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2016 PCT Maps Updated

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2016 PCT Maps Updated

Postby postholer » Thu Oct 29, 2015 11:07 am

After much hard work we've updated the PCT Pocket Maps for 2016!

The 7th edition has quite a few updates and even more new information. We've also managed to beat Amazon's best price, including shipping. Use coupon code U9KKE79L at check-out from the PCT Pocket Maps page.

The Highlights
Many folks have asked for UTM grids and they have been added. The decimal degree latitude/longitude grids are there as well, to suit all preferences.

For each trail section we've added a 'Meta-Data' page. That's what it sounds like. You'll find lots of different info for each section:
+ elevation chart
+ section length, elevation highs/lows/delta
+ popular resupplies
+ administrative and political boundaries, wilderness, forests, national parks, counties. (FS, BLM and NPS)
+ climate (High/Low temp, mean temp and precip)
+ significant roads crossed
+ named drainages crossed
+ named lakes and ponds within 1/4 mile of trail
+ land cover type by percentage of section. Ex. Section A is 71.9% shrub/scrub, Evergreen 10.5%, etc... (see below)
+ geology traversed, type and age
+ fire perimeters traversed

The general appearance has also been enhanced. All land cover data available is there in distinct color shades.Plenty of new labels for camp grounds, parks, etc have been added.

The label styles and appearance have also been tweaked.

Drainages now have their own distinct styles. They are separated from perennial and intermittent, which is readily noticeable especially in the dry desert areas. We've also altered how drainage and waterbody labeling interact, though that may not be obvious, it is much cleaner.

As usual, you can find a link to a complete low-res preview of trail sections A and B over at the map page.

Below is an example of a section Meta-Data page (Section A).

Thank you for your support!
-postholer 8)

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