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4th Edition PCT Pocket Maps Now Available!

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4th Edition PCT Pocket Maps Now Available!

Postby postholer » Sun Oct 07, 2012 3:15 pm

The 4th edition PCT Pocket Maps are now available!

Pacific Crest Trail Pocket Maps

You'll find this edition very similar to the last, with the following updates:

Terrain Slope
While you might be hiking on perfectly flat trail (no elevation change), you may be traversing a mountainside that is upwards of 40 degrees slope. That is called terrain slope and it's been integrated into the elevation charts. You may find this useful for finding flat spots along the trail or anticipating icy traverses. Creating this required not only analyzing elevation data directly on the trail but elevation data surrounding the trail. I hope you find this useful!

Land Cover
An 'urban' land cover shade has been added. Land areas heavily impacted by humans shows up as 3 shades of gray, lighter to darker for increased impact. Also, the other land cover colors have been tweaked slightly for a better overall look.

Feature Labels
More feature labels have been added giving you an even better scope of your surroundings. The fonts sizes for these labels have been changed from the previous edition for a more even look.

These maps can also be used in conjunction with the free, 60 page PCT data book, that has over 2,000 trail locations.

View a complete preview of trail sections A & B.

You are strongly urged to compare these to other map sets. Not only are these the finest PCT maps available, you'll find they cost less than any other color map set, including the cost of printing out inferior 'free' map sets.

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