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Massive Wall Maps (free)

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Massive Wall Maps (free)

Postby postholer » Mon Oct 03, 2016 6:51 pm

We have just completed (or started) the wall map project. Currently we have maps for the PCT, CDT and AT.

These maps are created at a high resolution, 300 dpi and print about 1x3 feet. If you decrease your print to 150 dpi, you still get a very sharp printed map at 150 dpi or a massive wall map of 2x6 feet!

The purpose of these maps are 'follow along' maps for friends and family. You could also use them for planning as they have all the popular resupply locations.

Maps of this format has been missing from our collection, so we're stoked to bring these to you. After logging in you can download your favorite map at:

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