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Pacific Crest Trail Pocket Maps 2011-2012

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Pacific Crest Trail Pocket Maps 2011-2012

Postby postholer » Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:24 pm

The following is an in depth look the 2011-2012, 3rd edition, Postholer Pocket Maps. You can view examples and general purchasing information on the map books page. The 2011-2012 Pocket Maps will be available after October 1st, 2011.

The layout is 6" x 9" perfect bound paperback books. There is 1 PCT overview map, 28 section overview maps and 353 sub-section maps contained in a 3 volume set, Southern California, Northern California and Oregon/Washington.

The map scale is 1:40,000, 1 mile = 1.5 inches. The datum is WGS84, decimal degrees. Major/minor contour lines are 400/80 feet respectively.

Digitized Base Maps
This is the first and only complete set of PCT maps that are entirely created with digitized base maps, in lieu of scanned USFS scanned topographic maps used by such software as National Geographic Topo! The detail is unequaled.

Land Cover
National Land Cover Data (NLCD) is the source for various land covers. This data was collected in 2006 and reprocessed in February 2011. It is the finest land cover data available today for the U.S. The resolution is a phenomenal 30 meters! This is an exceptionally superior replacement for the 50 year old 'woodland polygons' seen in all other topographic maps currently available for the PCT. The Pocket Maps display 5 types of vegetation covers: evergreen, deciduous, mixed, shrub and bare ground. It is displayed on the maps in varying shades of green from darker to lighter.

Elevation Data
National Elevation Data (NED) is the source for data such as contours, 3D hill shading and point elevations. (The elevation charts use 1 meter elevation data from the USGS). The resolution is 1 arc second.

National Hydrology Data (NHD) is the source for all water and drainage related map features, such as, lakes, ponds, creeks, rivers, glaciers, aqueducts, washes, moraines and many other features. This data is constantly being updated with most of it being less than 5 years old.

This data originates primarily from the USFS FSTopo data sets. GNIS is used to supplement labels and TigerLine data is used to supplement roads. All feature data other than land cover, hydrology and elevation are from these sources.

PCT Trail Trace/Way Points
The trace is an accurate hybrid of USFS,, et al sources. There are over 317,000 lat/lon pairs for an average distance of one point per 40 feet. Trail mileages are calculated with an error of < 2%. The map contains over 2,000 way points of major, not easily missed land marks.

Automating Map Creation
This is the most unique aspect of the Pocket Maps. A number of tools exist for creating map tiles for a given geographic area and scale. As far as I know, none create a set of maps given a trail trace. This unique process 'follows' the trail trace generating a map tile each time the specified resolution and page format bounds are exceeded. This means automating map creation easily as data changes. Imagine editing 353 map images by hand and you understand why other maps never change or get updated!

PHP, a scripting language, is used for automating mundane, repetitive tasks and also does the bulk of the image management. But the backbone of this project, meaning it would not be possible without it, is open source software known as the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library or GDAL for short. This is an incredible piece of software and the community responsible for it are just fantastic.

Using the most recent data and technology available, no other PCT map set available captures the essence of the topography you'll be living in for the days, weeks and months to come. I hope you enjoy this wonderful creation!

-postholer 8)
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town maps

Postby Diamond Dave » Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:05 am

Where can we get the town maps?
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