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Uploading PDFs and other files to iPhone using iDisk

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Uploading PDFs and other files to iPhone using iDisk

Postby jj » Fri Mar 05, 2010 7:17 pm

EDITED 3/6/2010:
PLEASE NOTE: The files will not be accessible without an Internet connection. They are not loaded on the iPhone with this process, but are pointers to the iDisk server, accessible only with the connection. Without a connection, you would get a server error.

If you want to have access to basic documents: PDFs, Excel (XLS) files, Numbers, Pages, Word, images, and possibly others, there is a simple process for the iPhone. If you have a MobileMe account on a Macintosh.

    1. Install the MobileMe app on the iPhone.
    2. Load the file(s) into your iDisk Documents folder on your computer.
    3. Using MobileMe section in Systems Preferences on your computer, Sync MobileMe.
    4. Wait one minute, forty-three seconds, and open the file from the mirrored folder on the iPhone.
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