an app I will NOT ask anyone for permission to install it.
4. I am hoping that something similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note will be available with my provider before I hit the longer sections of trail. I would like to combine the functionality of a netbook, cell phone, GPS, Kindle/Nook, reference library, address book, etc, into one device. (as well as entering journal entries "as they happen" and then upload them when cell signal is available)

I WILL research to make sure the cell phone I choose has one of the better GPS chipsets in it. I had a co-worker of mine install BackCountry Navigator on their Android smart phone so I could check it out. Looks quite promising. (I think the non demo version is $10 - but it looks like they did a good job with it)
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