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Mid Oregon Volunteer Opportunities & Contact Info

For information on trail work parties and volunteer opportunities, check this forum often. As a PCT enthusiast and volunteer your efforts keep the crown jewel shining!

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Mid Oregon Volunteer Opportunities & Contact Info

Postby North 350 Blades » Wed Mar 06, 2013 8:19 am

Bill Carpenter, the Mid Oregon Volunteer coordinator sent out the following e-mail. After discussion, he asked if we'd post it here as well to spread the word as far and wide as possible.

Start copied e-mail:
I have decided that a short note regarding some of this year’s upcoming activities for the Mid- Oregon section of the Trail might be of value. I hope to meet those of you that I have not met yet this season.

As noted, I am the volunteer coordinator for the Pacific Crest Trail Assn. (PCTA, as we are called) for the Mid-Oregon regional organization. The mid-Oregon region, as the name suggests, runs from Windego Pass , about 50 miles S. of Highway 58, to Breitenbush Lake , just North of Mount Jefferson. It encompasses a little over 160 miles of the Trail. As most of you know, the Trail in this section typically runs at elevations over 5000 ft. Thus, with the drifting Cascade’s snows that accumulate in certain north facing, areas, work on the Trail in this region is limited to the months of July through September, with an occasional June or October work party available to the volunteers.

The 165 miles is divided among about 20 different entities, including a running group, a few equestrian groups, and individuals, all called stewards. Just like a part of a highway is “adopted,” the stewards/groups are responsible for certain sections of the trail, typically seven to eight miles long. The steward’s goal is to have their section(s) cleared within two weeks after the snow has melted off. This usually provides enough time to allow for a clear trail for the thru hikers that have started in early May from the Mexican border. This clearing amounts to moving or cutting trees blocking the trail. When I say Trail, stewards often are also responsible for clearing feeder trails that run between a trailhead and the Trail itself. To do this, the stewards and volunteers are trained and certified in the operation of the two person x-cut saws, which must be used in wilderness areas, or chain saws, for the non-wilderness parts of the trail. However, an integral part of this work is also early scouting the Trail, and, providing feedback to the “clearers” on some parts of the Trail before they go out. While I hope to have everyone, become trained trail workers, if you feel that maybe too much, you may still contribute by scouting sections of the Trail or its feeder trails for PCTA. Besides clearing, many work crews also do tread maintenance to protect the Trail from erosion. Some of these work parties will be multi-day trips, with meals and pack support provided to cure bigger problems.

Listed below are the dates for a couple of presentations, one local project, and the training programs for having better trained trail volunteers that we are holding in mid-Oregon.

Spring Presentations- (meet some of the stewards/ trainers that run the work parties- as well as some thru hikers, with their adventures)

REI Eugene- Thursday, March 28th , 7 pm;
REI Bend- Thursday, April 4th, 6 pm (earlier time because of Store closing time)

Trail Colleges (Trainings)-

Cascade Locks- (a slightly greater distance)- April 19-21st
Westfir- May 17-19th
Allingham FS Fire Camp, Nears Sisters- June 7-9th , &
Big Bend (near Ashland- maybe Hyatt Res.) June 22-23rd

Major Volunteer Brushing and Tread Maintenance, near Santiam Pass- either the Saturday (or Weekend for those energized enough) before or after the July 4th weekend (weather- snow conditions depending)(June 29-30th or July 13-14th)- This is great first time work party because of its nearness to parking areas and generally level ground. I will be leading this, and likely will have a couple other stewards helping run crews in one of the few Mid-Oregon low lying areas of the Trail.

I will be at many of the events listed, so if I don’t know you yet, please come and introduce yourself, and I am looking forward to working with you to protect the Trail.

Please contact me if you have further questions, and I hope to see you on the Trail or at one of the classes.

Bill Carpenter
PCTA Mid-Oregon Volunteer Coordinator
North 350 Blades
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