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2015 CDT Map Set & Data Book Available Now!

For all information pertaining to Postholer printed or PDF map sets. Suggestions are always greatly encouraged!

2015 CDT Map Set & Data Book Available Now!

Postby postholer » Mon Dec 08, 2014 1:04 pm

The first, complete, free CDT map set and data book are finished and available. This is the only free map set available that follows the official CDT route. There are 381 maps (not counting overview maps), at 1:36500 scale, 200/40 major/minor contours in PDF format. Printing is optimally done on 8.5x11 paper with 0.25 margins.

As a PDF you can put them on your phone, tablet, PC, Kindle. You can print them out. There are no limitations. The topo data used to make these maps is the lastest, most current available.The only other CDT maps available for the official trail will run you $100 - $250 and then you're getting low resolution, grainy, 40 year old scanned topo maps.

The maps and data book can be downloaded frorm the CDT preview page. Downloading requires a login (free).

Creating these maps was not done in a vacuum by one person. If you find this information useful consider a donation to the Continental Divide Trail Coalition

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