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Smartphone organization for long hike: iPhone

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Smartphone organization for long hike: iPhone

Postby jj » Mon Mar 08, 2010 12:52 pm


Well, this was close to a virgin forum and I wanted to kick things off for selfish purposes. I plan to carry an iPhone 3GS on the PCT this year, using it for
    • a telephone (of course)
    • email (including journal updates)
    • camera
    • browser
    • GPS
    • contact information (telephone numbers, email addresses)
    • trail conditions (AsABat's water report, etc.)
    • music (only for the Big Horn Plateau)
    • last, and possibly least, a night light

I've added MotionX GPS to manage GPS functions, store pre-recorded tracks, and download and store maps for use with the tracks.

I have also used a Felaur app to store Halfmiles PDF maps of the trail.

What am I missing?
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