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Upcoming PCT Work Parties

For information on trail work parties and volunteer opportunities, check this forum often. As a PCT enthusiast and volunteer your efforts keep the crown jewel shining!

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Upcoming PCT Work Parties

Postby North 350 Blades » Fri May 31, 2013 12:08 pm

With the hiking season in full swing, that ALSO means its trail crew season as well.

Upcoming projects include:

June 1 - Single day project in Section C with the PCTA Trail Gorillas.
June 7 to the 16th - In the Deep Creek Area of So Cal, there is the opportunity to join a Corps crew.
June 9 to the 19th - Waaay up in Nor Cal, near Seiad Valley, there is the opportunity to join a corps crew to rehab part of the trail that suffered fire damage last year. There will also be a 2nd opportunity in the same spot from June 23 to July 3rd.
June 29 to July 7 - Go for a day or stay the entire time - it's Red's Meadow time, up in the High Sierra. Repair winter damage, cut out blow down and what ever else needs to be done.
June 29: Waaaaaay, way up north - Snoqualmie Pass Washington, the North 350 Blades :D will be doing a log out day.

Check out the entire list at:

Contact the PCTA volunteer coordinator at or call 916-285-1838
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