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PCT Maps Updated for 2018!!!

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PCT Maps Updated for 2018!!!

Postby postholer » Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:40 pm

The Pacific Crest Trail Pocket Maps are updated for 2018!

These are not 40 year old scanned USGS topo maps.

This year was a major update. We made significant changes to the styles and added about every locale available in the USGS geonames data base (it updates weekly I believe).

Unlike any other hiking map available, we use land cover, not political boundaries (but they are shown). There are 10 types of land cover so you can see exactly what you are a travelling through.

Each trail section is prefaced by an overview map and meta data. You can quickly see what the high/low/mean temp is in that section for every month of the year. This edition we've also added snow info. You can see the percent of snow cover for every month as well as max and average snow amount.

Detailed elevation charts at the bottom of each map showing min/max altitude, distance covered and accumulated trail mile.

This is a 3 volume set containing 363 maps, not counting overview maps. Lat/lon decimal degree and UTM grids.

We urge you to compare them to anything else out there.


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